The Problematic Prince

The Problematic Prince is a popular light novel written by Solche . The story is translated to English and covers Drama, Fantasy, Josei, Mature, Mystery, Romance, Tragedy genres. releases the latest English translated chapters of The Problematic Prince and can be read for free.


Is the Royal poisonous mushroom all right?

The prodigal son of the Royal family, once a beloved Prince of Kingdom Lechen,
had to put down the crown in exchange for being the principle figure of an unparalleled scandal.
The Royal mushroom,

Björn Denyster.

As a property to the Hardy family,
she was scammed and destroyed,
and thrown to be sold into the marriage market. She was

Erna Hardy.

Today, when she was going to be sold as a wife
to either a drunkard or an irredeemable garbage,

the problematic prince, Björn Denyster
appears to be the savior.

You’re just a token, Miss Erna.
Don’t try to consume the poisonous mushroom.

Or you’ll die.