Idol, You’re Acting OOC – Intimacy is Prohibited in the Group (27)

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“Shijin-ge? You have time to call me?” Tao Qinghong was very excited to receive Lu Shijin’s call.

“I have a break today, so I wanted to hang out.” Lu Shijin asked, “Where are you? Do you have time?”

“Of course, but you have to wait a bit, I need to take care of this first.”

There was a lot of background noise from Tao Qinghong, as if he was outside, at some event.

“What is it? If it’s ending soon, then I could also find you.” Lu Shijin said.

“Okay, then come to Century Square . . .” Before Tao Qinghong could finish his words, there was suddenly a bunch of screaming from his side, “Luo Yining, I love you! Luo Yining, I love you so much!!!”

Loud screams came from the other side, which almost made Lu Shijin deaf. He hurriedly moved his phone away from his year.

“Who’s Luo Yining?” Lu Shijin asked Xu Yifan.

Xu Yifan had to think about who this was, “A new single who recently came out of a talent show, he’s been famous recently.

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Lu Shijin: . . . So he got into another fandom???

The heart of an idol fan changes so quickly, changing their minds faster than a three-year-old!

“This is too much.” Lu Shijin muttered to himself, “How many fandoms is he in?”

Xu Yifan asked caringly at Lu Shijin’s face of confusion, “What’s wrong?”

Lu Shijin hung up, sighing, “Nothing, it seems like my friend can’t leave, I’ll check where this Luo Yining is currently having an event, we can go over.”

Lu Shijin skillfully navigated to Luo Yining’s supertopic and saw where he currently was.

Luo Yining had a signing event at Century Square today, and fans swarmed that place, so much so it seemed like not even a drop of water could fall through.

Coincidentally, Lu Shijin saw a wide figure amongst the crowd of skinny girls.

It was Tao Qinghong.

Tao Qinghong was tall and stood out a lot when he raised up a Luo Yining sign so high.

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Could this be it?

Century Square wasn’t far from Lu Shijin and Xu Yifan’s current position. It would only take them about fifteen minutes to walk there, so they didn’t call a taxi and decided to walk over.

As he walked, Lu Shijin talked to 711 in his mind.

“Convenience store, How’s the plot progression and audience satisfaction?”

“The plot has progressed 50%, the audience satisfaction is at 60%.”

“Already 60?”

“Yeah, I didn’t expect it either, but they seem to really like seeing the fatty chase after a star. Especially when he was obsessed with your CP, the satisfaction meter would rise constantly. The audience really liked his videos. But after he realized you and Xu Yifan weren’t real, he changed his focus, and the satisfaction meter also stopped rising.”

Lu Shijin couldn’t help but sigh. “Different worlds, but same kind of fans.”

711 had already been through two worlds with Lu Shijin and had complete trust Lu Shijin’s ability to fix the plot, so he wasn’t too worried.

“Host, what do you plan to do next?”

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“What else, of course I’m going to help him find success in chasing idols. Although, I’m not that anxious.”


“As long as he doesn’t succeed, my task won’t be completed. As long as my task isn’t complete, I can stay here for as long as I want, with Xu Yifan. Why wouldn’t I be happy about that?”

“. . . So that’s what you’re planning.”

Lu Shijin said matter-of-factly, “Yeah. Plus, you can’t get fat in an instant, and this is a 250 kilogram fatty we’re talking about. It’s unrealistic to expect him to become skinny in a day.”

“. . . You weren’t like this in the beginning! You even wanted to cheat and instantly make Tao Qinghong skinny!”

Lu Shijin laughed, “That’s because I didn’t know Xu Yifan was my little prince!”

711 snorted. “And you called Tao Qinghong fickle, you’re not much better.”

“You’re wrong. I’m the most loyal. See, before I realized Xu Yifan had the tooth marks on his shoulder, I still liked him. It means that I only like him, no matter how he is. It’s fate! I’m not like Tao Qinghong, liking everyone I see.”

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They arrived at Century Square and went to a quiet cafe to wait for Tao Qinghong to come.

After half an hour, the event finally finished and Tao Qinghong came into the shop sweating buckets as he sat down across from Lu Shijin.

When he sat down, Lu Shijin didn’t even have time to greet Tao Qinghong before he called a waiter over.

“A cup of iced coffee, a piece of chocolate mousse cake, and a serving of smoked pork sandwich and lemon shrimp . . .” Tao Qinghong listed off a bunch of orders and looked at Lu Shijin, “Ge, you want anything?”

Lu Shijin hurriedly waved his hands, “No need, but can you finish this many?”

Tao Qinghong gave the menu back to the server and smiled awkwardly, “Ge, it takes physical energy to chase after an idol. To attend this signing event, I had to line up before eating breakfast. Right now, I’m so hungry I could eat a horse.”

He looked at Tao Qinghong’s wide body and felt his head hurt, “Taotao, do you remember losing weight?”

Tao Qinghong said seriously, “I do want to, but I don’t have any motivation. Before, I lost weight because I had YiLu with You. But now that you guys split up, I don’t have anything to motivate me.”

“. . . So it’s my fault?”

“Of course not, I know that melons aren’t sweet if they’re forced. That’s why I have someone else now!” Tao Qinghong took out Luo Yining’s signed poster for Lu Shijin to see, “He’s Luo Yining, super handsome and great and singing. He gave me a new direction in life when I was at my lowest! He even shook my hand! I’ve decided to not wash my hands for three days, no, a week!”

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