Idol, You’re Acting OOC – Intimacy is Prohibited in the Group (26)

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“Will you or will you not?” Lu Shijin moved his feet, becoming more and more bold. “I’ll feed you at night, you’ll feed me in the morning, that’s fair, no?”

“Are you sure I’m not the one feeding you at night?” Xu Yifan asked without a change in expression, “I’ve never been completely satisfied, thank you very much.”

“Cough, cough . . .” Lu Shijin choked on his milk, feeling insulted.

“I made an extra, do any of you want another—” He Yang came out of the kitchen and paused before he could finish his sentence.

He had a perfect view of what was happening under the table, and the word ‘one’ got stuck in his throat.

Shit, are they already that bold?

It’s the dining table! Public place! Are they already doing stuff in public?!

Are they acting like I don’t exist!

Xu Yifan didn’t panic at being caught and calmly opened his legs. Lu Shijin immediately brought his foot back and into his slippers, sitting there properly like nothing had happened.

He Yang suddenly remembered the lyrics, “I should not be in the car but under the car, look how sweet they are.”

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He silently went to the other end of the table, eating his sandwich as far as possible from the two.

After being stuffed a mouthful of dog food, his fresh sandwich didn’t seem so good anymore.

“Uh, Yang-ge, when’s practice starting? Want to go together?” Lu Shijin couldn’t ignore He Yang’s lonely figure and asked.

“We have no practice today, the dancing coach was in a car accident.”

“. . . Then is there anything to do today? I don’t remember any other activities scheduled.”

“Shen-ge just called, we have a break today.”

Lu Shijin suddenly realized, “No wonder no one else is here!”

He Yang said, “They went shopping.”

“Why didn’t you go with them?”

“I didn’t have anything I wanted to buy, and I was too lazy.”

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“Do you have any plans?” Lu Shijin turned to Xu Yifan, excitedly suggesting, “Why don’t we go out together?”


“Are you guys also going?” He Yang complained, “Then won’t I be the only one here?”

Lu Shijin smiled, “Isn’t it nice to be by yourself though? You can do whatever you want!”

He Yang joked, “Haha, happiness belongs to others, only loneliness is for me. Go, go, go, just leave my lonely self here to look after the house.”

After breakfast, Lu Shijin and Xu Yifan changed, putting on hats and masks, before leaving.

STORM was already pretty well-known, often on the hot search and entertainment articles. Many people recognized their faces.

But as long as they didn’t go anywhere with a lot of people, it didn’t matter if a few people recognized them.

They called for a taxi and went to the backseat. Xu Yifan asked Lu Shijin, “Where are we going?”

“To see a friend.” Lu Shijin told the driver the address and lowered his voice to talk to Xu Yifan mysteriously, “Didn’t I tell you about my friend who really likes you? I promised to bring you to meet him sometime, and he just finished his college exams. Since we have a free day today, I hope you don’t mind going to see him?”

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Xu Yifan showed his skepticism, “You actually had a friend like that?”

“Of course.” Lu Shijin was confused, “I’ve told you about him many times, including wanting your signature and photograph, he’s the friend who wanted them.”

“I always thought that your friend was yourself.”

Lu Shijin was puzzled, “. . . Why?”

Xu Yifan unnaturally coughed, “Nothing, I just overthought.”

“. . . Did you think that I was the one who wanted your signature and photos?! Why would I want them?”

“Because you like me.” Xu Yifan replied jokingly, “Right?”

Lu Shijin refused to admit anything, “It is true right now, but I really didn’t feel that way toward you back then.”

“I know.” Xu Yifan was very calm, “I thought you were a philanderer who would like anyone he saw. You kept using excuses to get close to me, while also trying to string on He Yang.”

Lu Shijin was speechless, was he like that in Xu Yifan’s eyes?

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Lu Shijin indignantly pushed him, “You’re the philanderer! Your entire family are philanderers! Tonight, you are sleeping on the floor!”

“Sure, as long as your back won’t hurt from the floor, we can sleep there.”

“I said you’re sleeping on the floor, not me!” Lu Shijin roared.

Xu Yifan raised an eyebrow, “No way, you sleep wherever I sleep.”

When the driver heard their couple’s argument, his old man self couldn’t help but be embarrassed.

Sheesh, young people these days are too wild, they dare say anything outside.

He couldn’t help but cough to remind them that there was someone else in the car, so they should act more lowkey.

But he found that there was no point. They were completely immersed in their own world.

When they arrived at their destination and got off, Lu Shijin called Tao Qinghong.

Tao Qinghong had just finished his college examinations, and was under no more pressure to study, so he was partying every day.

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