442 Confrontation With Master Hui Zhen

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Hui Zhen looked aggressive. It seemed that she wasn’t going to let Liu Sanniang off unless she showed hard evidence to back up her words.

Liu Sanniang didn’t panic. “Master Hui Zhen, you can bring out the ingredients and I’ll prove it to you.”

When Liu Sanniang met Hui Zhen’s dark eyes, she was not afraid at all. The opportunity hadn’t arrived yet, and she couldn’t get rid of the evil source on Hui Zhen today. If she had an all-out fight with Hui Zhen right here right now, both of them would suffer greatly.

How could Su Yanyu let go of such an opportunity to get close to Liu Sanniang? He sneered at Hui Zhen. “Master Hui Zhen, why are you suddenly so quiet? Are you afraid?”

Hui Zhen’s expression was cold. She instructed the Daoist nun behind her stiffly. “Go and get it.”

She wanted to see what Liu Sanniang was going to do.

She did not believe that Liu Sanniang knew everything.

The Daoist nun nodded and left quickly.

They were all Hui Zhen’s disciples. How could they tolerate Liu Sanniang kicking up a fuss in their territory? Even if Liu Sanniang was powerful, could she be more powerful than Master Hui Zhen herself?

Hui Zhen was already in her sixties. For Liu Sanniang to challenge her would be equivalent to throwing an egg at a rock.

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Suzhai Pavilion was a vegetarian restaurant. The ingredients were seasonal vegetables, various beans, and fungi. These things were all grown by Suzhai Pavilion. A Daoist nun in a Daoist robe brought out exquisite baskets. There were a total of five baskets filled with fresh and fragrant ingredients.

Su Yanyu and the others couldn’t help but swallow their saliva. Suzhai Pavilion only served vegetable dishes, but the food tasted better than meat.

Hui Zhen’s expression darkened. “Miss Liu said that there’s something wrong with the food. Please enlighten us.”

She did not sell the ingredients to outsiders. If she wanted to sell them, many rich and powerful people would fight to buy them.

She supported the crown prince and supported the orthodox. Since Liu Sanniang wanted to go against her, she could only die!

Initially, she wanted to find an opportunity to deal with Liu Sanniang, but this opportunity came knocking on her door. If she could kill Liu Sanniang in one go, it would solve the problem.

If she could not deal with Liu Sanniang, the other sects would join hands. That way, it would be a piece of cake.

Hui Zhen looked at Liu Sanniang coldly and raised her chin proudly.

Su Yanyu looked at Hui Zhen and then at Liu Sanniang, thinking to himself. ‘This damn old witch has raised her chin so high. She’s simply looking down on us. Miss Liu, give her a lesson.’

Liu Sanniang reached out and picked up a green cabbage. She released her power to break the spiritual energy on the cabbage. Without spiritual energy, the cabbage was still green, but it began to emit a stench.

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Such a stench immediately made Su Yanyu frown and react. “What is it? It stinks.”

The lackeys beside Su Yanyu also covered their mouths and noses. “Your Lordship, it seems to be coming out of the cabbage.”

Liu Sanniang kept releasing her power. Soon, all the five baskets emitted a rotten stench.

Liu Sanniang looked at Hui Zhen. “I feel a strong presence of sin. This is what they are supposed to smell like.”

Liu Sanniang threw away the cabbage in her hand. Chu Yan took out a handkerchief and wiped her hand.

Hui Zhen’s expression was terrifyingly dark as she instructed. “Close the door.”

Liu Sanniang was stronger than she had expected.

Su Yanyu was shocked to hear that. He gritted his teeth and said, “You old witch, how dare you? I’m the son of a marquis. My father only has one son. If you dare to do anything to me, there will be no place for you in the world.”

Hui Zhen looked at Su Yanyu. His sister was a favored consort in the palace, and his status was not inferior to a prince.

Hui Zhen flashed next to Su Yanyu and reached out to tap his neck. Before Su Yanyu could burst out swearing, he fell weakly to the ground. The lackeys behind him held him up.

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They were also panicking and at a loss.

Hui Zhen did not bother to waste her breath. She tapped their necks in the blink of an eye before they fell softly to the ground.

Huizhen looked at Liu Sanniang and said coldly, “Miss Liu, I don’t want to be your enemy. If you’re willing to side with the Crown Prince and join my camp, I’ll pretend that nothing happened today.”

The doors of Suzhai Pavilion were already closed, and Liu Sanniang was trapped in there. She thought that Liu Sanniang would panic, but the young woman did not show any fear.

Liu Sanniang remained expressionless and calm. Huizhen became even more guarded. Liu Sanniang might be tougher to deal with than she thought.

Liu Sanniang looked at Su Yanyu and the others before staring back at Hui Zhen. She asked calmly. “Where did those things come from?”

What puzzled Liu Sanniang was how these ingredients filled with spiritual energy came about. These things were just ordinary vegetables, but the spiritual energy in them was bountiful.

But how was that possible?

Hui Zhen was not in the mood to explain it to her. Her eyes darkened as she bent her fingers into hooks before charging at Liu Sanniang.

Liu Sanniang didn’t dodge her. She released her power and reached out to grab Hui Zhen.

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Seeing that Liu Sanniang did not evade her attack, Hui Zhen grabbed Liu Sanniang’s shoulder.

Her five fingers were as sharp as hooks and pierced through Liu Sanniang’s shoulder, crushing her bones. At the same time, Liu Sanniang also grabbed Hui Zhen’s wrist while releasing her power to break down Hui Zhen’s powerful mental defense.

Hui Zhen frowned. “You’re courting death.”

She grabbed Liu Sanniang’s shoulder with all her might and tore it down, turning her flesh into mush.

If it was an ordinary person, they would have long let go because of such extreme pain.

However, Liu Sanniang did not. She grabbed Hui Zhen’s wrist tightly. Her expression was no longer as calm as before. Instead, she looked dignified and determined.

Hui Zhen gradually felt the majestic force, and her face became darker and darker. The pressure that was adding up was making her feel suffocated.

Hui Zhen gritted her teeth with a ferocious expression. She wanted to tear off Liu Sanniang’s shoulder. It would be best if she could tear her apart like a rag doll from head to heart.

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