Breaking In

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Alexandra made no further response to the guardsmen, and simply continued to glare at them.

Until the signal came, I also didn’t say anything, and just readied myself to move in a moment’s notice.

“Aww, why did you go quiet? If you wanna play with us, I want to hear it with your mouth. Being a knight must be a hard job, when was the last time you actually played——-“

The moment one of the guardsmen put his hand around Alexandra shoulder.

She grabbed the man’s arm, and then hurled him into the ground while twisting it.

The man’s arm got twisted into a direction that was not natural, and the 2m tall man was very easily spun in the air and blasted away.

As the men around the entrance began to shout and scream, I focused only on Alexandra’s movement——and the moment she gave the ‘go’ sign, I ran right past the men and infiltrated the black market.

“Ralf, Esta, follow me.”

“Don’t worry! We’re right behind ya!”

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“……….Well that was a forceful way to do it.”

Some of the other guards tried to run after us to catch us but, as soon as they showed their backs, the royal knights jumped on them from behind, and in matter of minutes the entrance to the black market had been subjugated without a single casualty.

Hearing the commotion, more men began to gather at the entrance but, we left this place to the Royal knights to handle and headed straight towards the [Under Eye] base.

Following after us, Alexandra and half her squad also burst in. Even with her squad being split, it was all done perfectly………

No, even the squad getting split was part of her original plan as she had already told me, so it was better to say that she had left half the squad to handle the entrance.

She made it look like a coincidental accident but, this was all according to Alexandra’s plan.

As expected of a commander of a Royal Knights squad, these kinds of diversion tactics were her bread and butter.

While feeling impressed with her movements, we ran through the still pretty empty black market in a straight line towards the base.

While I was being cautious to not go ahead to far in front from the royal knights, I was experienced with running through the dense forests at full speed meanwhile, Ralf and Esta were used to running through crowded cities as ex-thieves, so we three were exceptionally fast.

While it felt a bit strange, we forced ourselves to move slower, and tried to match the speed of the royal knights instead. While leading the group, I finally led everyone to the area with the cluster of tall buildings that I had found before.

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As before, there were no guards or lookouts around the buildings, and it seemed even quieter than last time but…….when I used my detection skills, I could very easily sense a bunch of strong presences inside the building.

“Chris-san, are [Under Eye] inside these buildings?”

“Yeah. I used my detection skills again to check, and there’s no doubt about it.”

Then, I tried to sense for the strongest presence and this time, inside the building I saw the white haired woman, I sensed two different very strong presences.

Not just Prudence, there was someone with the same level of presence inside with her.

Was it another executive or had Charlotte pulled some string perfectly, and had gotten Milworc himself to be here in this moment?

In either case, this was a golden opportunity.

Also, this is a bit unrelated but………although I was doubting myself, in the building where I saw the white haired woman, the roof most certainly had a green coloured cloth hanging from it. Seeing that filled with both relief and confidence.

“Detection? How the hell would you know for sure that [Under Eye] is tin these buildings!?”

“I can tell. If you can’t, then shut up and listen to what people say.”

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“What did you just say to me!? I am a royal knight you know!? Just cause you’re close with the princess doesn’t mean some commoner can——“

“BRUCE! We are in front of an enemy base. Enough with your nonsense………..I will not warn you again.”

“M- my deepest apologies ma’am!”

Alexandra’s chilly voice sent shivers down Bruce’s spine.

“So, what’s the plan? Princess Charlotte had ordered us to support you Chris-san so, we’ll follow your strategy here.”

“Then, we’ll take the two buildings on the inner side. The royal knights will subjugate the building on the front right.”

“Eh? Just the three of you will attack two whole buildings by yourself?”

“In the first place, while your numbers are high, I’m really only counting Alexandra you, and Gilmour………and I guess that Bruce guy as the only real combatants.”

“In that case……….very well. Us royal knights will subjugate the building on the front right as asked.”

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“——-Ah, actually, Mind if I borrow just one of your people?………Mielle, just because you’re hiding in the back of the squad doesn’t mean I don’t see you. You’re coming with me to help.”

Until now, she hadn’t said anything and was trying her best to remain invisible hoping everyone will forget about her but of course, I didn’t and called out to Mielle to come and help me.

Her expression twisted from the realization that she had been caught but, she knew that there was no point in resisting so she obediently came out to the front.

“Why always me? I don’t like all these desperate battle you know. Just let me stay on standby in the back dammit.”

“Didn’t Charlotte tell you to help me? I more or less know your abilities so you won’t at least get in my way. Which is why you’re coming with me to help.”

“I’ll request you as well. If it’s four people taking on two buildings, I’ll feel a bit more relaxed as well.”

“……….Fine. But if you ask me to play vanguard, I won’t do it even if I die okay?”

With even Alexandra asking her to help, Mielle reluctantly agreed to come with me.

With Mielle coming with me, I can use her help to deal with any unforeseen trouble that may occur.

Now that the plan of action was set, all that’s left is to attack and subjugate the [Under Eye] base.

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