Chapter 2511 - Chapter 2511: Sky City (2)

Chapter 2511: Sky City (2)

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Shen Yanxiao looked at Xiu in amazement. It was almost hard to imagine that this road, where the other end could be clearly seen at a glance, was enough to span both ends of the Brilliance Continent…

Just how long was this path?!

Shen Yanxiao was not the only one shocked. The expressions of several young men from Phantom were even more colorful. They were just thinking that they would soon reach the last temple and inherit the godhood of the god race, but as a result..


How long would it take them to walk such a long distance?!

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Such a long distance; God knew when they would arrive at their destination, ah!! “The gods don’t like noise by nature, so the residence of each god is far apart from one another. But the Lord God doesn’t want us to be too distant from each other, so he reduced the apparent area of Sky City through an illusion. At least it seems that we are not far apart.” Shen Siyu opened his mouth with a smile. Sky City would appear strange to any race except gods. Shen Yanxiao and the others were surprised to learn that the oddness here was normal.

“The Lord God likes doing such things. If you ask me, it would be good and convenient for us to live according to the apparent size of the illusion.” The Dragon God snorted from the side. He was lively by nature. After he became a superior god, he lived alone in a vast area for a year and couldn’t find an object or two to talk to. It was really inconvenient for him to go through a series of gates and cross mountains and rivers.

“If things were as you said, wouldn’t you be sorted out by the War God every day?” Shen Siyu raised an eyebrow and looked at the Dragon God.

The Dragon God immediately shrank his neck.

As luck would have it, the residence that the Dragon God lived in upon becoming a superior god was just right next to the War God’s place. According to the real distance, the Dragon God needed to fly for a few days to find Xiu, but if they really lived next to each other… wouldn’t he be abused everyday?

“Isn’t it inconvenient to live so far away? What if the Lord God has some matter to discuss…” Tang Nazhi wrinkled his eyebrows. He felt that the accommodation environment of the gods was very strange and not at all convenient.

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Shen Siyu answered, “Whenever the Lord God summoned us, we would be directly transported to the last temple by the divine power of the Lord God. We did not have to rush over.”

After knowing the actual area of the Sky City, no one would think that they could reach the last temple in a short time.

“Then when can we get there…” Tang Nazhi felt his calf beginning to quiver. He had never walked such a long distance before. At least there was still a carriage or something before, but now… they had nothing!

“Dragon God.” Xiu suddenly made a noise.

The Dragon God felt a shock; a foreboding siddenly enveloped his heart.

“No! Absolutely not! Even if you enslave me in other places, this is Sky City! Do you want me to fly and carry you all?! No way! I will never… ” The Dragon God jumped up almost in an instant, growling the dissatisfaction in his heart. However, in the next second, a warm and good-looking hand pressed on his shoulder…

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“No… ah… plop…”

Shen Yanxiao, Qi Xia, and the rest stood aside and silently watched an unlucky person who wanted to resist but was beaten to the ground by a great god..


“Hurts… It hurts…”

The eyes of Tang Nazhi and the others almost popped out of their sockets. It was the first time they had seen the picture of Xiu tyrannically beating up the Dragon God. It was really a horrible and pitiful sight…

It was not until a long time later that Xiu stopped.

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And the young people watching from the sidelines could no longer recognize what the unknown object that had collapsed on the ground was…

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