The Whole World Thinks I’m a Woman Disguised as a Man [E-Sports]

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Vi7-8 minutes 08.08.2022

Meeting the Parents (5)

“May I have your name?”

His name?

It was the first time that Xue Lan didn’t know how to answer this simplest question – if it was revealed that he was pretending to be Duan Wenzheng’s girlfriend, wouldn’t Duan’s father remember him…

But if this can not only delay Duan Wenzheng’s time, but also prevent Duan’s father from being injured…

Xue Lan paused, and answered bravely, “Xue, Xue Lan.”

“what for?”

“…” Xue Lan was choked again, what does “Xue Lan” do? Taking a break from school to play live? In order to chase a boy, he disguised himself as a woman all the year round, and finally chased him to an e-sports club?

He felt that his whole head had grown bigger again, and he replied dryly: “I want to become a professional e-sports player, and I’m working hard.”

As soon as he finished speaking, father Duan frowned with a calm face.

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Xue Lan’s heart skipped a beat.

Although he is wearing women’s clothes at the moment, Duan Wenzheng’s father certainly does not know the original owner’s “voice flawed” nonsense. The sentence just said was relatively long. Did Duan’s father find out…

Duan Wenzheng seemed to be aware of Xue Lan’s nervousness, and his hand under the table patted the back of his hand lightly, as if to comfort him.

Duan Wenzheng was about to speak, but Duan’s father said in disapproval: “Is this the kind of game this kid is playing today? Xiaoxue is such a gentle girl, don’t lead her into trouble!”


Not only Xue Lan, but Duan Wenzheng, who originally wanted to help avoid the topic, also froze in place.

Before the two of them came back to their senses, Father Duan asked again: “What kind of game company did you join because of her?”

Xue Lan could roughly understand that the “game company” Duan Wenzheng’s father said referred to the youth training camp, but he didn’t know how to answer for a while, and it seemed wrong to say whether Duan Wenzheng went to the youth training camp because of himself or not. answer.

Xue Lan was hesitating and didn’t know how to answer, but Duan Wenzheng was eating by himself, and replied casually: “En.”

I don’t know how Duan’s father feels about this answer, but he didn’t continue the question, but instead asked, “How did you two meet? How long have you known each other?”

Hearing this, Xue Lan glanced at Duan Wenzheng beside him. If the first few questions were narrowly passed, did Duan Wenzheng really not tell his father that he was his “girlfriend”? Why does it sound intriguing?

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Xue Lan couldn’t put aside the elder’s question for too long, so he collected himself and answered politely:

“One month.”

“Half a year.”

The two voices of Xue Lan and Duan Wenzheng answered at the same time, and they both froze in place after finishing speaking.

How did Xue Lan know that Duan Wenzheng would talk nonsense about such a meeting, and was choked in place by the obvious scene of a car accident. But as soon as the two of them spoke, Duan’s father sneered “I knew it”.

“I knew how you kid could take one home so easily!” Father Duan stood up and scolded angrily, “I felt weird when I saw her!”

Xue Lan’s breath stagnates upon hearing this.

If Duan’s father had noticed from the beginning that he was a man disguised as a woman, and he was just watching them act…

He really shouldn’t do such a thing to deceive people. Now that Duan’s father has dismantled the matter of disguised as a woman in public, he will never even think about raising his head and walking in the future.

Just when he was sitting on pins and needles, Duan’s father came up behind him and looked down at him.

Under such gazes, Xue Lan felt his back suddenly soaked in cold sweat.

The loose smile on Duan Wenzheng’s lips at any time gradually disappeared, and he also stood up and put his hands on the side of the back of Xue Lan’s seat. He was about to speak when Duan’s father said sharply——

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“I just said how can such a good girl fall in love with this stinky boy! Tell me the truth, have you been tricked by you!”


Xue Lan was stunned by Duan Wenzheng’s father’s words and froze in place. For a moment, he didn’t know whether he should be thankful that his clothes hadn’t been found… or should he lament that Duan Wenzheng’s father could see at a glance that his son planned to “get away with it” and drama?

But what should he say, should he say no, he is really Duan Wenzheng’s girlfriend? Isn’t that a complete lie?

For a moment, he sat there dumbfounded and didn’t think of how to answer, so he waved his hands: “No, I…”

“Okay, he’s thin-skinned, don’t scare people away.” Duan Wenzheng’s hand that was originally propped on the back of the chair naturally fell on Xue Lan’s shoulder, and his voice was loose with a deep smile: “I haven’t chased him yet.” Here we go.”

His voice was extremely soft, but his casual words as usual made Xue Lan’s heart beat wildly.

Haven’t… caught up yet?

Didn’t he just say that there will be no one he likes and can’t catch up with?

Xue Lan lowered her head, and sighed in her heart that she really shouldn’t have temporarily softened her ears and agreed to help Duan Wenzheng, but instead of doing things well…

Duan Ke, who was about to get angry, also froze in place, and it took him a while to recover, and he glared at Duan Wenzheng with an unkind expression.

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“You little…” He stopped in the middle of cursing, turned his eyes to Xue Lan, but then slowed down his tone: “This is useless, if he dares to bully you, just tell me, and I will help you deal with him.” !”


Xue Lan looked at Duan’s father who was cold in all kinds of temptations one second, and his attitude changed sharply in the next second… It turned into a boldness that if Duan Wenzheng dared to do something out of the ordinary, he would kill his relatives for righteousness.

Xue Lan has never seen someone change his face so quickly. He was so embarrassed that he didn’t know how to answer, but Duan Wenzheng didn’t care about how he was sold. He smiled openly and said:

“I said he is thin-skinned, don’t tease him.”

“…” Who the hell is teasing him? ?

Duan’s father rolled up his sleeves and wanted to teach this bastard a lesson, Xue Lan felt even more shy, obviously he was the one who teased him most often, right? Now it seems that he is speaking uprightly for him.

Xue Lan’s face was burning hot, he stood up quickly and wanted to say that he had finished eating, but at this moment the light in the room suddenly went out, and the eyes of the three fell into darkness.

Xue Lan was taken aback, as if he had realized something, he froze in place as he wanted to leave.

He heard Duan Wenzheng’s father’s deep voice resounding in the darkness——

“Why is there a sudden power outage… I’ll go check it out.”

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