The Random Passerby I Married is The Richest Man!

The Random Passerby I Married is The Richest Man! is a popular light novel written by 齐成琨 . The story is translated to English and covers Comedy, Josei, Romance genres. releases the latest English translated chapters of The Random Passerby I Married is The Richest Man! and can be read for free.


When Bai Zhen Zhen woke up, she had actually become the main character of your typical Mary Sue novel.

Car crash, miscarriage, amnesia… In order to fight with her for the male leads’ affection, those vicious women would stop at nothing.

Bai Zhen Zhen said: Who wants a bicycle! Only by walking the way of Buddha I can live a life free of worries till my old age!

As a result, she resolutely avoided the first, second and third male leads, and found a passerby to sign a contract marriage.

The day after obtaining the marriage certificate, shocking headlines stunned the world:
The only grandson of the world’s richest Huo family, Huo Xiang, who had been missing for 22 years, has finally been found!
Bai Zhen Zhen: Such coincidence? His name is exactly the same as yours!
Huo Xiang: Darling, it’s me.
Bai Zhen Zhen: ?

On a certain day after the marriage, Bai Zhen Zhen took out several sheets of paper from the bottom of a box. It was the noninterference agreement they had signed before getting married.

On the cover, a string of gilded bold letters almost burnt her eyes –– 《Bai Zhen Zhen x Huo Xiang’s True Love Filling 10,000 Years of Sweetness and Love Premarital Agreement》 ––

Meow meow meow???

//Male Lead’s version//

On a certain day, Huo Xiang was suddenly bound to a “Saving the female lead” system, and he transmigrated into a book with the mission of rescuing the female MC who was on the verge of experiencing a life full of suffering and torments.

Side quest 1: Find the female lead. If the mission is completed successfully, your health will be restored.

Side quest 2: Marry the female lead within a week. After the mission succeeds, a new identity will be unlocked.

Side quest 3: …..

Besides completing the side quests that pop up from time to time, he must do his best to love the female lead and let her reach 100 points of happiness.

As a result….

Huo Xiang: Darling, I have cut the fruit for you, let me feed you, ok?

Bai Zhen Zhen’s happiness points: +0.1.

Huo Xiang: Darling, the green tea b*tch2 that came to pick up a fight with you has already been driven out by me.

Bai Zhen Zhen’s happiness points: +1.

Huo Xiang: Darling, I will be busy these days, you will have to play by yourself.

Bai Zhen Zhen’s happiness points: +10.

Huo Xiang: ???