The Hunter’s Gonna Lay Low

The Hunter’s Gonna Lay Low is a popular light novel written by Anonymous. The story is translated to English and covers Action, Fantasy, Shounen Ai genres. releases the latest English translated chapters of The Hunter’s Gonna Lay Low and can be read for free.



Cha Ui-jae, a hunter assigned to repair a rift in the West Sea, is thrown outward when the rift closes and wakes up in a garbage dump.

After being drawn like a zombie into a restaurant with extreme hunger, he realizes that he has fallen eight years into the future in South Korea.

An era where a disaster text tells you when and where the gates will open, ASMR videos of slime from dungeons go viral, and a leisurely hunter broadcasts package unboxings with a class-A longsword.

Unlike in the past, when the apocalypse was feared, in the peaceful future, Ui-jae feels empty. And now, instead of being a hunter, he’s going to start the second act of his life as a part-time student at a seafood restaurant?!

“Where have we met before?”

As the only part-time worker at a decades-old haejang-guk house, Ui-jae’s plans to spend the rest of his life quietly go awry when he encounters a mysterious ‘gas mask’…

Note: Haejang-guk house = hangover soup restaurant