Meeting the Parents (4)

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“Captain Wen.” Duan Wenzheng still had a calm smile on his face: “This is really wronged. When did I lie to him? I just asked him to do a favor.”

“What can I help you with?” Wen Yan’s voice could not hear any ups and downs: “Help lie to your father?”

Xue Lan was awkwardly caught between the two, in a dilemma: “No, this…”

“You can’t say that… just deal with the blind date. After a while, just say that we broke up peacefully. How can this be called a lie? It’s just a white lie to prevent the family from worrying.”

Zhou Wangqing, who was at the side, couldn’t listen any longer, and rolled his eyes: “If you knew what a white lie is, I’m afraid you wouldn’t have just said that you like a man and ran away…”

Duan Wenzheng raised his eyelids, Zhou Wangqing shut up embarrassingly with that half-smile look.

“Aren’t I asking for my opinion?” Duan Wenzheng withdrew his gaze without a trace, and smiled at Xue Lan.

The two of them also had a one-night vacation because of this game. Xue Lan was still worried about the power outage, so she dragged Duan Wenzheng to the side amid Wen Yanqing’s dark complexion.

“I can help you prove that you have a… girl you like, but you haven’t caught up yet?”

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“How can it work? How can there be a girl I like but can’t catch up with?”


If the person sitting next to him was Zhou Wangqing, he might have rolled his eyes to the top of his head when he saw his appearance, but Xue Lan seemed to believe his words and nodded seriously: ” That is to say, don’t think about it for the time being?”

“If you can say that, I still need to run away from home?”

Seeing him lower his head again with a sad face, Duan Wenzheng said in a low voice: “Just a simple meal?”

In fact, Xue Lan didn’t quite understand why Duan Wenzheng was only nineteen years old, why he had to prepare for these strange blind dates so early… But he was also afraid that Duan Wenzheng’s father would fall down the stairs as in the original text, and he fell into how to solve this thorny problem again in contemplation.

After all, Xue Lan hasn’t had much interaction with others since she was a child, and such a difficult problem is really troublesome.

“But…” Xue Lan’s face flushed red: “I’m not a girl, so it’s not good to deceive people like this.”

Duan Wenzheng seemed to be seriously thinking about Xue Lan’s question, and proposed a choice: “I don’t say you are my partner, but I just say that I bring a girl home for dinner. Isn’t that a lie?”

Xue Lan was taken aback, although it was like this… But why did he feel that Duan Wenzheng’s words were so slightly wrong.

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But before Xue Lan figured out what the “wrongness” was, Duan Wenzheng looked at Xue Lan’s embarrassed face, and continued casually: “Didn’t you say you want to thank me?”

“Yes, but…” Hasn’t it been thanked several times?

Duan Wenzheng calmly walked to the side of the road and stopped a car, and squeezed into the back seat as he got into the car. In a daze, Xue Lan heard Duan Wenzheng tell the driver: “Go to the nearest shopping mall.”

“What are you doing in the mall?” Xue Lan murmured subconsciously.

Duan Wenzheng calmly said, “Take my father’s future daughter-in-law to buy clothes.”



When Xue Lan was standing in front of Duan’s house, facing the wind, Duan Wenzheng, on the other hand, looked calm and calm, pushing him to enter the door.

Xue Lan shyly pulled at the skirt that Duan Wenzheng put on under the coercion and lure, her face was flushed with embarrassment.

“Yes, or we…”

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But how could Duan Wenzheng give him a chance to go back on his word? His eyes sized up the person next to him who was eager to find a crack in the ground, his eyes lingered on the generous and simple dress on his body, and the smirk on his lips didn’t know whether it was pleasure or joking. The smile never fell more than half a point.

“The old man said that he really wanted to see you, and he sent away all the people who were supposed to be on a blind date. If I don’t see anyone, I’m afraid he will rush to the youth training camp and break my leg.”

Xue Lan seemed to have gone through a fierce struggle, and then said hesitantly: “Then stop talking nonsense, and say that your personality is not suitable after a while…”

“Understood.” Duan Wenzheng pushed him into the door: “Don’t worry, our family is very easy-going.”

“…” When he said this, did he believe it?

Duan Wenzheng’s father was sitting on the sofa reading a book in the lobby, as if he didn’t see anyone coming, and he didn’t even lift his eyelids.

Xue Lan stood still nervously, and was about to say hello neatly when Duan Wenzheng’s voice preempted her.

“Sit whatever you want, you’re welcome.”


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The corner of the mouth of the person who was sitting by the side as if he didn’t see them twitched at this moment, gritted his teeth and said in a low voice: “You think I don’t exist?!”

“Oh, where are you?” Duan Wenzheng smiled politely as if he had just discovered that there was someone else here, “Do you want to have dinner with us?”

“…” Duan Ke stood up, ignored the two of them, dropped the book and walked towards the restaurant.

Xue Lan looked at the way these two people got along so awkwardly that she didn’t know where to put her hands. For a moment, the embarrassment of seeing others overwhelmed her embarrassment in wearing this strange dress.

Although Duan Wenzheng’s father has six or seven points similar to him, his fierce aura is completely different from Duan Wenzheng’s casual and casual. He sat there quietly, making the people around him tense unconsciously.

The three of them sat down to eat at the dining table, both Xue Lan and Duan’s father tensed up, and Duan Wenzheng was the only one who looked at Xue Lan’s expression as if he was facing a formidable enemy.

I didn’t see him being a little bit nervous when he was clamoring to pick all the youth training camps by himself, but it was just a meal at the moment, which made the kid feel like he was dying heroically.

Thinking of this, Duan Wenzheng laughed involuntarily.

This untimely laughter successfully made Father Duan’s gloomy expression even worse, making Xue Lan straighten his back again nervously.

And Duan’s father’s gaze fell on him fiercely.

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