Chapter 60 – Great Spirit Okeanos

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The rest is to collect “iron”.

To do that, we need to head to the cave and dig for iron ore. We still have time, so we should set off.

“Shall we go soon?”

“Yes, the field is complete and we have secured raspberries. Ah, and wood too.”

“In terms of time, it’s just a matter of exploring the cave a little.”

“Understood. Please leave the support to me.”

Although it was a bit distant from the fields, we aimed for the cave.

As we continued forward, engaging in casual conversation, the familiar cave came into view. It was supposedly a dungeon, but we hadn’t ventured deep inside yet. Last time, an obviously dangerous monster called the “Executioner” appeared, but we managed to deal with it.

I hope nothing strange comes out today. That’s what I was hoping for, but the other side had no mercy.


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A suspicious voice echoes from inside the cave.

Ah… they’re there after all.

According to Havamar, the back of the cave is connected to a dungeon. Occasionally monsters come out onto the surface. As evidence of that, we sensed a presence.

A green monster emerges from the darkness.

I’ve seen it before.

“That’s the “Gruen Goblin” that attacked Skor before…”

“Hii…! Rasty-san, I’m scared.”

Skor tightly clung to my back. ――No, no! Please don’t press such a soft object against my back…!!!

“Ca-calm down, Skor! I’ll defeat it.”


She must have been traumatized. Skor’s face is contorted with fear. I have to protect her here.

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Did they increase…?”

The presence of Gruen Goblins is increasing steadily. There are roughly twenty of them. Oh no, is it a massive outbreak? Havamar said that monsters sometimes attack in groups. This seems to be one of those instances.

Then, can I defeat them with Gale Tulle…?

“Skor, give me support magic!”

“U-understood. Please take Kirie and Gloria!”

A soft pale blue light envelops me.

It’s a small amount, but my status is boosted.

It’s better than nothing.

At that moment, Gruen Goblins come rushing out… D*mn, there are a lot of them.

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“Take this!!”

I swung Gale Tulle and quickly took down three to four of them at once. It’s a relief—I’ve grown stronger since then. I can stand against them now, but… Oh no! They keep coming. There’s no end to them.

As I was getting flustered, I heard a voice.

“You seem to be in trouble, Rasty-sama. Leave this to me. Great Spirit Okeanos, sweep away those goblins—Maelstrom!”

Hmm, that voice…

It’s clearly the voice of a girl I know.

As I looked around restlessly, water began to fall from the sky ―― a tsunami crashes into the Gruen Goblins.

It dealt a lot of damage and washes them away.

“Th-this is… water attribute magic! Strelka!”

There was Strelka, riding on the shoulder of a water giant. W-What the heck is that…!?

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“Hello, Rasty-san. And… the elf.”

I greeted her with a “H-Hello”. On the other hand, Skor was pouting with a “Hmph” …Sparks are going to fly again.

“Wait, a Great Spirit!”

“Yes, I have a contract with the Great Spirit Okeanos. Here are the details.”

――And she showed me the details without hesitation.

[Great Spirit Okeanos]
Consume a huge amount of magical power to summon “Great Spirit Okeanos”. Can activate the water attribute magic “Maelstrom.” Deals triple damage if the opponent has fire attribute.


While Okeanos is summoned, the caster is automatically protected by “Water Shield.” Water Shield defends against long-range physical and magical attacks.

Cooldown time: 1 hour

To think that Strelka is a “spirit user”… I was surprised. She wasn’t just a noble’s daughter.

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