Cherry Red and Lychee Fragrance (13)

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“You lied to me, right? How could you throw it away?”

The afternoon sun was bright and hot, warming the streets of Cangzhou.

It was only April, yet it was already warming up.

A man and a woman were walking in the middle of the market in Cangzhou, the blind man in white on the left, walking slowly, and the young girl in a goose-yellow jacket on the right, holding a basket of bright red cherries in her arms.

“There’s only a few days left until the middle of the month. Did you really throw it away?”

Li Ruo Shui was so anxious. She would have shaken him by his collar by now if she could beat him.

“You didn’t like it.” Lu Zhi Yao sighed quietly, looking regretful.

Li Ruo Shui felt very tired.

She certainly didn’t believe that Lu Zhi Yao threw away the herbs, and she also knew what he was waiting for.

People can bend and stretch, their mouths don’t match their hearts, and words don’t mean anything, so…

“Please, give me the medicine.”

Li Ruo Shui looked at the pedestrians around her. She walked with her chest and her head up as she mumbled her words aloud.

Lu Zhi Yao heard what he wanted to hear, and the corners of his lips raised uncontrollably. He smiled like a spring breeze.

“I didn’t hear it clearly.”

The tight feeling in his chest he felt this morning dissipated at this moment.

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What the doctor said was a bit wrong. If he wanted to stop this throbbing, he shouldn’t listen to books, he should listen more to Li Ruo Shui begging him.


Lu Zhi Yao couldn’t help being in a good mood, and his tone became a little energetic.

“But I don’t want to listen to you begging me.”


Li Ruo Shui stared at him with wide eyes. She really wanted to smash this basket of cherries on his face.

“Fire grass is difficult to make into medicine, how about I help you?”

The raised basket stopped in mid-air. Although she had a bad feeling, Li Ruo Shui could not really tell what it was.

“What do you mean?”

“I’ll cook the medicine for you.”

Li Ruo Shui:……

Do you think I believe it?

The two of them talked to each other until they reached the door of Zheng Mansion, and then they walked in naturally.

Ever since knowing that the ghost hunting matter depended solely on Lu Zhi Yao, the Zheng Mansion not only listed him as a regular guest, they even wanted to recruit him into the residence, but they were all rejected.

“We enter the residence too naturally.” Li Ruo Shui silently spat out a sentence.

The people who didn’t know might have thought that Zheng Mansion was their home.

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Lu Zhi Yao was silent for a moment and said softly: “Aren’t you the young lady of the Zheng Mansion?”

Li Ruo Shui:……

How come there was a strange atmosphere?


Although Zheng Yan Qing’s small courtyard was cold and quiet, it had all the things one should have, such as a small kitchen located in the southeast corner.

Lu Zhi Yao had prepared the antidote by himself in the past, so he was already familiar with brewing the medicine.

“The fire grass is always hot, so it’s important to control the temperature when cooking.”

The two of them moved the small stove to the courtyard, put the grinded herbs in it, and slowly fanned the fire.

Li Ruo Shui sat on the swing beside him and swayed around to look at him.

“How did you get the herbal medicine last night?”

Lu Zhi Yao fanned the bushel fan, tested the temperature with the other hand across the medicine pot, and pondered for a moment before replying to her.

“It was very dark inside, full of hidden weapons everywhere, and very dangerous.”

Li Ruo Shui swayed on the swing thoughtfully but did not reply.

“There were a lot of herbs in the dark room, but I couldn’t see them. I can only smell them one by one to distinguish them. Although it hurt my nose, I finally found the fire grass.”

Lu Zhi Yao’s tone was soft and melodious. Anyone who heard it would be somewhat touched.

But Li Ruo Shui did not have this idea at all and even felt a little strange.

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“You are not pretending to be pitiful, right?”

The medicinal juice on the stove gurgled and bubbled, wafting out a bitter medicinal smell, covering up a soft sigh from Lu Zhi Yao.

“I’m not pretending.” Lu Zhi Yao turned his head. “Isn’t it really pathetic?”

Although this word had been said too many times today, she still wanted to say them at this point.


Li Ruo Shui mouthed the word silently.

Lu Zhi Yao chuckled, casually pulled out a silver wire to wrap around the swing, and slowly pulled it up.

Li Ruo Shui hurriedly held onto the ropes on both sides. Looking at the increasingly high distance, she stuttered.

“What are you doing?! I didn’t say anything bad about you!”

She regretted it as soon as the words came out. How could she confess herself?!

Lu Zhi Yao’s hand force did not reduce. His drooping eyelashes were slightly curved, and he was in a good mood.

“Next time you say something bad, just keep it in your heart. Even if you just move your lips, there will be a sound.”

Lu Zhi Yao felt that the height was not enough, so he leaped onto the tree and pulled the swing higher and higher until it was almost parallel to where he stood, and then his hand stopped.

Li Ruo Shui’s heart was beating non-stop. She closed her eyes and gritted her teeth for fear that she would not be able to hold back the words in her heart.

After closing her eyes for a long time, Li Ruo Shui opened one eye and looked forward.

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She saw Lu Zhi Yao standing among the trees, his face dappled with light and shadow, black hair quietly scattered behind his head, like a fairy in the forest.

“If you want to let the swing go, let it go quickly. There’s no point in holding onto it.”

Li Ruo Shui babbled and closed her eyes again. She said a lot of gibberish, trying to relieve her nervousness.

“The wind is coming.”

The next moment, the swing descended abruptly with a panic-inducing sense of weightlessness.

“I hate…!!!”

Lu Zhi Yao appeared by the fireplace, continued to cook the medicine, and asked casually

“What do you hate?”

The swing swung from the highest point in front to the highest point in the back. One could only control the balance by relying on the buttocks and hands.

Li Ruo Shui gritted her teeth and replied, “I hate myself for not experiencing it sooner!”

He must be beaten up in the future.

Lu Zhi Yao stepped on the silver wire beneath his feet and fiddled with it repeatedly, not letting the swing stop.

Li Ruo Shui grabbed the rope as the corners of her skirt fluttered in the air. The word “tired” was written in her eyes, and she always felt that she was being fooled again.

The smell of medicine in the pot slowly diffused. Lu Zhi Yao put out the fire of the small stove, stopped the silver wire with the tip of his foot, and pulled the swing to a halt.

He grabbed the handle and poured the dark medicinal juice precisely into the porcelain bowl. Then he turned to smile at her.

“You can drink the medicine now.”

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