Chapter 59 – Precious Memories

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Both Wagner and Brahms have been completely defeated.

Looking back, I might have overdone it a little. I’ll probably get scolded later… Oh well, whatever.

Anyway, I headed over to the blonde girl.

“Are you okay?”

“T-Thank you very much…”

The girl was trembling in fear.

I want to do something to calm her down. Hmm, I know. I’ll give her the book I was reading. I picked up the book I had thrown at Brahms earlier from the ground and handed it to the girl.

“Here, I’ll give you this.”

“…A book?”

“This is a ‘Magic Guidebook Even a Kobold Can Understand’.”

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“What is this!”

“You can learn magic from it. I was studying to get back at my brothers, but I wasn’t good at all… Well, it did become a weapon to defeat Brahms, though.”

When I handed it to her, the blonde girl smiled. She was adorable, and I couldn’t help but be captivated. Elves are so cute.

“Thank you very much. I will cherish it!”

“Ah, you’re an elf, you should be able to learn magic. Learn even great magic and become my magician someday.”

“Oh, the prince’s… I would love to!”

“All right, it’s a promise. Uh… what’s your name?”

“I’m Skor… Skor Zlonitse. As you can see, I’m an elf.”

“I see, Skor. It’s a cute and nice name. By the way, I’m Rasty. I’m the third prince of the Dvorak Empire! You don’t have to remember that, hahaha…”

“No, I will never forget it. I will always remember that you helped me today.”

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That angelic smile again. It’s a bit too dazzling for me. By the way, were my brothers beating up such a cute girl? It’s cruel, or rather, I can’t help but suspect that they’re discriminating against elves.

――Immediately after this, I was discovered by my father and received a lecture that lasted over an hour.

“Rasty, you!!”

“That elf girl was being bullied. Shouldn’t I have helped her, Father?”

“Helping her was commendable. However, you injured your own brothers, Wagner and Brahms. That was going too far.”

“My brothers were the ones in the wrong.”

“Silence, Rasty. Nevertheless, you… Well, forget it. This is also part of the ‘Covenant of Yavnhar’. For the sake of the empire’s prosperity… Rasty, forget what happened today… For now, I’ll forgive everything.”

My father placed his hand on my head.

“――W-What are you doing?”

“By the Covenant of Yavnhar, I will erase your memories…”

“W-What is this…! Stop…”

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…And then my vision suddenly went black…

―― That was ten years ago.

I… was remembering that time. Or rather, it became clear that something was done to me by my father. Hey, hey, what is the “Covenant of Yavnhar”…? Is that what Havamar was talking about?

On that day, my memories were erased by my father. No wonder I couldn’t remember anything. I didn’t even remember Skor.

“Thank you for telling me, Skor.”

“Did you remember?”

“Thanks to you. It seems I really did meet Skor a long time ago. Ah, that’s right, I saved you.”

“Yes, that’s right. That’s why I’ve always been thinking of you, Rasty-san… ahh…”

“Hmm? What’s wrong?”

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Skor, who was about to say something, covered her mouth with both hands. Huh, her face is all red again. What was she about to say?

” …N-no. But, I’m glad you remembered.”

Skor shed a single tear and smiled happily. … I wonder what is it? My heart feels restless right now. Something… I want to say something… Yet, nothing comes out of me, how pathetic of me. D*mn it, what should I say in times like this?

Tell me, Alfred.

“――Young Master. Life is always a battle. When you encounter a big wall, you shouldn’t think too deeply. Because you’ll be swayed by your own thoughts. So, feel it… yes, you can turn a pinch into an opportunity.”

I remembered the words I was taught long ago. I see, I may not fully understand it, but I just have to feel it!


Oh, I was able to become terribly calm and was able to figure out what I should do. It was that simple if I just felt it. Feeling is amazing.

“Skor, please stay with me from now on.”


Skor burst into tears like Alfred. Hey, hey, you don’t have to cry like a river. But she must be really happy. I’m happy too! (←Almost started crying along)

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