243 Do You Want to Join The Newly Formed Omega Team? (II)

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‘No matter how many people the Black Beast Alliance sends, they can’t hurt Lin Ye.’

After a pause, the Abyssal Lord continued, ‘I feel that after today, the Black Beast Alliance might disband or even surrender.’

‘The combat power of the higher civilizations is too strong.’

‘With their participation in this battle, even if the Black Beast Alliance had the help of eight other countries, it would be impossible for them to invade the human plane and defeat the Professional army at the defense line.’

Unless they can also find a higher civilization that supports their invasion.

Black Fist could not help but ask, “Disband?”


“Do we still have to continue being undercover in the abyss if that’s the case?”

‘I’m not sure,’ The abyssal Lord said,

‘According to the current situation, it’s only a matter of time before the abyssal demons are defeated.’

‘When the time comes, you humans will rise and hunt them down everywhere until they are completely exterminated or escape to other dimensions that are difficult to find.’


‘As long as the Emperor of the abyss doesn’t die, they’ll fight to the death. Even if the chances of winning are slim, they’ll continue fighting.’

‘The same goes for the Lizardmen’s Kingdom.’

‘If we want to annihilate the forces of the Abyss completely, we have to hide inside the forces of the Abyss and reveal their every move to prevent them from finding a way to escape.’

‘I think…’

‘There’s still a high chance that we’ll continue to work undercover,’ he said.

‘Unless you humans choose to forgive them for what they have done.’

Huang Shaofeng coldly snorted, “Forgive?”

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“Do these trash deserve our forgiveness?”

Black Fist lowered his head.

“I can’t be sure.”

“As long as there are enough benefits, some people will forgive the murderer with a smile even if their own parents are killed, let alone let these Abyssal Demons go and let them continue to live freely.”


“Even if I ‘forgive’ them,”

“Our undercover career might not end.”

“Well… It’s better to say that the more these Abyssal Demons are left, the more important our work as spies will be. We have to figure out their every move and prevent them from attacking human cities again.”

Huang Shaofeng furrowed his brow, “Isn’t that an unnecessary move?”

“Wouldn’t it be better to kill them to avoid future trouble?”

“What’s the point of keeping this bunch of trash?”

Black Fist shrugged.

“I only said that it’s a possibility. I didn’t say that I’d definitely leave the Abyssal Demon alive. You’re asking me why? I don’t know either!”

‘We’re done here,’ The Abyssal Lord interrupted them, ‘We’ll discuss this nonsense later.’

‘You two better hurry to the evacuation point.’

‘The Professional Alliance has killed all the elite Fallen who were responsible for bringing up the rear. If you don’t leave now, you won’t be able to leave later.’

Hearing this, Black Fist looked at Huang Shaofeng with a teasing glint in his eyes, “So… What do you say, Uncle Huang?”

“Can we escape now?”

Huang Shaofeng took one last look at Lin Ye, who was talking to the members of the Professional Alliance.

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“Let’s go,” he said.

In the dark wilderness, a huge green train stopped in the middle of the track, and its dazzling white light shone on the ground. Lin Ye and the others stood under the light, and in front of them were three Professional Alliance members in military uniforms.


“Here is the situation.”

“We suspect that the item that the Abyssal Demons sent to pick us up is most likely hidden on this train, so we have to search the entire train. At the same time, we have to confirm all of your identities and check your energy and functions to prevent any Fallen from hiding on the train.”

“Except for Lin Ye.”

Lin Ye played along with the other party’s act and said with a face full of doubt, “Other than me?”

“Yes,” The Professional Alliance member nodded and said, “We can be 100% sure of your identity.”

“But I can’t say for sure about the others.”

“Lin Ye, you’ll also be in charge of the transportation of that item. The others have the possibility of changing sides, so you can’t come into contact with them.”


After hearing this, Dong Zhuo and Zhang Jiao exchanged glances and whispered to each other,


“What do we do?”

“What if they found the Abyssal Treasure in the carriage?”

“It seems that they only know that the thing could be hidden in one of the carriage, but they don’t know that the three of us are people who have defected to the Abyssal Demons. It’s obvious that it’s a secret that the other Fallen and the Abyssal Demons have leaked to humans.”

“F*ck, I knew it. There must be a mole among us. Otherwise, how could the Professionals in Jiang City kill a Lord of the Abyss?”

“That phase shift ability isn’t something to be trifled with,”

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“It’s not easy to enter the underground palace of the abyss.”

“It’s useless to say all this.”

“Let’s hurry up and think about how to deal with this problem.”

“At least, our identities haven’t been exposed yet….”

While they were talking, the army of the Professional Alliance had arrived at the scene. They surrounded the entire train. Their military uniforms were more or less stained with red blood, which was obviously left by the group of degenerates who were responsible for receiving them.

There were also a few captured Fallens. Although the HP bar above their heads could not be seen, from their physical condition and expressions, it was obvious that their HP had been accurately controlled to below 5%, and they were in a near-death state.

When they saw this, the trio Fallen didn’t even dare to breathe loudly.

They were afraid that their identities would be discovered and they would be reduced to prisoners. They would be tortured every day and wait for the final judgment.

Soon, the Professional Alliance member responsible for searching the carriage found the item that the Fallens were hiding and showed it to Lin Ye and the others. It looked like a black basketball with energy that looked like a dragon and an earthworm moving around inside.

[Abyssal Core: A token that connects all abyssal underground palaces. It can open the gates of the abyss. It can not be kept in the backpack, and information can not be hidden.]

“This is the item we’re looking for?”

“Did any of you see who brought it into the car?”

Hearing this, everyone shook their heads, indicating that they didn’t know and didn’t see it.

But in fact, other than Su Mumu and Gu Yun, the others all knew who brought this thing onto the train and where it was hidden.


In order to cover up Black Fist and Huang Shaofeng’s undercover work, no one exposed the identity of the Fallens. Instead, they cooperated and acted. While expressing that they did not know anything, they also accepted the investigation of the Professional Alliance.

Lin Ye, with the “Prophet” tag, was invited to the conference room on the train by the Professional Alliance’s Captain with the black basketball.

The other party went straight to the point.

“Lin Ye, you should already know about today’s plan, right?”

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Lin Ye nodded, “Yes, I know. When we take the Abyssal Core, we’ll make use of Zhang Jiao and Dong Zhuo to cover for the other spies in the abyss.”

“Well, I won’t explain the details to you.” The other party replied. “We’ll escort you to Tianqi University, and according to the normal development process until we hand the Abyssal Core to the division of the Professional Alliance there.”


“I still want to confirm one more thing.”

“Did you really kill that level 50 Assassin from the Werewolf Kingdom by yourself?”

“It’s fine if you don’t want to say it.”

“This is my personal question, and it doesn’t represent the Professional Alliance’s position. You can choose to refuse to answer, and you don’t have to worry about being investigated by the Professional Alliance. They didn’t ask you to give an explanation.”

Lin Ye had nothing to hide about his current strength, so he answered.

“That’s right. I killed that level 50 werewolf assassin by myself. No one helped me.”

The other party nodded in surprise.


“I understand.”

“As expected, heroes come from youngsters,”

“No wonder the higher-ups value you so much,”

After a pause, the middle-aged man in military uniform continued, “There’s one more thing I need to tell you.”

“That’s not what I meant. It’s the decision of the higher-ups after much discussion. They want you to join the special organization newly established by our Professional Alliance — Omega Team…”

“And then participate in the side battlefields of resisting and hunting Abyssal Demons.”

“We might even participate in the planar war.”

“Face the Black Beast Alliance.”

“However, the identity of this Omega Team will be hidden from the public.”

“On the surface, you’re still a student of Tianqi University.”

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