Chapter 61 – Skill Level Up!!

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“Is that being whose whole body is made of water a spirit?”

“Yes, that’s right, Rasty-sama. It’s the Great Spirit Okeanos. My family has been loved by the water spirits for generations. It seems that my ancestor was a female summoner with high magical power and fell in love with the Great Spirit.”

“Oh, I see. So, you’re a summoner.”

I’ve heard of it. It is said that there are people in the world who make contracts with spirits and heroic spirits to fight. There seem to be adventurers and specialized guilds for that as well.

But a noble being a summoner… no, it’s not an impossible story. While not a summoner, my elder brother, the First Prince Wagner, is a magical genius known as the “Ice Emperor.”

“Thank you for helping us, Strelka. Well, then, we’ll be on our way.”

“W-Wait! Is that all!?”

“Yeah, that’s right. Skor and I have a promise to be alone together today.”

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Strelka’s mouth opens and closes repeatedly.

Gradually, Strelka’s expression changes, and she glares at Skor with resentment. On the other hand, Skor, for some reason, had a cute smug look on her face. …Oi, oi, are they going to start throwing sparks again? I really wish these two would get along.

“I’m sorry. But I’ll visit your ship soon. I promise.”

“Rasty-sama~♪ Yes, I’ll eagerly await your visit.”

Strelka, who was in a good mood, looked down at Skor once again.

“W-What is it… Please don’t look at me like that, Strelka-san.”

“Whether you’re an elf or a Holy Maiden, I don’t care. I’ll easily block your cheap love path! Ohohohoho!!”

Strelka left with an elegant laugh. Watching her retreating figure, Skor mutters something like “Mukii!” and appears angry. …How cute.

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“Now, now, calm down.”

“I-I can’t calm down…! Rasty-san might be taken away!”

“I don’t think that will happen. Well, let’s all get along, okay?”

“I don’t want to fight either. But that Strelka-san…”

Before Skor could finish speaking, I took her right hand and raised it up.

“Skor, let’s all get along!”

“Ugh… I understand. I’ll try my best.”

Perhaps she had given up, Skor reluctantly agreed. Perhaps Strelka might become a resident of this island too, and if that happens, she would be a valuable asset. That “Great Spirit” is quite fascinating.

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――It seems that Skor’s skill level has increased in the battle just now. …But that’s strange. It was Strelka who defeated them, not me. What’s going on?

[Kirie][Lv.3] [Skill] [Effect]

Cast support magic on the user or a target. Provides a +3% boost to all stats. Additionally, increases Luck (LUK). The boost increases by +3% for each level increase. The maximum level of the skill is “10”.

[Gloria][Lv.3] [Skill] [Effect]

Increases the attack and movement speed of the user or a target by 3%. The boost increases by +3% for each level increase. The maximum level of the skill is ’10’.

Surprisingly, it had risen to level 3. It seems like it happened after defeating that large number of Gruen Goblins, but it’s not something that usually happens. I should ask Havamar for more details later.

While tilting my head at the mysterious level up, we enter the cave. The cave wasn’t flooded by the water-attribute magic cast by Okeanos. It seems that it disappeared over time. When creating water, ice, rocks, and other objects with magic for attacks, they naturally disappear after a certain period of time.

It seems to be such a thing because it is only borrowing magical power mana. But there is also magic that remains semi-permanently. That’s a miracle beyond great magic… but.

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I don’t have much time, so I quickly secured “Iron Ore” with Gale Tulle.

Iron Ore x67

That should be enough for now.

After finishing the collection, I thought I would take a peek at the dungeon for a little while. However, the depths of the cave were shrouded in darkness and even with a torch lit, the abyss ahead couldn’t be seen.

If monsters are appearing from within, there’s no doubt that the dungeon exists there.

“Let’s go, Skor.”

“Huh… Are we going deeper into the cave?”

“Don’t worry. I’ll protect you. But if you’re scared, you can wait outside.”

“I don’t want to. If I’m not with Rasty-san, I’ll cry.”

With tears in her eyes and a worried look, Skor held onto my left arm. …Ah, it’s soft――No, don’t be conscious of it now. Concentrate only on the front. Move forward――.

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