The Villain is Being Suspiciously Kind

The Villain is Being Suspiciously Kind is a popular light novel written by Doreda . The story is translated to English and covers Drama, Fantasy, Romance genres. releases the latest English translated chapters of The Villain is Being Suspiciously Kind and can be read for free.


In this story the heroine, Citrina is a transmigrator.

In the original story, the female protagonist’s sister, Citrina, worked hard like a dog for her family only to be killed by the villain.

So she decided to change the original plot, in the direction where she will befriend the villain and prevent him from blackening.

“Citrina, I will do everything you need to do.”

Good. After many failures, she was able to be acquainted with the villain. Everything’s perfectly great.

I think I already saved my life, so it’s time to leave and make money, and come back as a successful person.

“Don’t be nice… only to me.”

“I’m not nice to anyone else. ”

The villain in the novel smiled tenderly.

“I’ll only be nice to you.”

Him being kind and friendly is a little suspicious.


“Don’t ask anyone else. Use me instead.”

“I… you?”

‘Use you?’

Citrina looked at him. Then, his lips formed in a single line.

As he looked at her, Desian whispered, as if repeating to her.

“Use me however you want.”

With that, he reached out. He slowly tucked the hair that flowed down, in Citrina’s ears. His hands added color to her hair.

The hand that touched her was a little cold, it gave her chills.

“In fact…”

A soft whisper came out from Desian’s lips.

“Don’t use anyone but me.”