Chapter 145: Sixth Sister Will Be Back Soon

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She was afraid Sixth Sister would eat all the watermelon.

Su Qing disliked her aunt’s way of doing things. On several occasions, the sisters had asked Sixth Sister not to go, but she would go, heedless of their desires. If she did not go, Grandma might make trouble for them. To avoid the hassle or arguments, Sixth Sister would go to their aunt’s place to help her, even if their aunt was not the most pleasant person to be with.

It was hard work.

“Why don’t we go and fetch Sixth Sister?” Su Xiu watched her older and younger sisters laughing, feeling somewhat troubled. Big Sister’s relationship with Sixth Sister was the best. Among all her siblings, Big Sister doted on Sixth Sister the most.

It had been two months since Sixth Sister left for their aunt’s place, and Big Sister had changed tremendously.

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“Won’t Sixth Sister be unhappy when she learns she isn’t Big Sister’s favorite anymore?” Su Xiu felt gray hairs coming along just thinking about the confrontation. “We used to worry that Big Sister didn’t like Little Sister Su, but now that she’s showing more attention to her, we’re even more worried about what that might mean for the family’s dynamics…”

“How can I not be angry? I’m most angry with myself for not letting Big Sister know how much Sixth Sister bullies me. Big Sister used to be so easy to fool, and Sixth Sister took advantage of her naivety to play tricks behind her back.” Su Qing shared Su Xiu’s worries. Even she had not noticed anything amiss before. Still, she was glad her older and younger sisters were developing a good relationship. Now, the only question was how Sixth Sister would react upon her return.

The seven sisters had shared a close relationship since they were young, save for their eldest sister – their eldest sister’s personality was not as pleasant as it was now. But then again, something similar could be said of their Sixth Sister, who had a warped personality, reveling in the torment of their youngest sister.

In the past, Big Sister would always side with Sixth Sister, uncaring if her other sisters were being bullied. No. It would be more accurate to say that Sixth Sister was too cunning. She never took things too far when bullying others and always acted innocent around everyone else.

If Big Sister was at fault for not seeing Sixth Sister’s twisted nature, then the rest of them, even Su Qing and Su Xiu, were equally at fault for being blind to the situation.

However, things were different now.

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If Sixth Sister learned that Little Sister Su had taken advantage of her absence to win over Big Sister, she would train all her hate on their younger sibling when she returned.

Vengeful was the best adjective to describe Sixth Sister.

“Big Sister isn’t the same person.” Su Xiu’s opinion of Su Wen was much better than it used to be. “Big Sister has grown wiser. She’ll notice if Sixth Sister tries to bully us.”

“That’s true.”

They could not look at Su Wen with the same old eyes.

“Su Qing, someone is at the door. Could you see who it is, please?” Su Wen hollered from where she stood in the courtyard. “I’m going for my shower. If those rascals want a fight, tell them to come again at some other time. I’ll put on a good show for you all. Just wait!”

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Too many people were knocking on their door these days, so Su Wen had prepared a standard response for her sisters to use.

“Okay, Big Sister. The bath is ready. It’s in your room.” Su Qing did as she was asked and went to meet whoever was at the door.

Su Wen stretched lazily and returned to her room for her bath.

Washing up was inconvenient without electricity and running water. Su Qing and Su Xiu had noticed Su Wen’s dissatisfaction early on. Every night, they would prepare boiling water beforehand and allow it to cool to the right temperature in a large wooden barrel.

If the barrel could be replaced with something more exquisite – perhaps a jacuzzi-styled bubble bath – that would be best. But that was unrealistic, and Su Wen knew it. She could only make do with what they had.

While Su Wen soaked in the warmth, she idly mused how she ought to look for a carpenter in the village to order a larger wooden tub; it would be better than the barrel they presently used.

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Su Wen’s eyes flickered to the candles lining the cabinet. It reminded her of the recent news that the village would soon have access to electricity, which put her in a good mood. Electricity should have been made available to their village a long time ago. All the towns and cities in the province already had access to electricity, so why couldn’t they have the same?

She had heard the town council had approved an electricity supply plan two years ago, but the villagers felt the fees were too high and they could not afford it. As such, many of them voted against it.

In this next round of voting, Su Wen vowed she would put forward her support of the plan.

Days without electricity were too inconvenient, indeed..

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