245 An Extremely Dangerous Priest — Do Not Provoke! (II)

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Outsiders didn’t know about Lin Ye’s situation.

They only thought that he was a genius special enrollment student who performed well in the college entrance examination.

Including the four months after his “death”, the Professional Alliance did not disclose it to the public. Only a few people, such as Gu Yun and Su Mumu, who were around to see him off, were verbally informed by the Professional Alliance. Still, they were also prohibited from discussing this matter outside the circle.

Now that he had been “resurrected”, the Professional Alliance told everyone that Lin Ye had gone on a secret mission and that his death was part of the assignment.

After that,

It’s still the same recipe and ingredients— this matter isn’t suitable for discussion.

They immediately shut the mouths of those who knew the inside story.

After walking around Tianqi University for a long time, Lin Ye and Su Mumu finally found the way to the library. At the library entrance, they saw Shangguan Yan and Bai Zhi standing on the white steps.

And beside them—

There was also a beautiful woman in a red split cheongsam that revealed her long legs. She had a slim figure and a good appearance.

Lin Ye hadn’t seen this woman in person, but he had seen her photo. This girl was Shangguan Yan’s betrothed when they were young. Her name was “Nolan”, and she was a Valkyrie. She came from a martial arts family and was the daughter of a human hero.

“F*ck, Brother Lin Ye, you’re finally back! I was so scared back then. I thought you screwed up back in Hive!”

“But there’s no point in talking about that now.”


“It’s good that you’re fine….”


“I’ll introduce you two!”

“This is Nolan. She’s my childhood friend and a temporary new member of our team. She’s been waiting for you to come back. So we can officially decide if she’ll join us or—.”

Before he could finish his words, Nolan glanced at Shangguan Yan silently with a faint murderous look in her eyes. Her fair and smooth right hand rested on Shangguan Yan’s shoulder and gently pressed on one of her acupuncture points as if she was pinching the back of a kitten’s neck.


“What did you just say?…”

“Sorry, I didn’t hear you clearly. Can you repeat yourself… Please,”

“….” Shangguan Yan could only freeze as the alarm bells in his mind sounded.


‘Danger! Danger! Danger!’

Shangguan Yan immediately changed his words.

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“Nolan is actually my fiancée. We haven’t registered our marriage yet, but we’re already living together.”

Lin Ye: “???”

Su Mumu: “??? ”

Bai Zhi was speechless.

‘The f*ck?’

‘What on earth is happening?’

‘Weren’t you trying to run away from the wedding four months ago?’

‘He didn’t even mind becoming the sect leader to get out of it!’

‘Why are they living together now?’

‘Don’t tell me… Shangguan Yan… You can’t resist women wearing cheongsam that reveal their flawless milky thighs?’

Nolan, who was wearing a red split cheongsam, was obviously satisfied with this answer. She put down her right hand and nodded slightly at Su Mumu and Lin Ye.

“Everyone,” She said in a soft voice.

“Please give me more guidance in the future.”


‘This tone’

‘She was really too gentle!’

‘Shangguan Yan, you didn’t lose out this time. You should have taken this girl a long time ago. I don’t know why you rejected sister-in-law back then.’

Seeing that everyone was immersed in Nolan’s act and beautiful appearance, Shangguan Yan’s heart ached, and he wanted to shout at them.


‘Didn’t you guys see what she did to me a few moments ago!?’


‘You’re telling me that a girl who can tear a giant dragon apart with her bare hands is gentle?’

‘You call some violent woman who chases me all day and beats me up gentle?’

‘No. I shouldn’t lose hope. Lin Ye, you’re so observant. Didn’t you see through her “threatening and enticing” tactic?’

Lin Ye whistled and turned his head.

He could tell.


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‘Since you’ve already given in to her, how can I, an outsider, interfere in the matters between you two?’


‘You better do your best!’

‘I’ll continue to strive to defeat this martial arts genius who can defeat you with one hand one day!’

‘Get your dignity as a man back!’

Shangguan Yan could only stare speechlessly at the pure, blatant betrayal.

‘Sister Mumu!’

‘You’re not going to save me?’

‘To think that I was sad for so long when I thought you were dead!’

‘Who would’ve thought that you–’

At this time, Nolan suddenly smiled and moved closer to Shangguan Yan. In a voice that only the two of them could hear, she asked secretly with a fake smile.


“Your pupils are moving so fast… What were you thinking?”

“Nothing….” Shangguan Yan quickly retracted his gaze.

“Lin Ye, Su Mumu, you must be thirsty now, right?”

“I’ll go get you some water!”

Without waiting for a response, Shangguan Yan ran away. He obviously didn’t want to deal with Nolan, the big tiger in a kitten’s coat, in front of everyone. It would show his henpecked personality and lose his dignity as Lin Ye’s junior uncle.

Nolan ignored him.

In any case, she has successfully pestered him and finally made him settled.

He was now in Nolan’s home ground. If there was anything, they could have a good talk when they got home at night. She could “educate” him on how to be obedient.


She was very curious about Shangguan Yan’s two friends, especially Lin Ye, who Shangguan Yan had a very high opinion of.

Hence, she activated her innate ability, the Eye of Truth!

She checked his interface.

[Name: Lin Ye]

[Level: 15]

[Class: Priest]

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[HP: 5,710]

[MP: 2,404]

[Talent: ???] (unknown energy has interfered, you have no right to view it.)]

[Attributes: strength 727, constitution 826, intelligence 871, spirit 712, agility 798.]

[Skill: ???] (Unknown energy has interfered, you have no right to view it.)]

[Equipment: ??? (Unknown energy has interfered, you have no right to view it.)]

[Description: An extremely dangerous Priest. Do not provoke!!]

[Name: Su Mumu]

[Level: 15]

[Class: Mage]

[HP: 8,910]

[MP: 7,102]

[Talent: ???] (unknown energy has interfered, you have no right to view it.)]

[Attribute: strength 1,671, constitution 1,421, intelligence 1,701, spirit 1,729, agility 1,416]

[Skills: Earth’s Wrath, Firestorm, Ignite, Freeze, Storm Butterfly]

[Equipment: Book of Divine Thunder, Cross’s Cape, Wind Magister set, Fire Crossing Shoes]

[Description: A dangerous Mage.]

Nolan’s eyes widened in shock.


‘Am I hallucinating?’

‘Isn’t it obvious that the female Mage’s stats were better than this Priest’s?’

‘Why did he have the label of extreme danger?’

‘Wait a minute…’

She had an average attribute value of 1,500 at level 15?’

‘What the—’

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‘What was going on?’

‘And that Priest’s 800-point average attribute value was still outrageous!’

Nolan had heard of the famous Hive secret dungeon and knew that there were great rewards in it, but she did not expect that a Priest could increase his four-dimensional attributes to 800 points and a Mage could break through 1,500 points.

They’re like two level 15 students with the attribute of a level 20 Professionals!

But the main point being–

This Priest with an average attribute of 800 points, under the judgment of the legendary talent Eye of Truth, was actually more dangerous by at least three levels than the Mage with all attributes over 1,500 points!


Lin Ye was a well-known Battle Priest in Jiang City.

It’s indeed a little unusual.

‘It was very unfortunate that I couldn’t come to watch his performance during the college entrance examination…’

She thought.

Nolan communicated with the crowd quietly with a calm and elegant smile on her face. Her actions were full of the demeanor of a lady from a noble family, which made people feel good about her.

And Lin Ye knew this very well.

Nolan was a good girl.

The reason why Shangguan Yan was so conflicted about the engagement was that this lady had a strong personality since she was young. Shangguan Yan’s martial arts attainment was not as good as Sister Nolan’s. Once the two were married, the man would be beaten up every day, and the woman would be like the wolf at home.

He could see from how she “threatened” Shangguan Yan a few minutes ago.

But if they ignore that whole interaction…

Lin Ye could see that Shangguan Yan liked Nolan very much.

The two of them were just like Lin Ye and Su Mumu. They grew up together and were so close that they could wear the same underwear, shower in the same bathtub, and sleep in the same bed without batting an eyelash.


As a fellow Daoist…

Even though Shangguan Yan said every day that it was annoying for him to have Nolan chasing after him, Lin Ye knew what he was thinking. This kid didn’t mean what he said. His mouth said no, but his actions were honest.

You see.

In these four months….

Wouldn’t it just be natural for the raw rice to be cooked?

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