Chapter 4: Advanced Breathing Methods

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[Black Snake Breathing Method +3]

[Black Snake Breathing Method +2]

[Black Snake Breathing Method: Level 1 (233/1000)]

Levi practiced his breathing method silently day by day.

Except for resting and eating, the rest of his time was spent practising.


The other servants rarely saw him in the castle. On the rare occasions they saw him, he would be twisting his body strangely or wearing heavy armour and holding a shield, constantly defending against Knight Fred’s attacks.


“I feel ashamed—our lord is young, but he puts in the effort to push himself forward.”


“What? He’s still training? I’d better work extra so that the lord may give me an extra piece of food the next morning.”


However, no matter how hard they worked, they could never get his attention. After all, Levi worked tirelessly.


Seeing his efforts, Knight Fred was very pleased. He took care of trivial matters in the castle so as not to disturb his master.


However, some disputes required Levi to judge fairly. Since he was a lawyer in his past life, this was the only remnant of his past life left in him.

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Soon, the Coldest Winter Month (December) fell upon them.


This means that the cold winds will only grow more violent, as will the snowstorms.


Many serfs’ dilapidated wooden houses had been in disrepair for a long time, and they were completely destroyed by the wind and snow.


Levi ordered Knight Fred to house these serfs in the castle and provide them with employment. Women would serve Levi as maids, taking care of their daily lives.


The men were incorporated into the military so that the number of men under his command reached an unprecedented level.




They were all led by Knight Fred, who taught them basic combat skills. After training, they would repair the castle and did the heavy lifting, as well as grazing and farming.


The elderly and children would perform menial tasks. Everyone would get their share of food: a piece of bread and a bowl of red bean soup.


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The bread was stale but delicious nonetheless.


Levi and Knight Fred themselves were unable to eat any higher-quality bread due to the productivity of Blackwater Valley. This is because they had to eat way more than the average person to cope with their status as knights.


Levi’s daily food intake had increased by five or eight times that of a normal person, while Knight Fred required three times that of a normal person.

Levi’s generosity made the serfs very grateful, but he was too busy focusing on his breathing method.


Seeing the visible improvement in his body day by day, he felt a sense of accomplishment.


Of course, he was always on guard against the arrival of other knights or bandits that wandered across kingdoms.


After all, Levi was a good target for robbery.


With Knight Fred around, Levi didn’t have to worry about ordinary foreign enemies.


Although Knight Fred was out of business for some time, his title as the Snake Knight still served as a deterrent in the surrounding lands.


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In addition, Levi would observe Knight Fred’s training of the military from time to time. Their progress could clearly be seen under his guidance. Levi nodded in satisfaction—they would be an important asset in the future.


To be honest, the population of Levi’s current territory was pitiful.


After all, he came here with nothing.


Soon, the winter months passed, and it was 1004 in the Holy Calendar, the first day of the Primordial Month (January).


Today was the birthday of the Father in Heaven.


Coincidentally, it was Levi’s birthday.

Levi Snyder is now thirteen years old.


The Blackwater Valley was still cold and bleak. Levi had just finished his weird and twisted breathing method and stretched his 1.8-meter-tall body. He stood on the second floor of the castle in a domineering pose, his hand on his hip and another hand looking outward, staring at the residents below.


He radiated a gloomy aura like that of a snake—cold and calculating. His muscles were full and round, with visible lines of abs that pressed against his tunic. He was like a perfect, ancient Greek statue.


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Seeing Levi, the serfs couldn’t help but sigh, “He’s just thirteen?”


Looking up at the light snow, he felt comfortable.


New year, new weather. The castle was soon decorated with lights and festive decorations. The maids ran across the halls busily as they giggled, preparing the lord’s birthday dinner.


The soldiers also had a rare drink of spirit and chatted happily with Knight Fred. They thanked the Knight and the Lord for their generosity and sent New Year’s and birthday wishes to the Lord.


The other serfs bestowed ham, cheese, dried fruit, and wine to express their gratitude to Levi.


Compared with the other greedy, lowly lords of the world, Levi still held an incredibly modern attitude and respected his people.


Therefore, although the serfs were poor, they were satisfied.


Here, they felt human. Here, they felt safe under Knight Fred’s protection.

Of course, Levi was in a good mood, but not because of the celebrations.

After two months of non-stop training, he finally broke through to the second level.

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