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I was right in sensing danger but, I didn’t expect the trap to be something this massive.

Was the room rigged with an explosion, or did Mielle’s [Hail Barrett] and the explosion combine to create this massive explosion?

………no, this is why I couldn’t sense those presences moving around like normal. They really had set up bombs around the building.

By leading the people inside by pretending to look defenceless, they were hoping to completely annihilate us with this bomb all at once probably.

If I assume that no info had leaked, I was shocked at how quickly they had set this all up but with executives of [Under Eye] involved, it makes sense that they’d at least be this capable.

Regardless, feeling glad that we avoided it even if purely on gut instinct, I pulled myself together, and moved towards the room once again to face whoever was lying within that room.

“Eh, you’re already moving again? My legs are still trembling a bit though.”

“if they run away, this will all be for nothing. If you can’t follow, you can wait here. You’ve already done what I needed you for anyway, Mielle.”

“………of course I’ll come with. With this explosion, there’s definitely going to be people coming this way. If I wait here alone, I’ll have to face them all alone.”

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“I suppoe you’re right in that waiting might be more dangerous. Then, I’ll leave the support to you. Keep an eye out for enemies that may come from behind as well.”

“Sure. Not that I expected anything else, but in the end I did get dragged into fighting after all huh.”

Mielle was still complaining but, if she can joke about it, I don’t think I’ll have to worry about her either.

Climbing the stairs one again, we quickly headed to the room from before.

The two strong presences that hadn’t moved even a bit since we entered the building, had finally moved to the room of the explosion as well.

Probably to make sure if the ‘intruder’ was dead or not——or at least I assume so.

“hmm, there’s so no corpse huh. You think he got completely annihilated by the explosion?”

“Well, that shit was a powerful bomb alright! I had tuned it such that if they were a platinum rank or above adventurer, they’d survive just about!”

As I had expected, inside the room, I could hear two voices confirming the situation.

A polite woman’s voice, and loud man’s voice, that was changing tone high and low like a madman’s.

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“……..Shit. He really is in this building after all.”

“You know who these two inside the room are?”

Mielle muttered as if she recognized these two, so I asked her to explain.

“I mean they are literally right there in front of you so I don’t really need to explain but, the man is the leader of [Under Eye] Milworc. I have only talked to him once but, that creepy voice could only be him.”

And the woman could only be Prudence, since she’s literally the only female member in [Under Eye].

I was wondering why the woman was talking in such a polite and honorific manner as well so I did expect him to be their leader but………

Mielle’s words confirm that he is infact their leader.

This was my greatest chance, but also a highly tough situation with Prudence, an executive, also there.

I could also sense the members on the lower floors starting to move, probably planning to come this way, so we really didn’t have a lot of time.

The explosion from before, and now this stinging sensation and the pressure of the situation only fired me up even more.

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“Why do you look so happy to know that the leader Milworc is here………? You’re smiling like a madman you know?”

“It’s just your imagination. Let’s enter inside, and settle this quickly. The small fries are also coming soon.”

We stopped our chatting there, and started to prepare ourselves to quickly rush in and start the battle.

Part of me wanted to at least have a chat with Prudence and Milworc as well but, I had already decided to launch attack as soon as I enter.

Giving a nod to Mielle, I unsheathed Vendettatein and rushed into  the room.

Inside the room were two people. The white haired woman that I had seen from afar——Prudence, and a man with a half completely ruined face——Milworc.

Prudence looked shocked from my sudden appearance but, Milworc, as if he expected me to show up and attack, opened his mouth wide and laughed crazily.

Our eyes met, and seeing his eerie face properly almost made me stop in my tracks unconsciously.

He was the type of guy you’d instantly avoid if you accidentally saw him in the streets. But right now, my goal was to kill him.

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Marking down their locations inside my head, I activated [Hearing Enhancement] and [Sound Wave detection].

And then, after getting ready to hear their positions——I activated [Black mist].

The smoke from the explosion was already still in the room, but now the jet black mist completely covered the room.

This move of mine was almost a sure-kill against people who aren’t prepared for it.

In terms of life presence, Prudence was actually higher but, I knew that Milworc was the real danger.

With my aim set at him, I swiftly moved through the black mist and circled behind him.

And then swung Vendettatein with the intensity to chop his head off but——as if he could totally see through my moves, he ducked down to dodge my attack, and not just that, he even countered back with his dagger as well.

How could he so perfectly know my position even though I could only keep track of him through my hearing skills?

His attack was so perfect that this question popped in my head as I dodged Milworc’s attack, meanwhile Prudence quickly used Wind magic to deal with the black mist.

The black mist was instantly blown away——-and my sure-kill ambush strategy ended in complete failure.

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