Chapter 144: Don’t Laugh at Me

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“I think you’re the one who wants to go to the movies. Am I right?” Su Wen teased, amused by her younger sister’s antics.

Su Wen had no interest whatsoever in the movies currently airing. Why would she when she needed to walk a dozen miles to watch a black-and-white film in the open air? Not only was the image quality poor, but she would also have to sit through an evening full of mosquitoes out for blood. To make matters worse, those who went to these movies always arrived with their work tools. Huddled in a small space… it was unbearable!

“I don’t want to watch a movie. Movies are boring. I want to see what Big Sister is doing!” Little Sister Su exclaimed petulantly, hitting Su Wen on her shoulder with her small fists. Pounding away, Little Sister Su asked, “Big Sister, do you like this?”

Su Wen closed her eyes and said, “Hmm. Not bad. You’re being very thoughtful.”

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“Big Sister, maybe you should take a break. It’s getting dark. Let’s go to bed early in case Sun Yunyun’s family comes looking for trouble tomorrow,” Little Sister Su said, trying her best to please her older sibling.

Su Wen was speechless. If her sister lived in ancient times, she would be one of those demonic concubines that brought a country to ruin. She was the kind of concubine to bug the emperor to have her way.

“Are you afraid of the Sun family?”

“I’m not afraid. I don’t like Sun Yunyun. Hmph! She’s too annoying; if I had known, Second Sister and I would have given her a good beating the day before yesterday.” Little Sister Su clenched her fists, looking very angry.

Su Xiu exited the showers and heard Little Sister Su talking to their older sister. She inserted herself into the conversation, saying, “Big Sister, Sun Dahai suffered another big loss today. I called him shameless for wanting to take advantage of you.”

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Although Su Xiu had not ventured out all day, He Yulan had stopped by and told her about what had happened.

Su Xiu had never known He Yulan was so loquacious or so eloquent. He Yulan had been cool but polite when they talked. Su Xiu used to be allowed to call her Sister Yulan, but not anymore. He Yulan had made it abundantly clear.

Su Xiu had racked her brain all day but still could not figure out the reason for her sudden animosity.

Su Wen felt goosebumps at the mere thought of Sun Dahai’s perverted behavior. “Hah! He can continue dreaming. I’ll break his third leg if he tries something like that again.”

“How can a human have three legs? Don’t we only have two?” Little Sister Su tilted her head curiously. “When I was playing by the river, I heard the aunties talking about three-legged toads and something about two-legged men…”

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Su Xiu’s face was carefully blank, her red face sporting a crimson blush. She was a big girl. While she may not have understood everything, certain nuances were not lost, especially not in a village as small and as prone to gossip as theirs.

Su Xiu knew what her older sister was referring to, but she did not expect… No. She did not think her older sister could say such words with a straight face!

Big Sister was truly daring!

Feeling herself burning up in embarrassment, Su Xiu quickly excused herself. Su Qing had already showered and stood at the door, watching Big Sister and Little Sister Su interact. Su Xiu joined Su Qing and enjoyed the shade.

Su Wen burst into laughter upon hearing Little Sister Su’s question, dropping the piece of leather she had been working on. “Haha… I’m going to die of laughter.”

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“Big Sister, don’t laugh at me.” Little Sister Su pouted. Despite her age, she knew when someone was laughing at her. Big Sister was being mean!

“Alright, alright. I won’t laugh. I definitely won’t laugh.” Su Wen bit her cheek, doing her best to swallow her laughter. “I’ll explain it to you when you’re older.”

“Aww… Why do I have to wait to be older?” Little Sister Su whined.

Su Xiu and Su Qing shared a look. They were both left at a loss for words.

Su Qing was the first to break the awkward silence. “The watermelons are almost ripe. Sixth Sister will be back soon, won’t she?”

“Mm! It’s almost time.” Last year, Sixth Sister went to their aunt’s place to help care for her child. It was a yearly affair. As a thank you for Sixth Sister’s help, she would give her some watermelons she had grown and allowed to ripen..

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