Idol, You’re Acting OOC – Intimacy is Prohibited in the Group (25)

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Lately, the other members of STORM realized that Lu Shijin and Xu Yifan’s relationship, which seemed practically glacial, had gone back to what it was before.

No, it was even more intimate than before.

Xu Yifan was obsessed with cleanliness, and would definitely not touch what other people had touched.

But when Lu Shijin bit into an apple and thought it was too sour, giving it to Xu Yifan, he would actually finish it without saying a word!

And, they would often see Lu Shijin leaving Xu Yifan’s room in the morning!

And, and! When He Yang woke up at night, he would often hear weird noises from Xu Yifan’s room.

Who hadn’t watched those kinds of videos. He Yang originally thought that Xu Yifan forgot to use headphones.

He only realized the truth when he saw Lu Shijin leave Xu Yifan’s room in Xu Yifan’s t-shirt.

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And! There were unmistakable marks on Lu Shijin’s collarbones!

“Xiao-Lu, morning~” He Yang looked at the pink marks and paused, “Why do you keep on sleeping in Fan-ge’s room?”

“Morning, Yang-ge.” Lu Shijin stretched lazily, his t-shirt going up, revealing a youthful, slender waist. There were many bruises on it, seemingly caused by a forceful hand.

He Yang’s temples throbbed. Fuck, so intense.

Lu Shijin yawned and said, “My bed broke, so I’ve been squishing in with Fan-ge for the past couple of days.”

He Yang laughed awkwardly, thinking, You think I’d believe that you’d get so many kiss marks from sharing a bed? Do you think I’m three years old?

“Xiao Lu.” He Yang was older than Lu Shijin by two years and thought of him as a younger brother, so he advised, “I know that most men our age are very vigorous, so it’s normal to want to do those things, but you should pay attention to moderation.”

“Moderation? I’m very moderate.” Lu Shijin shrugged.

He clearly knew what moderation was, the one who didn’t was Xu Yifan, okay?

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Thankfully, he begged for him to stop last night. Otherwise, if they did it a third time, he definitely wouldn’t have been able to practice today.

“Breakfast.” Xu Yifan came out of the kitchen with a plate. There were two sandwiches on it.

Well, it seemed that the man who had enough to eat last night knew how to reciprocate, making breakfast for him.

Due to the fact that there was someone else, Lu Shijin had to resist the urge to kiss Xu Yifan, and said, “Thank you, Fan-ge” in a very proper manner.

Lu Shijin gave Xu Yifan a look. “I’ll go brush my teeth and wash my face first.”

He Yang was so shocked his eyeballs were about to fall out. Did the sun rise from the west?

Xu Yifan would never go into somewhere as dirty as a kitchen, full of oil and smoke.

Ever since they came to these dorms, He Yang had never seen Xu Yifan enter the kitchen.

But he actually went in today, and even made breakfast for Lu Shijin?!

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“Fan-ge, only him?” He Yang asked, “We’re all teammates, why’d you only make one for Xiao Lu? Don’t I get one?”

Xu Yifan gave Lu Shijin a glass of milk, and himself a cup of coffee, and replied without even looking at He Yang, “No.”

“This is discrimination, sexual descrimination!” He Yang shook his head emotionally, and silently corrected himself, No, it’s not descrimination, it’s bias!

Lu Shijin came back and saw that there were still only two sandwiches and asked, “Only two? Is there nothing for Yang-ge?”

He Yang agreed sourly, “Yeah, Xiao Lu, Fan-ge is too biased, only making it for you. I can only smell the delicious scent.”

Xu Yifan took a sip of coffee and said expressionlessly, “There’s more bread in the kitchen, you can make some yourself.”

Lu Shijin blinked, realizing that Xu Yifan was still jealous of He Yang from before.

If he were to agree with He Yang now, it would make him even worse, so Lu Shijin decided to clearly express his stance, “Yeah, Yang-ge, you can make your own if you want to eat. It’s really easy to make sandwiches, you just toast the bread, and fry an egg and bacon, and just put them together.”

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Xu Yifan glanced at Lu Shijin approvingly.

What else could He Yang do without anyone supporting him? He could only lament about the coldness of the world and enter the kitchen to cook for himself.

Lu Shijin took a bite of the sandwich and praised, “Woah, it tastes great, Fan-ge, you’re not bad at cooking.”

“Compared to you, I can only make the simplest things.”

“It’s fine if it’s simple, the most important thing is heart.” Lu Shijin’s foot wandered and he nudged the area between Xu Yifan’s thighs as he said in a low voice, “Will hubby cook for me everyday? I have to work so hard at night, shouldn’t you give me a reward?”

Xu Yifan captured Lu Shijin’s foot between his thighs and didn’t release it. Lu Shijin stared at him, not understanding what he was going to do.

Based on Xu Yifan’s expression, no one would be able to tell what was happening under the table.

“Work?” Xu Yifan smirked, saying disdainfully, “When I let you on top, you start yelling about how you have no strength left after a couple movements, how do you work?”

Fuck. Lu Shijin’s ears were burning. It’s morning, why are you saying such things?

Being embarrassed after trying to embarrass Xu Yifan was underestimating him, what ice cube, his coldness was just a facade!

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