Chapter 5: [Swordsman Dawn] and [Wild Boar Rider]

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Levi Snyder

Black Snake Breathing Method: Level 2 (1/5000)

Shield: Level 1 (Max)

It may be because Levi’s foundations were so good, and Knight Fred was guiding him along the way.


Reaching the second level was far simpler than he had imagined.


As for his shielding ability, he only practised it to his limit, and it was far less difficult than archery or basic swordsmanship.


Today, he has entered the second stage of King Attendance—the Sword Squire.


Then, his third step would be to become a Quasi-Knight.


A full 5,000 proficiency points were required, so he estimated that it would take at least half a year to become one.

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Having practised his breathing method almost daily, he needed to rest his body and mind. Otherwise, he may go insane.


Now that he was a Sword Squire, his physique must be twice that of a normal man. With his bare hands, he could easily beat five adult men in hand-to-hand combat.


However, he lacked actual combat skills.


Another important skill of Sword Squires is swordsmanship, as well as combat skills with other weapons.


Knights rarely fight with fists; with the existence of weapons, it would be stupid to fight with fists and feet.


To learn swordsmanship, he would have to ask Knight Fred. After all, his father admitted that Knight Fred was way better than him in terms of that.


In the earlier days, while Knight Fred travelled the Kingdom, he was known as the Swordsman Dawn.

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What a handsome name!


However, there was no rush. Today was the New Year, and Levi wanted to give himself a day off and enjoy the richness of nobility.

At the banquet, Levi sat at the Lord’s seat, and Knight Fred sat beside him.


No other nobles were present; it was a cold winter, and most roads were blocked by heavy snow. Besides, the valley was in a remote place. Although lands such as the Land of Rocks, the Land of Frosted Winds, and the Land of the Silver Moon were in close proximity, they were too far away.


Only in the summer would business exchanges take place.


In short, the barons in Blackwater Valley were all miserable. That is why Levi’s father was so legendary—he started from nothing before becoming the lord of three fertile lands.


Levi didn’t like dealing with other lords. It was best for everyone to just co-exist peacefully with no strings attached.


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The outermost part of the banquet was the serfs, who were shy and timid. They enjoyed the same food as the lord, but they kept themselves small in fear of making their lord angry.


At the same time, the serfs didn’t expect their generous and mighty lord to be so young. He didn’t look thirteen at all.


After drinking for three rounds, Levi ate on his own, enjoying his maids massaging his tired and worn-out muscles. The maids rubbed at Levi’s extremely thick and firm body, blushing unreasonably.


These maids were all young peasant girls who loved to gossip, but they were reserved in the presence of Levi.


Suddenly, a short and stout boy came to Levi and knelt on the ground with a plop. He placed a cloth bag in front of him. Levi knew he was the son of the old blacksmith, Toby, and his name was Milan.


“Little Blacksmith, Milan. What is it that you seek?” Levi asked.


Milan opened the cloth bag, and inside was a sword that shone with a cold light.


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“My Lord, this is the best sword that I have made last year. I would like to dedicate it to you,” he lowered his head and bestowed.


“Oh!” he exclaimed, taking the sword. The blade had few impurities and could be considered a sword of decent quality.


“It is indeed a good sword,” Levi praised, and he beckoned the boy to get up. “Is your father still well?”


Milan lowered his head and knelt down again, begging with sobs, “My Lord, when my father and I were pulling ore on the mountain, we ran into some members of the Wild Boar Gang. I ran away, but my father was captured… I have no choice but to seek your help.”


Levi’s face turned cold, “The Wild Boar Gang? What I was most concerned about happened; don’t worry, I’ll deal with it. Go home and await the good news.”


Because of this, Levi lost his good mood in an instant.


After the dinner, Knight Fred came to look for Levi and found that he had murder painted in his eyes.


“The Wild Boar Gang kidnapped Toby, the blacksmith. Targeting my blacksmith? The absolute gall!” he seethed. “The leader of their gang is Pig, the Hog Rider. With my breathing method, they should mean nothing to me.”

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