Chapter 58: Alliance (1)

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"No... no matter how injured I am... What will we do if Grandma comes here? It would be a total mess," I said to Asena, but she remained silent. Her expression was one that acknowledged the situation was out of our hands.


It was the will of Grandma Liana after all.


The period when the Pryster dukedom had rapidly grown in power was said to be since the time of Grandma Liana. More precisely, since her husband, the former Duke, Aiden Pryster, became the head of the family.


While this information was not discernible when reading the novel, once I entered this world, I couldn't help but accumulate the history and knowledge of the Pryster family, one by one.


Aiden Pryster was worthy of being called the greatest Pryster of all time.


In Grandma’s words, passion, confidence, sincerity, determination, steadfastness… he had all the shining qualities.


Using these traits, Aiden Pryster summoned countless families under his banner and made numerous other families submit to his authority. It was a time when he had unofficially become as powerful as the royal family, the Lucilder family.


Just hearing this, one might think that there would have been conflicts with the royal family, but all of these issues disappeared because of Grandma Liana.


Grandma Liana's original surname was "Liana Lucidler."


Although her surname had changed through marriage... She was still of royal descent.


It was good for the king to have Aiden Pryster as a son-in-law, and through marriage to the royal family, Aiden was able to mitigate the conflicts to some extent. It was a marriage that was mutually beneficial.


Anyway, people both envied and feared Aiden for his numerous accomplishments, which he had achieved through various means.


Therefore, as she was his wife, Aiden’s popularity began to follow Grandma Liana as well.


So, if Grandma Liana came to the academy, it was certain that chaos would ensue.


“When are they leaving?”


"I'm not sure. They're probably getting ready right now. A letter came from Helen and one came from Butler Thein too, So Grandma must be insisting on coming."




I lost my appetite.


It was a difficult journey to get here, and there was nothing to be resolved by coming. I just wanted her to rest in the territory. 


I also wanted to see her, but I didn't want things to get entangled even more.


If she comes, she won't just see my face and leave. Even if I don't know what will happen, things will surely get complicated.


"...Asena, write a letter for me."


"Oppa... you know that once Grandma makes a decision, it doesn't change."


"If you don't write it, I will."


At my words, Asena sighed and hesitated for a long time, blinking her eyebrows before finally nodding her head.


“I am not asking you to write to her not to come. I know, when Grandma makes a decision, she moves. But, please buy some time. Just…just 10 more days.”


“….10 days?”


"If Grandma sees me in this state... she'll be upset."




"Let me recover a bit. Let Grandma know that the doctors said I was okay. Also, tell her not to come unless it is really necessary. Let's just prepare ourselves in the meantime."


"...What preparations?"


"We have to figure out how to explain the reason for the injury and things like that. Grandma will hear about Sharon Payne’s story too. We don't need to mess up what we've already settled.."


“Ah, that… I was already preparing.”


“Really? That's fortunate. Anyway, I can see Grandma only after getting better, so if she’s coming, tell her to come a little later.”


“….okay. But I don’t know if Grandma will listen.”


"We have to try at least."










Two days after Asena's letter was sent, a reply came back. Grandma agreed to listen to me. It seemed that the fire had been extinguished for some time.


However, things got increasingly twisted.


After about six days, I doubted my ears at Keirsey’s words.


"... Did I mishear something?"


"...No, you heard it right."

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“…all…say it again.”


"...Rumor has it that because of Grandma's arrival many noble families are coming as well, some to see Grandma...some to see the person who came to see Grandma...and some to see that person who came to see the person who came to see Grandma. One thing led to another... Eventually, the nobles decided to hold a grand conference.”




I was too surprised to give a proper response. I wondered if this was some kind of joke, but Keirsey’s expression was more serious than ever.


So, because I delayed the time, or rather, because I was injured, a grand gathering of all nobles was born.


✧ ✧ ✧


Recently, Asena was unable to control her emotions.


Perhaps it was because Cayden had slipped out of her grasp for a moment. The moment he came back within reach felt like a dream, and even in the moments when he couldn't be more adorable, he became even more so.


Her heart raced at the sight of his smile, and her hands and feet tingled. She didn't show it, but she couldn't contain this feeling unless she wriggled her hands and feet.


He also stopped calling her ‘Duchess Pryster’, but called ‘Asena’ as before.


Even these small things gave her a thrilling sensation.


She wanted to stick to him like glue and act childish with him all day.


The emotions she felt while facing Cayden were always new. She was experiencing emotions that she had never felt before with anyone in her whole life.


Every time this happens, she realizes that she is, after all, a human being… who is drawn to Cayden… her Oppa. 


If it wasn’t for him, would she have felt these feelings even once in her life? Probably not.


Cayden’s scars had also started to heal properly, and some of the bandages had been removed. He still felt pain, but he had reached the point where he could move his body - it was to the point he could walk by himself. 


However, Asena still fed him. She couldn’t have lost the opportunity to have that much fun.


Asena’s expression was just as cold as before, but under that cold mask, she was smiling brightly. Or even if she didn’t smile on her own, her lips formed an upward curve and her face turned red involuntarily.


At the same time, Asena was feeling a lot of changes in her heart.


She was happy to be by his side and to see him doing well more than anything else. However, whenever she saw his stitched body wrapped in bandages, her heart ached.


Ultimately, she couldn't shake the feeling of guilt that she was the one who caused this situation. 


She was now realizing that she had to change…


Although she still didn't like him talking to other women, she had decided to tolerate it to some extent. 


After all, what matters more is who he ends up with.


No matter how much he said he would leave them, Asena was still dreaming of marrying him. 


And now she knew she couldn’t put off her plan any longer.


She had to put aside everything and somehow make a ‘connection’ with him.




Someone knocked on the door at that moment.


The twins looked at Cayden, and Cayden looked at them in turn.


"Come in," when he said that…


– Crick!


...The door opened, and Judy and Daisy walked in.


Asena's heart sank a little. Of course… She had decided to change, and she tried to tolerate their presence, but this was her first time tolerating someone, so she couldn't help but feel uneasy.


Daisy stood next to Asena and Judy stood next to Keirsey, as they both looked at Cayden with worried eyes.


Daisy spoke first.


"How are you now…?"


"I'm getting better. I still feel a little pain sometimes when I move my body, but other than that, I'm fine."


Asena silently put the spoon into the bowl and watched them.


"...Still, I'm glad you're doing okay. It's amazing that your injuries are recovering so well." 


"It's all thanks to the doctors. Judy, are you okay? You don't have to come here every time."


At his question, Judy spoke.


“…I don’t think it takes so much time to come and see you.”


“…Is that so? Then… I’m grateful that you both came.”


Daisy nodded her head at Cayden's gratitude and then gently placed her hand on his wrist.

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The twins’ eyes turned sharply to Daisy’s hand at the same time.


“Cayden, did you hear this time…”


“...What is it?”


“...About the conference.”


“Ah… I heard it.”


Cayden nodded with a complicated expression.


Daisy grinned at the sight and began to tease him.


“Amazing. In the end, Cayden brought everyone together, what do you think?”




Asena was trying hard to ignore all of this.


Taking a few deep breaths, she turned her eyes away from the hand on Cayden’s wrist and fixed them on his face.




But it was not easy to endure. Because he had a small smile on his face.


Asena couldn’t understand why Daisy making him smile was so upsetting.


In the end, her eyes turned to Keirsey.


Like her, Keirsey also appeared to be trying to be patient while biting her lower lip.


Her wandering eyes eventually met Asena’s.


The two exchanged a silent conversation.


“Cayden, Father decided to come too.”




After Daisy, it was Judy's turn. The twins, who seemed to be not even present in his eyes, just sat there silently.


“Duke Ice?”


"...Yeah. So if the opportunity arises...let me know."




After discussing something only they knew, Cayden gave Judy a meaningful smile.


“You mean…you and me and that?”


"What's that...ah! It isn't about that!"


Judy started jumping up and down while shouting with a red face. 




Cayden burst out laughing at Judy's reaction. His whole body trembled as if it was the funniest thing in the world.


Asena’s heart was pounding. Though it was unknown whether it was because he burst into such laughter from his conversation with Judy or because she was worried about his physical condition.


She spoke hastily.


"Oppa...! You can't laugh so loudly yet..!"


"Hahaha..ugh! Cough cough.."


But it was already too late.


At the sound of his sudden groan of pain, everyone in the room took a step forward.


Due to the sudden pain, he grimaced and controlled the remaining laughter.


Keirsey’s body couldn't stop trembling.


"Oh...Oppa...stop joking...! And Oppa and Judy...what does ‘that’ mean? Why are you two just talking about things only you know...?"


"Hehehe...ow ow...that...that's something, Keirsey..."




Asena was still holding back harsh words, but she felt her limit approaching.


Every moment was precious, and the time she could spend with him was being wasted like that.


Just as she was about to try to smoothly send them away for his necessary ‘rest’, a doctor entered while knocking on the open door.


Asena's heart froze as she looked at him.

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"Ah, is it already the time?"


Cayden said, taking a glass from the hands of the approaching doctor. Then, the doctor quickly said goodbye, burdened by the situation, and left.


Judy tilted her head as she curiously looked at the glass Cayden held in his hands. 


Daisy was also looking at the glass intently. She asked:


"What is that?"


“Ah… it’s mugwort juice.”


“Mugwort juice…? Doesn’t it have a pretty strong analgesic effect…? Are you still in a lot of pain?”


“Oh, not that. This is very diluted. I keep waking up because of the occasional pain…So, I’m still getting its help to sleep.”




Indeed, Asena was dissatisfied because of his approaching bedtime.


To recover quickly, he had been keeping a regular sleep schedule. Asena knew that his bedtime was approaching, that’s why she was already feeding him dinner. But she didn't expect the remaining time to be taken away by Daisy and Judy.


Keirsey spoke in a subdued voice. She seemed to feel the same injustice as Asena.


"...Now, everyone please go back. Oppa needs to sleep."




Daisy and Judy straightened up at Keirsey's words. Cayden also spoke to the twins as he watched them.


"Now you guys go back too."




Keirsey let out a weak voice. 


Asena knew why Keirsey was so disappointed. Because she had the same thoughts in her mind.


After sending Daisy and Judy back, Asena wanted to say a special goodbye before leaving.


But Cayden was telling them to go too.


"...You took care of me all day. You should go rest."




Asena's dissatisfaction continued to build up.


She knew there would be opportunities tomorrow, but she was still disappointed and hated that she had to miss today.


Also, if it weren’t for them, she could have given or received a goodnight kiss. She couldn't even do that now.


As Asena hesitated like this, the atmosphere that they had to leave continued to be maintained.


Judy left the room first after making eye contact with Cayden, and Daisy also wished him a quick recovery and waited for the twins in the middle of the room.




Asena wondered if she should kiss him in front of everyone, but in the end, she had no choice but to hold back.


"Thanks for today, guys. See you tomorrow."


Cayden said goodbye in a refreshingly cool voice as if there were no regrets.


In the end, Keirsey and Asena had no choice but to leave the room waving their hands.


After saying goodbye, just before Asena closed the door completely, through the small gap, she saw Cayden drinking the mugwort juice.


✧ ✧ ✧




Keirsey let out a sigh as she walked out of the room. She couldn't help but feel like giving sharp glances at Judy and Daisy.


It was as if a thief had suddenly appeared and robbed her of the peaceful time she was enjoying with her Oppa. Although she had learned to control her jealousy after the recent series of events, it wasn't something she could easily suppress.


Somehow she got through today without doing anything stupid, but she knew she would have to endure it again in the future. Keirsey was feeling tired just thinking about it.


As she left the building, the sun had almost set, and the sky was dyed orange.


A cool breeze passed by her. At that time, Keirsey wondered how good it would have been if her Oppa had been by her side.


Daisy and Judy were waiting for the twins outside the building.


At that moment, Asena said.


“…Before we go. I’ll stop by the bathroom for a moment.”


As she had been sitting next to Cayden for a while, Keirsey could understand Asena's need to go to the bathroom.

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Upon hearing her words, Keirsey looked at Judy and Daisy.


"You guys go ahead. I'll wait for Unnie."


As Asena and Keirsey's room was the same, and as the twins felt some discomfort and hostility for Daisy and Judy, Keirsey suggested going separate ways.


Daisy and Judy look at each other in turn, eventually nodding their heads.


“See you tomorrow, then.”


Keirsey just gave them a short nod. She didn't shake hands or do anything too friendly.


Asena had already gone to the bathroom.




When everyone dispersed for a moment, Keirsey impulsively thought of something.


If she had to wait for Asena anyway, wouldn't it be okay to go and see her Oppa for a little while?


To complete an incomplete day, it would be nice to give him a kiss on the cheek or hold his hand for a moment before returning.


Did she act on the built-up dissatisfaction?


At the instantaneous impulse, Keirsey’s body immediately moved.


Since she didn't know how long Asena would wait, she hurriedly walked to Cayden’s room.


After twisting and turning here and there, she finally arrived at her destination.


Whether it was because she ran so fast or because she was happy to see her Oppa, her heart was pounding rapidly.


-Thump, thump, thump.


Keirsey swallowed her saliva and opened the door slowly without knocking. She thought he must be sleeping, so she didn’t want to disturb him.




The moment Keirsey cautiously opened the door, she couldn't help but stiffen at the sight.


Asena was inside the room.


And she was kissing Cayden.




It wasn't just a peck. It was a kiss.


Asena’s tongue was visible through the gap between the two lips that opened and closed sporadically.


She put her tongue deep into Cayden’s mouth, exchanging saliva intensely.


Her sister, who had always been rigid and cold, was gone, leaving only a flushed woman.


She was so engrossed that she didn't even notice Keirsey’s presence.


“Ha-ap… Huff.. haah ha… huff ha..”


Most surprising of all was how natural Asena looked. She was switching over Cayden’s upper and lower lips like she had done it dozens of times before and now knew how to explore his whole mouth.


At the same time, she was emitting sensual moans unconsciously.


-Chup, Chap, Chup


She shoved her tongue inside his mouth and closed the distance between their already attached lips more strongly.


Asena’s hand was stroking Cayden while keeping his head still.


In the end, Keirsey, who had been stiffened up to now, called her.




It was a small call, but Asena responded immediately and quickly raised her upper body, stretching a long trail of saliva between Cayden and her lips.


Seeing Keirsey, Asena hurriedly covered her eyes and reddened cheek with her hands.






Keirsey waited for Asena to speak, as she was speechless and had nothing to say.


Soon, Asena wiped her lips, slowly meeting Keirsey’s eyes.


Asena’s face, which had been flustered, gradually became firm. 


In the end, she asked, meeting Keirsey's eyes shamelessly with a brazen look.


“….you saw it?”

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