The Crippled Boss Loves Me

Chapter 617: 617

617 So Scary

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‘How nice. How could Mrs. Ji be so confident? It is as if nothing in this world can trouble her. How did she make her choice so calmly? How could she still shine when she came from the slums? Is she never afraid of failure? Did she ever feel inferior and embarrassed? Did she have this courage after marrying President Ji? Is it because of the support from Ji family? Can I ever become such a person? She is so beautiful and charming.’ Qiao Xi thought to herself while crying.

She looked at Shen Hanxing and thanked her with a choked voice, “Thank you, Mrs. Ji. I owe it to you.” She had yet to find out what to do, but she had a vague feeling that this was an important turning point in her life. Perhaps from this moment on, a new world would open up to her. She would welcome a different future.

“Silly girl,” Shen Hanxing’s smile widened as she handed her a tissue. “It is a good thing, why are you crying? Hurry up and wipe your tears.”

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Qiao Xi was crying and smiling at the same time, as she wiped her tears.

“Madam.” Ji Yan who had kept silent all this while suddenly spoke. He put down his phone and said, “You should pay more attention lately. Watch out for Shen family’s desperate actions.”

Qiao Xi’s body stiffened. Only then did she realize that Ji Yan had been sitting next to her the whole time. Did he see her embarrassing state just now? A distinguished person like him must not enjoy the scene, right? He would think that she was very useless, right? Qiao Xi couldn’t explain the embarrassment that filled her heart. Her face first blushed, then it turned into a miserable pale. She couldn’t help but bite her lips and curse at herself. What the hell was she doing? Why was it so embarrassing? She wanted to do better, but she was always so lousy. Why couldn’t she do anything well? She wanted to give up on herself. Closing her eyes, she felt ashamed.

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“Mrs. Ji.” Qiao Xi forced a smile and whispered, “I’m going to wash my face. It’s time to bring the old lady for a walk. I’ll make a move.” She did not dare to look at Ji Yan. She was afraid of seeing the disdain and contempt in his eyes. She could only say goodbye while keeping her head lowered.

Shen Hanxing frowned slightly when she saw Qiao Xi’s reaction. “Alright,” she continued after a pause, “Don’t overthink. Get ready in the next two days. I’ll take you to the Starry Foundation.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Ji. I’ll get ready.” Qiao Xi tried her best to maintain her smile as she nodded, “I’ll get busy then.” After a moment of hesitation, she turned slightly and lowered her head further. “Goodbye, Mr. Ji.” After she finished speaking, she ran away quickly.

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“You’re so timid.” Shen Hanxing felt speechless. She turned around and lifted Ji Yan’s chin. She sized him up like a young master who was teasing a woman. She smiled and said, “Boy, you look extremely handsome. Why are you so scary?” Look at how scared Qiao Xi was every time she saw him.

“Madam, don’t mess around.” A familiar sense of helplessness was shown in Ji Yan’s eyes. He grabbed Shen Hanxing’s hand and kissed it.

“Mr. Ji, you’re so handsome. Why is Qiao Xi afraid of you?” Shen Hanxing chuckled and sat down beside Ji Yan. She shrugged helplessly. “Every time she sees you, she acts like a mouse seeing a cat.” She couldn’t even finish her words.

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Ji Yan didn’t reply. He looked up in the direction where Qiao Xi was headed. He said after a while, “It’s good to be afraid.”

What the heck? Shen Hanxing was speechless. She pinched Ji Yan’s cheek gently. “Mr. Ji, why don’t you care about your image? How are you going to build a good relationship with others in the business world if you keep such a cold face?” Speaking of which, Ji Yan’s face did not feel great to touch. He had been working out for a long time and had a good figure. His jawlines were sharp and his cheeks were sunken, so it was hard to pinch.

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