Versatile Mage

Chapter 3066: 3066

3066 Self-Defense (2)

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“Can I point out the people who should bear the sin with me in this incident?” asked Mo Fan.

“Of course! We have ample time to hear you out.” A hint of delight showed up on Ramiel’s face.

He did not expect Mo Fan to have accomplices with him.

He thought it would be good to arrest them all at once.

Mo Fan spoke at a slower pace. He tried to recall their looks from his memories.

“The first person was a girl. She excelled in her high school studies of magic. However, she was somewhat less qualified to become a Water Element Mage. She easily got nervous and panicked. She always made mistakes at critical times.

“Her name was He Yu. She was an ordinary Water Element Mage from an ordinary magic high school. When Bo City was under the demons’ bloodbath, everyone inside the school continued to panic in the middle of the streets that had been covered in blood. They did so in order to hide inside the safety barrier. However, we were ambushed by the Black Vatican halfway through. She cast Water Element Magic to protect her loved ones, but the Dark Beast Monster slit her throat…

“The second person was my alumnus. Lightning Element was his first awakened element. At that moment, he was in the limelight and the celebrity of the school. He was strong and competitive.

“After both of us went through hardship in Bo City and survived the disaster, we joined Pearl Institute. Unfortunately, he was turned into a Cursed Beast by the Black Vatican.

“There was one time when both of us were on top of a building where darkness filled the sky. He fell down on his knees and begged me to burn him to death. I saw the extreme pain in his gaze. I couldn’t save him. The only thing I could do was to help him to break free of his pain.

“The third person was not a human. It was a Heavenly Eagle without a pure bloodline. I will never forget the wounded Heavenly Eagle whose feathers were covered in blood, but still carried its young master back to the fortress in the middle of the sky dominated by the White Magic Falcons even to this day…

“The fourth person was a middle-aged man whom I don’t even know his name. When the Ancient Capital was left with only the inner-city walls with millions of cannibalistic Undead outside the city, the decision-maker needed some volunteers to lure the hungry Undead away. The middle-aged man was the last person to volunteer himself. He hesitantly joined the suicide squad because he wanted to give the last bit of hope to the women and children inside the city…

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“The fifth person was my training instructor. He was funny and full of justice. Despite his painful past, his heart was burned with passion.

“This person was no stranger to the archangels. He was the Ancient King who had disappeared from this world since the day Michael returned to Holy City in glory.

“Regardless of how the world views the evil Ancient King or how they judge his state as a living dead, I’ll only expound on what I see of him from my perspective.”

The moment Mo Fan mentioned Zhan Kong, the Holy Judgment Court stirred up.

That was Michael’s heroic deed in ascending the throne of Holy City. In order to protect humans’ thousands of years of peace, Michael had killed the King of the Underworld who would most likely be the Dark Master!

No one had ever questioned Michael on the matter. It was also through this matter that he gained the respect of countless people.

Mo Fan brought up that person during the public trial. Not only was the crowd in the Holy Judgment Court shocked to hear it, but even the people who followed the hearing through various media channels also found Mo Fan’s words to be incredulous!

What was Mo Fan doing?

Was he interrogating Archangel Michael?

He killed Parade Angel Shalitha, but he spoke for the people who had disappeared from the world during his self-defense in the Holy Judgment Court.

Had he not considered his current situation at all?!

“Please don’t mention things that are unrelated to this case.” Ramiel stopped Mo Fan from continuing his statements decisively.

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“But this person does deserve a great deal of guilt for me.” Mo Fan laughed.

He noticed the people inside the Holy Judgment Court panicked when he brought up that person.

“Mo Fan, if you mention the people who have nothing to do with the case again, we will terminate your right to speak for yourself!” Ramiel warned him.

“Allow me to talk about a person who was closely related to this incident. He died in Parade Angel Shalitha’s hands.” Mo Fan sucked in a deep breath.

He had no intention of giving an account of every honorable person he met in his life in the Holy Judgment Court. After all, the world had no patience in hearing his turbulent story.

When Mo Fan was asked about his motive…

Mo Fan thought those people’s existence alone was his motive to kill Shalitha!

Even if he were to go back in time, would Mo Fan still make the same decision?

Even if he knew it would end up with a tragic outcome, Mo Fan would still kill Parade Angel Shalitha.

Those people were the ones who drove him to kill Shalitha. They were the ones who helped him to develop his thinking skills during his growing stage.

Their conscience drove him to kill Shalitha.

“The Twin Guardian Towers were in tatters. Still, some people held out hope and did everything they could to save the towers. That person was called Ozawa.”

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Mo Fan began to elaborate on his story. Ramiel could not stop him.

Ozawa was a key man in the case. Several Japanese jurors stared at him. They needed to hear Mo Fan out!

Mo Fan sucked in a deep breath.

The truth was, Mo Fan still remembered the man who committed harakiri even to that day!

Ozawa cursed the Twin Guardian Towers. He criticized everyone, including himself under the public’s gaze.

Their negligence, cowardice, and incompetence were the reasons the Twin Guardian Towers became the demon’s breeding place.

Even though Ozawa knew he was alone, he tried his best to remind the people of their own conscience.

That night was in total darkness. Despite this, he was the torchlight that lit up the Twin Guardian Towers so that the people could reflect on themselves and realize the presence of demons…

“Shalitha destroyed everything. He destroyed the Twin Guardian Towers.

“The high and mighty Shalitha disregarded the commoner’s hardship and sacrifices. He only cared about the so-called law of survival of the world!

“It seems to me that the world has always been fine. The world doesn’t need a VIP who speaks eloquently. In fact, it will truly be the end of the world if we lacked people like Ozawa and the people whom I mentioned earlier.

When Mo Fan said his final sentence, his eyes turned red and bloodshot.

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There were still many people whom Mo Fan had not mentioned before the Holy Judgment Court. For instance, Blue Bat had sacrificed everything she had, only to end up becoming an Enforcer without a tombstone. Not forgetting Feng Zhoulong who had sought to change the fusion spell…

Those people had a deep impact on Mo Fan. He also wanted to be like them.

“So, I didn’t regret my action!

“I personally cut off Shalitha’s head.

“I dragged Shalitha down from heaven to earth to let him feel the pain of dying. I wanted him to witness the true struggle in life. Even though the people were puny in comparison to his magnificent magic, the nobility of their souls could trample the scum of the angel into scraps!”

In the face of the various magic associations, witnesses from different professions, and jurors in the Holy Judgment Court, Mo Fan stated his motive for killing Shalitha.

That was his self-defense!

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