Chapter 146: Getting a Back Rub

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While Su Wen relaxed in the warm waters of her bath, Su Qing answered the door. “Who is it?” she asked, a little nervous, “It’s dark out.

Since her brother-in-law left, her eldest sister would lock the door early every night. As time passed, everyone in the household grew accustomed to the practice; they knew no one else would visit except Wang Chuyan, who returned on occasion.

“It’s me.”

A low and cold voice sounded from outside.

Su Qing was stunned. That… Wasn’t that her brother-in-law’s voice?

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“Brother-in-law, is that you?” Su Qing asked excitedly.

Standing outside the door, Zhou Hengyang quirked a brow when he heard this unfamiliar term of address. Su Wen had never allowed her younger sisters to call him brother-in-law because she neither liked it nor acknowledged his status as her husband. Still, Zhou Hengyang did not allow surprise to color his words.

Instead, he replied seriously. “It’s me, Zhou Hengyang.”

“Brother-in-law is back!” Su Qing shouted happily and quickly opened the door.

The door swung open, revealing a tall, straight-backed young man. In the hazy evening light, Zhou Hengyang seemed one with the darkness, and only the vague contours of his silhouette could be seen. He almost looked like a gothic sculpture in the low light.

“Brother-in-law, why are you here? I thought you would only come back after the new year! Come in. Have you eaten?” Su Qing happily stepped aside, inviting Zhou Hengyang inside.

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The candles in the courtyard cast a dim glow, dispelling the shadows clinging to Zhou Hengyang’s features and revealing a pair of obsidian eyes, which seemed to swallow the light around him.

Su Qing could not help but do a double take. Had her brother-in-law always looked so imposing?

She knew her older sister had always feared her brother-in-law. Su Qing wondered if that fear would grow exponentially when she met him.

“I’m back.” Zhou Hengyang offered Su Qing a barely perceptible nod and entered with a simple traveling bag.

“Brother-in-law, have you eaten?” Su Xiu also came forward and asked.

“Not yet.”

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“Then we’ll go cook for you. It’s so late, and you haven’t eaten… You must be hungry.”

Su Qing and Su Xiu immediately got to work. The two sisters were very happy that Zhou Hengyang had returned. As long as their brother-in-law was around, Sun Dahai would have no chance to bully their sister. It would solve a huge problem they faced.

The two sisters wanted Zhou Hengyang and their eldest sister to live a good life together. After all, he was the son-in-law chosen by their father before he died.

Zhao Jiangang could not be compared to their brother-in-law at all.

Zhou Hengyang stood in the courtyard with a slight frown. He stared at Su Qing and Su Xiu’s figures as they retreated to the kitchen, a thoughtful look smoothing out the creases that lined his forehead. From the corner of his eye, he spied Little Sister Su peaking at him, but his expression did not change.

He knew Su Wen’s youngest sister did not like him much.

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Zhou Hengyang did not find it strange that Su Wen was not around; he knew her habits. She liked going out at night and rarely stayed home as she should she might have even gone to see a certain someone at this hour. Hence, he did not take her absence to heart. Slinging his bag over his shoulder, he went to his room to put his things away.

Little Sister Su stuck out her tongue, eyeing Zhou Hengyang warily. That man was back to snatch her sister away from her! No, she would not admit defeat. She had to protect her sister, no matter the cost!

Little Sister Su watched intently as Zhou Hengyang entered her sister’s room. Not only did she not stop him, but she also snickered. Big Sister was taking a shower. If Zhou Hengyang barged in, he would anger her so much that she would hate him!

Hehe… If that were to happen, her brother-in-law would never be able to take her sister away from her!

Little Sister Su covered her mouth with her tiny hands, stifling a giggle.

Zhou Hengyang pushed open the door and put his bag away as usual. Although he slept in the same room as Su Wen, they did not share the same bed. Su Wen slept on the bed while he slept on the floor..

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