The man in front of him wearing purple clothes and holding a long sword in his hand was Xu Zifeng, who was in the Foundation-Building Stage. The woman in beautiful clothes with a tender and beautiful face beside him, was exactly Meng Wanqin. Now the two have joined hands and were fighting against a middle-aged man in the place from which a column of light erupted. 

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 A few meters behind the three people, there were many young men and women standing densely. All of them were puzzled and were staring with their eyes wide open. Their magic weapons were held in their hands, or were was hanging on the body. It was so dark and there was no light, so they could not use them.


 Hundreds of them were motionless, and they all didn't know what they were doing. There was no response, spiritual light also seemed to be hided from view, and it was completely without the least bit of great waves. 


 This cave was quite large, and there was still some space for those cultivators. Xu Ziqing was standing on the edge, not in the middle of the fire of war. He looked at those cultivators carefully, feeling rather strange in his heart. When he looked at the three seniors who were fighting intoxicatedly, he also found something wrong.


 He thought about how a few days ago, he saw the family patriarch Xu Zhengtian and Tian Cheng fighting in the sky from his home. With such a huge momentum, even in the Baicaoyuan, he was shocked and terrified. Now the three high-level Foundation-Building experts are fighting, but why is it far less than that time? Xu Ziqing actually felt that this battle was not as good as the fights of the Qi-Refining cultivators that he had seen on common days!


 Strange, it's really too strange.


 Xu Ziqing's cultivation was frail and weak. He couldn't figure out why was that, so he stopped thinking about it. He looked around again trying to find the trace of the Old Man He.


 He remembered that before the illusion array was triggered, he and Old Man He were still standing next to each other. How come he didn't see him now?


 Fortunately, after a short while, he found the whereabouts of the Old Man He. It turned out that the Old Man He was sitting cross-legged on the ground. The smoking pipe had long since come back to the size before it was used, and landed beside him.


 The Old Man He also looked confused, his eyes seemed to be closed, and he looked dazed. Xu Ziqing felt that something was wrong, so he quickly trotted over and pushed him with his hands.


 "Steward He, Steward He!" he called out in a hurry, "Quickly wake up!"


 Xu Ziqing remembered the behavior of those cultivators just now and what he saw before he woke up. He suddenly had a guess in his heart. Maybe everyone without exception got caught in the illusion array, so they are all bewildered and are standing motionless.


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 Thinking that Old Man He's state of mind might have been absorbed in the illusion array, Xu Ziqing used his spiritual power to chant not complicated spell, the "Heart Clearing Mantra", and directed it on Old Man He's face.


 Although the level of this magic formula is low, but it is also an incantation as its name suggests. It has the ability to clear the mind and ward off evil spirits. At this time, with Xu Ziqing's cultivation, he could only use this spell. 


 But fortunately, it was useful. After Heart Clearing Mantra was directed at Old Man He's face, he shuddered and opened his eyes. At this moment, there was fear and panic on his face. When he saw Xu Ziqing's worried face, he seemed to remember something and returned to normal.


 Old Man He was much more knowledgeable than Xu Ziqing. He only looked around to know the situation at this time. His eyes were very complicated. He glanced at Xu Ziqing and said, "Boy, you are very determined and your aspirations are firm, not bad."


 Xu Ziqing was blushing with shame: "This junior just acted before thinking."


 In fact, since this illusion array can trap so many people, how can it be easily broken? The reason why Xu Ziqing was able to free himself was only because he had died once, and he knew the feeling of being between life and death.


 Contrary to what one might have expected, he really profited from the situation. He suffered from a grave disease in his previous life. No matter how he consoled himself, he didn't know how much resentment he had accumulated in his heart. After being reborn he shouldn't care. Only in the illusion realm did he realize that this had turned into a heart demon, that usually was submerged in the depths of his heart. If he cultivates for a long time, and his skills will become more profound, then the heart demon will be in chaos, and it will be difficult to defeat it. Fortunately, he learned the location of the heart demon after this incident. He broke free, and suddenly his mind was much clearer than before. Since this day he will continue to cultivate and he will not be disturbed by this resentment !


 Old Man He didn't talk to him too much. Now that the situation was urgent, he understood it better than Xu Ziqing.


 Recalling the moment just before, he asked quickly, "Boy, how did you wake me up?"


 Xu Ziqing replied: "This junior used a Heart Clearing mantra..."


 The old man nodded slightly: "This Old Man will chant it for someone else. If you can still use a few magic techniques, then you go too." He paused at this point, "But you must first wake up the people from the Xu Family. Do you understand?" 


 Xu Ziqing was stunned for a moment, and then responded, "Yes, this junior understands."

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 This cave was very strange, and naturally the more people wake up, the better. But as a people from different families they cannot be of one mind and work together. Since they are members of the Xu family, they must think about the clan first.


 Although Xu Ziqing felt a little uneasy, in the end he knew that there was a difference between close and distant, so he acted according to what he was told. 


 So the two of them started working together, and they both chanted the Heart-Clearing Mantra in the direction the faces of the confused cultivators. This spell was really useful, anyone who received it would wake up in an instant. But after waking up, those cultivators one after another also understood clearly the situation at this moment. They were all either ashamed or angry, but they all went to rescue others.


 The three Foundation-Building cultivators were still fighting like wildfire and they seemed to be ignorant of the situation. Seeing that the Xu Family was about to be woken up, Old Man He thought about it for a while, and then flashed to the front of the three people confused fighting and used the Heart-Clearing Mantra at Xu Zifeng! No matter how much one don't want to deal with it, in such a treacherous situation, one can't let the three high-ranking people get angry!


 Xu Zifeng's cultivation is profound, and for some unknown reason, he immediately started fighting with the other two. Now it was enough to give him a little bit of assistance, and he immediately woke up.


 Almost in the next instant, Xu Zifeng swung his long sword and left the fighting group with an ugly expression on his face.


 It's just that he didn't have time to get angry at this time. It turned out that when he was awake, countless multi-colored lights lustering like gems and bright like stars in the sky suddenly floated down from the top of the cave. It could be said that nothing more beautiful than that could be imagined. 


 However, in this beautiful scenery, there was murderous intent hidden.


 The cultivator who was still in a daze was stained with a little bit of this glistering light. In a split second, the skin and flesh turned black, and the blood and flesh were corroded! The rest of the people were shocked when they saw this, but they could still move,so they all turned to avoid it. Even if it was this way, there were still people who were accidentally infected. Immediately there was wailing, miserable howling and jolts of panic all over the place. Many cultivators hurriedly used the magic weapons. The brilliance of the magic weapons circulated and released the protective aura, which was able to separate them from the glistening light.


 Xu Ziqing was also horrified and he had no magic weapon. What should be done?


 Seeing that the situation was bad, the Old Man He had already used his smoking pipe. Immediately, a flash of light filled his body, protecting him from top to bottom. He was quite careful, and stretched out his hand to pull Xu Ziqing over. The two of them were shrouded in the aura of the smoke together, so they did not suffer the same misfortune as those cultivators.


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 Xu Ziqing didn't recognize this glistering light, and seeing Old Man He's grave expression again, he couldn't help but ask, "Steward He, I dare to ask what is this thing?"


 The Old Man He shook his head: "I don't know either, but I think Young Master Zifeng knows."


 The two looked at Xu Zifeng.


 After Xu Zifeng backed away, glistering light floated down. He seemed to recognize the thing immediately, and at once the Qi of his two swords burst out. After two "swoosh", Meng Wanqin and Tian Tao also woke up, and they also turned pale with fright.  


 The three of them made their moves together. One had a dazzling sword light all over his body, the other used a red silk and stretched it in the arms, and another one had a piece of jade hanging over his head. In an instant, within five meters of where they were, there was no more spiritual light falling. 


 Xu Zifeng still looked good. When Meng Wanqin and Tian Tao saw that their outstanding clan members were enveloped by spiritual light, they both shouted sharply, jumped out together, and woke up the clan's younger generation one by one. At this moment, the three of them no longer had the mind to compete for treasures. They only wanted to protect more juniors from the clans! 


 The Xu family members were not slow to respond. Most of them had already woken up long before the glistering light fell. Although a few people reacted slowly and were injured at first, they all used magic weapons at this time, and it was all right. At this moment, they were going to "rescue by waking up " the members of two families who were not supported by experts in the Foundation Establishment Stage. Unlike the other families, they were acting in a hurry!


 Xu Zifeng didn't help, instead, he looked up and searched the inside of the cave carefully.


 He saw that the glistering light didn't show soon after and most of the other clansmen from four families were also awakened. But there were also changes in the cave!


 The top of the cavern were originally ash-gray mountain rocks, which was normal. But at this moment, a few openings were suddenly splitted open, and a little of stone surface were lifted.


 Xu Ziqing's eyes narrowed, and he immediately looked over!


 Everyone was attracted by the irregularly changing roof of the cave, and they all looked at it with their good eyesight. The surface of the rocks did not disappoint everyone. It was not only gradually peeling off more, but it also broken and turned into countless little pieces the size of copper coins. In the blink of an eye, the flat part of the top of the cave seemed to turn into a dense stone scales, and the color was so dark that it was horrifying!

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 With the eyesight of the cultivators, how can they not see that this stone scales were clearly not formed by the cracking rocks surface but a gray butterflies covering the whole top of the cave!


 At this time, a well-informed person called out: "This is a Seven-Colors Illusion Butterfly!"


 Xu Zifeng and other two Foundation Building cultivators knew about this thing long ago. But no matter what everyone was talking about, they only guarded the outstanding disciples of the clan, each using their own methods to release sword energy and use magic spells on those gray butterflies! 


 Xu Ziqing saw that those who knew the truth were panic-stricken across their whole faces, so he asked in surprise: "Steward He, what is this Seven-Colors Illusion Butterfly?"


 The Old Man He had a very ugly face: "It's a Demonic Beast that can control illusions, it's extremely tricky."


 Xu Ziqing understood those, and he no longer talked. He just watched Steward He release another strange hook-shaped magic weapon, and attacking the countless butterflies at the roof of the cave!


 Everyone worked hard to kill butterflies. Among them, Xu Zifeng was especially hardworking and killed the most of them.


 He is extremely talented, and he has suffered so much over the years to achieve this achievement. But now it is like this, he has never suffered such a big loss. As soon as he entered the cave before, he saw that the depths of the cave were filled with layers upon layers of shining treasures, which were very dazzling. The two who came in with him competed and fought together, and he naturally also had to undertake a task.


 It's just that Xu Zifeng never imagined that this cavern is not a cave dwelling with treasures at all. But contrary to expectations a lair of Seven-Colors Illusion Butterflies!


 As early as when they discovered this cave, they had already fallen into an illusion realm of the Seven-Colors Illusion Butterflies aimed against then. The so-called mountain protection array was originally an opening to the illusion realm. When they entered the cave, they went deeper, into the next layer of illusion technique of the Seven-Colors Ilusion Butterflies, which caused them to fall into the urn.


 Because Xu Zifeng and the three had the highest cultivation level, the illusion of the Seven-Colors Illusion Butterflies was mainly aimed at them. Therefore, what only the three of them saw was the wishes and desires in their hearts, the unattainable treasures. On the contrary, all the disciples who had not yet reached the Foundation Establishment Stage saw the scene from inside of their hearts that they dared not to face. As a result they were bewildered and confused. However, there are also those with firm will like Xu Ziqing, who can break free from the illusion.


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