1555 Immortal Hall’s Preparation, Nine Layers Of Restriction Seals, Seven-Floors Exquisite Pagoda

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The news of Chu Kuangren’s return to the Living World reached many great ones’ ears.

All of them were anxious.

Through the fight in the Underworld, they knew that although the Underworld’s authority could not leave the Underworld, Chu Kuangren had broken through to the Arch Gilded Immortal Realm.

His cultivation level would certainly suppress all the younger generation, and if he entered the Chaos Fragment, others would no longer have a fair chance to fight for the Opportunities of Fortune.

“Chu Kuangren is back! We cannot allow him to enter the Chaos Fragment!”

“No one will be his match if he enters!”

“Fortunately, we are prepared for this!”

The great ones of the Immortal Hall had been preparing for Chu Kuangren’s return from the Underworld because they knew how badly Chu Kuangren would affect the other younger generations.

Therefore, they had prepared multiple traps inside and outside the Chaos Fragment. Although they were not confident enough to stop him with mere traps, the longer they stalled, the better it would be for the rest of the Prodigies.

A crowd had gathered outside the Chaos Fragment, and they were all stopped outside by countless restriction seals.

“The Immortal Hall is being ridiculous. Why would they set restriction seals around the entrance? Are they not going to let us explore the Chaos Fragment?”

“Yeah! Unreasonable!”

A number of the cultivators voiced their complaints, but due to the Immortal Hall’s status and influence, no one dared to defy them.

Then, the white figure arrived before the Chaos Fragment.

His arrival shook and forcefully released all the restriction seals.

“It’s Chu Kuangren!”

Someone recognized the figure in white.

“I see. The restriction seals are here to stop Chu Kuangren.”

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“Hmm. Interesting.”

Some of the cultivators finally understood why the Immortal Hall chose to set up that many restriction seals at the Chaos Fragment entrance even though they knew it would offend quite a number of cultivators of the Immortal World.

“Hmm. Interesting indeed. I’m just wondering how far you people can go,” Chu Kuangren said with a grin. A hint of frostiness flashed in his eyes.

Then, he took a step closer to the restriction seals.


The restriction seals broke, but endless Heavenly Flame burst out from within.

Chu Kuangren remained unmoved. He pointed his sword hand sign forward and cast the Blade of Zhou, Tyrannical Ascension.

The Tyrannical Ascension Sword swept over everything.

The endless Heavenly Flames were slashed in half as though it was a piece of paper.

The rampaging sword qi continued forward like a storm and attacked the rest of the restriction seals.

More restriction seals broke, but when they reached a certain threshold, new restriction seals appeared and transformed into Heavenly soldiers before Chu Kuangren.

An army of Heavenly soldiers appeared, and the leading one bellowed coldly, “Chu Kuangren, you shall not pass!”

The Heavenly soldiers contained a sliver of Immortal Consciousness from the Immortal Hall’s great ones.

Chu Kuangren chuckled. “Are you even strong enough to stop me?”


The Heavenly soldiers charged toward Chu Kuangren.

Raging thunder, unforgiving flames, majestic waves, and all kinds of Immortal Techniques were blasted toward him.

The number of attacks was enough to deter even an Arch Gilded Immortal.

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However, Chu Kuangren stood firm before the attacks. He narrowed his eyes as he unsheathed the Descendant Self Sword from his waist. His Immortal’s Core energy that contained the Golden Jade Immortal Spark erupted.

“Blade of Zhou, Infinite Void!”

The Infinite Void Sword slashed every single attack blasted at him, and its indomitable sword qi landed on the leading Heavenly soldier.

The leading Heavenly soldier was destroyed without any resistance.

Chu Kuangren then raised his fist. The Arch Gilded intent in his physical body erupted and was transformed into endless crimson lightning. The blast of fist energy destroyed the Heavenly soldiers one after another.

However, that was not the end.

The Heavenly Flame restriction seals were broken, and the Heavenly soldiers were destroyed, but light streaks remained in the void. They seemed to be forming new restriction seals.

“Warning. There are a total of nine layers of restriction seals set up here,” Lil Ai said.

Chu Kuangren nodded. “Nine layers? In that case, I shall break them altogether.”

He raised his hands, and the dense Yin Yang Arch Gilded intent started to swirl around his hand.

Those who saw it were shocked.

“That’s Arch Gilded intent!”

“He has finally become an Arch Gilded Immortal!”

Some of the sky-prides and Prodigies gasped in fear.

It had only been a little over a year since Chu Kuangren challenged the world at the Five Ways Mountain, and he had become an Arch Gilded Immortal!

The speed of his breakthrough was a little too frightening.

“Did he acquire some kind of massive Opportunity of Fortune?”

“Hmph. If those Prodigies can’t secure any massive Opportunities of Fortune in the Chaos Fragment, they would never be able to surpass Chu Kuangren.”

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“I agree.”

The crowd shook their heads in awe and felt helpless at the scene.

The speed of Chu Kuangren’s growth left many sky-prides and Prodigies in despair.

Before anyone could recover from their shock, Chu Kuangren released another type of Arch Gilded intent — Samsara Arch Gilded intent!

As it appeared, Chu Kuangren’s left hand was shrouded in a grayish divine light.

It was the Reincarnation Tribulation Light and Divine Yin Yang Rejuvenation Light!

The two divine abilities were merged into a terrifying tri-color beam and were shot at the restriction seals.


A deafening explosion went off.

The tri-color beam shattered the glowing restriction seal in one blast!

In fact, it did not stop after breaking one layer. With an indomitable force, it continued forward to the next.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Nine consecutive blasts later, all the restriction seals were finally broken.

The great ones who watched the scene from the dark were left in awe.

“He has grown so powerful!”

“Not even a late-stage Trinity Flower Realm Arch Gilded Immortal can break all the restriction seals so fast!”

“Two Arch Gilded intents? Has he mastered two Arch Gilded intents? He’s really a monster!”

“It has only been a year since he challenged the world. Not only has he broken through to an Arch Gilded Immortal, but he has also mastered two Arch Gilded intent! How did he do it?”

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Many of the great ones were confused.

All the other sky-prides and Prodigies were stunned.

“Damn! Two Arch Gilded intents? How did he do it?”

“You have to ask him.”

Comprehending two Arch Gilded intents within a year was beyond comprehension.

Chu Kuangren had become the greatest cultivator of all time!

After breaking through nine layers of restriction seals, Chu Kuangren entered the Chaos Fragment.

However, before he could venture deep inside, a golden light appeared above his head, followed by a seven-floored golden pagoda falling onto him.

He was trapped!

The sky-prides outside the Chaos Fragment saw it andweres shocked once more.

“That’s the Seven-Floors Exquisite Pagoda!”

“Isn’t that the supreme treasure of Kunlun Immortal Hall? Are nine layers of restriction seals not enough, and they even prepared the Seven-Floors Exquisite Pagoda? They really don’t want Chu Kuangren to get into the Chaos Fragment, huh?”

“They’ve invested a lot in this attempt.”

The Immortal Hall had heavily invested in the attempt to stop Chu Kuangren from entering the Chaos Fragment.

It was a clear sign that the great ones of the Immortal Hall were afraid of Chu Kuangren.

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