Cherry Red and Lychee Fragrance (14)

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Hearing this, she couldn’t help but think of the famous saying “Da Lang, drink the medicine.”

Li Ruo Shui stepped off the swing with soft legs. She straightened her messy hair and skirt and walked to the table.

As soon as she got close, she smelled a stench that hit her soul. It reeked of rotten mud and fish that had been stinking for days.

It smelled so bad that she was a bit dazed.

Li Ruo Shui frowned and was ready to lift the bowl to drink it in one gulp, but Lu Zhi Yao stopped her.

“This medicine is strong, so you have to drink it one sip at a time.”

Li Ruo Shui recalled the pain of the poison. She looked at the basket of cherries on the table and promptly sat down on the stone chair.

“Although you may be lying, come on!”

Her hand reaching for the porcelain bowl was once again stopped. Lu Zhi Yao smiled without saying anything, his fingertips gently tapping the bowl as if hinting at something.

Li Ruo Shui loosened her shoulders, her face full of helplessness: “Does it have to be like this?”

Lu Zhi Yao froze for a moment, raised his eyebrows, and smiled. “You know what I mean?”

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“You just want to see me in pain, right?” Li Ruo Shui pulled aside the cherries to get ready. “You feed me the medicine.”

Lu Zhi Yao could not suppress a smile. The corners of his eyes and eyebrows were soft. Even the early spring light was not as bright as him.

Lu Zhi Yao stirred the medicine with an unbelievably gentle expression. He couldn’t help but sigh in a low voice.

“I want to be a puppet like you.”

Li Ruo Shui held his wrist and grabbed the string of white jade Buddha beads that collided with a few crunching sounds.

“Puppets are no better than real people.”

What if the puppet person he made wasn’t to his liking and he directly set his mind on turning her into a puppet?

He was definitely the type to do that.

“Let’s drink the medicine first.” It’s better to divert his attention for now.

Lu Zhi Yao smiled as he scooped up a spoonful of medicine and passed it to her mouth, saying softly: “You can’t spit it out.”

Li Ruo Shui took a deep breath, opened her mouth, and drank the black medicinal juice. Her face wrinkled instantly, and she squeezed the Buddha beads on Lu Zhi Yao’s wrist.

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This medicine was sour, bitter, and numb. It also had a spicy taste. The taste was so strong that she could only swallow it quickly and then immediately put a cherry in her mouth.

“This is too hard to drink.”

Drinking medicine one mouthful at a time— it was not medicine but punishment.


The next mouthful of hot medicine cooled a bit before being passed to her lips again. Just by smelling it, she could feel a burst of bitterness in her mouth.

Li Ruo Shui frowned and drank it. There was still some sweet and sour taste of cherries in her mouth, but now there was nothing left.

She was a little glad at this moment that Lu Zhi Yao could not see her face that was distorted by the bitterness.

“Come again.”

The cherries no longer worked. Li Ruo Shui’s tongue was numb to the point where only the bitter taste remained.

“Must I drink it one sip at a time?”

Li Ruo Shui hoped that he would find his conscience and stop when he had had enough fun.

“I’m not as cunning as you are. This is indeed the truth.”

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Lu Zhi Yao blew the medicine in the spoon, looking very considerate, and brought it to her lips.

“You can drink it all in one gulp. I don’t mind seeing you jumping into the well because of the heat.”

After sighing, Li Ruo Shui slowly drank the medicine one mouthful after another without further complaints or delays.

Lu Zhi Yao was in a good mood to feed the medicine and let her grab the Buddha beads on his wrist.

He often heard people say that the greatest joy of raising a cat was teasing and feeding it. Teasing was indeed interesting, but he didn’t expect feeding would be this fun.

This feeling of clinginess was very pleasurable.

But the most important thing was that Li Ruo Shui was well-behaved.

“There is only a little left.”

Li Ruo Shui stopped his movements and drank the last bit of medicine in the bowl by herself.

Only after drinking the medicine did Li Ruo Shui know that what he said was true because she did feel a little hot now, but fortunately the weather was still cool in April, so she would not feel uncomfortably hot.

“Finally relieved.”

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She leaned on the table. Her eyes were empty. She had spent a lot of energy just enduring the smell and bitterness.

Lu Zhi Yao touched the Buddha beads that had been held and warmed up, moved his toes slightly, and the swing behind him was pulled to sway again.

“Want to play?”

Li Ruo Shui, who was slightly feverish from drinking the medicine, raised her eyes to look at him while fanning her face.

“It’s so boring, do you want to go swimming with me tomorrow at North Mountain?”

The swing behind him stopped abruptly. Lu Zhi Yao lowered his eyebrows and smiled: “You still remember?”

“How can I forget what I promised you?” Li Ruo Shui picked a cherry and gave it to him: “Bring this to eat tomorrow, I’ll teach you how to swim.”

Lu Zhi Yao took the cherry and put the red fruit in his mouth to taste.

As the tender red skin was broken, the sweet and sour juice danced on the tip of the tongue, and the soft flesh grinded between the lips and teeth.

He unconsciously pulled the silver wire between his fingers, strangling all ten fingers with red marks, trying to suppress the inexplicable throbbing at the moment.

“When will you go tomorrow?”

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