692 All You Know Is Eating

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Xue Fanxin was already very certain that the man who had asked her for porridge and the leaf must be a hidden expert. To be precise, he was an expert in trouble.

If he was not an expert, how would he know that she possessed the Tree of Life?

She hoped that this man was not an enemy.

“Your Highness, what are you doing standing outside alone?” Heiyue saw Xue Fanxin standing outside as if she was in a daze when she left the tent, which is why she asked.

“It’s nothing. I was just about to tell everyone what I obtained from investigating the rock monster. Call everyone over. I have something to say.” Xue Fanxin did not tell Heiyue what had just happened. She instructed her before returning to her tent.

Heiyue followed her orders and called everyone over to Xue Fanxin’s large tent.

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“Woman, woman, why did you call us over? Is there food?” Little Lei rushed into Xue Fanxin’s tent and shouted to eat the moment he entered. He was indeed a true glutton.

As for the little white tiger nestled in Little Lei’s arms, it was especially excited. Clearly, it was also thinking about food… This was another little foodie.

Ever since they had tasted Xue Fanxin’s porridge and dishes last time, Heiyao, Heiran, and the others had become addicted to them. Just the thought of that extreme delicacy made them salivate.

In the past, they had never had much thought about food. They did not even want to think about it and only ate a little occasionally. Especially when they were carrying out missions outside, they mostly just ate roasted beast meat when necessary.

But now, they suddenly felt that eating could actually be a beautiful thing.

They seemed to remember that the consort had once said that she wanted to treat everyone to a feast. When would they be able to eat this feast?

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“Eat, eat, eat. All you know is to eat. Be careful not to become a little fatty.” Xue Fanxin rubbed Little Lei’s head. Her feelings for this ‘brother’ were getting deeper and deeper.

Anyway, Little Lei was her younger brother.

“Tch, my stomach can eat an entire mountain. How can I become fat? Woman, woman, when will you fulfill the ten feasts you promised me?” Little Lei was depressed at the thought of his ten distant feasts.

If possible, he really wanted to finish all ten meals in one go.

“We’ll talk when I have time.”

“Then when are you free?”

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“I don’t know.”

Hearing this answer, Little Lei almost collapsed speechlessly.

Heiyao, Heiran, Heiyue, and the others had already come to the tent. Seeing that Xue Fanxin and Little Lei were chatting happily, they did not disturb them. They only spoke after Xue Fanxin was done laughing.

“Your Highness, I’ve already called everyone over.”

“Very good. Everyone, sit down. I want to tell you about the next plan,” Xue Fanxin said as she took out a tea set from her space and brewed a pot of flower tea to share with everyone.

Heiyao and the others already understood Xue Fanxin’s carefree personality, so they did not stand obediently but sat down to drink tea.

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They had already understood from Little Lei that the thing Xue Fanxin took out was definitely a good item. Even a cup of tea was not simple, so… everyone looked at the tea Xue Fanxin poured out and stared intently, afraid that their cup would be snatched away.

Others might not do such a childish thing, but Little Lei could definitely do it.

Hence, after getting the tea, it was best to drink it quickly.


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