Cherry Red and Lychee Fragrance (12)

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“Liang Shan Bo, this name has been mentioned so many times. Don’t you remember his name?”

“Ah.” Lu Zhi Yao thought carefully for a while and recalled the name: “What happened to him?”

“Aren’t you moved by his love for Zhu Ying Tai?”

Lu Zhi Yao was silent for a moment, then the corners of his raised mouth were lowered, and his good-looking eyebrows frowned slightly.

“He and Zhu Yingtai are in love?”

“What else?” Jiang Nian ate more melon seeds, thinking that listening to the story was not as interesting as his answer.

“It’s really weird.” Lu Zhi Yao sighed slightly but had no other thoughts.

The storyteller on the stage tapped the gavel and said with a smile, “This was just an introduction, and the next is the real story.”

“This story is the same as the story of the Butterfly Lovers, which took place in a school.”

“More than ten years ago, our dynasty had not yet undergone changes, so women could not enter the school. There was a Bai Mansion in Linyi. The lady of the Bai family had been clever since she was a child, but she was also extremely playful, and she even disguised herself to enter the school…”

“Starting with throbbing, it is the arrival of a destiny. We all know that there is not only one destiny in a person’s life, only a few overly paranoid people will take it seriously. Miss Bai happens to be like this.”

The story began with vivid details, as if the storyteller had seen it with his own eyes. The mood of the young lady was imitated vividly, and the atmosphere was refreshing.

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Everyone seemed to be able to see Miss Bai’s shyness, the gentleman’s graceful demeanor, as well as the misty smoke, rain, and refreshing gardenias in Linyi.

However, he only talked about the beginning and stopped abruptly before relaying how the two met.

The storyteller folded his fan, waking up the crowd who was engrossed in the tale: “This story is new. Not much can be said today, and you’ll have to wait until next time if you want to know what will happen next.”

The intoxicated young lady under the stage couldn’t help but snicker: “You storytellers just like to stop here and there.”

The storyteller stroked his mustache and smiled noncommittally.

“I’ve put a lot of effort into this story, so how can I finish it so easily?”

The girl didn’t hold back and laughed, “How come the others in the academy didn’t find out whether Miss Bai is a man or a woman.”

“Good.” The storyteller took back the folding fan painted with green bamboo, and took out a small fan to cover half of his face. It was inexplicably charming: “Let’s talk about this woman disguised as a man.”

“If there is a beautiful person in the academy, but he is actually a man, then another slightly less beautiful, will you still doubt whether she is a man or a woman?”

Some audiences were not convinced: “Are you saying that the gentleman is more beautiful?”

“Who knows.” The storyteller put away his fan and looked at the crowd with a smile: “Five days later, please be early.”

The beginning of this story was different from the others, and even Jiang Nian, who had traveled far and wide, found it novel and couldn’t help but ask a question.

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“Listening to the beginning, Miss Bai obviously does not like him. Why do you still say they are like the Butterfly Lovers?”

“Don’t talk nonsense, this Miss Bai is not Zhu Ying Tai.” The storyteller narrowed his eyes and nudged him with his folding fan, “Besides, who said she doesn’t like him.”

Li Ruo Shui held the bamboo basket and looked carefully at the storyteller on the stage: “He doesn’t seem very much like a man.”

“She is a woman, surnamed Yao.” Lu Fei Yue stood straight, with admiration in her eyes: “When I came to Cangzhou a few years ago, she was here to tell the story. There were few repetitions of what she said, but every time I came I could also listen to many new stories.”

The storyteller cleaned up the desktop and continued the tradition of chatting after the storytelling.

“Love is a word. The mouth can lie, but the body can never lie. If she doesn’t like him, how could she kiss that gentleman?”

There was an uproar in the audience, and the spirit of gossip was kindled, asking him to say more.

The storyteller feigned surprise and covered half of his mouth, “I’m too talkative. You all will have to come after five days, let me return some of my capital.”

There was discussion about the subsequent development of this story, but only Lu Zhi Yao seemed to have understood something.

So, Li Ruo Shui kissed him that night because she loved him?

“Jiang Nian.”

After Lu Fei Yue brought Li Ruo Shui to that place, she discussed things with him.

Li Ruo Shui held the bamboo basket in one hand and patted Lu Zhi Yao’s shoulder with the other. She wanted to call him, but he dodged it sideways.

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Li Ruo Shui: ?

“What’s wrong with you?”

Li Ruo Shui bent down to look at him and began to wonder if she had done something again.

The sweet breath suddenly approached, and he, who could take it calmly at first, took a breath and unconsciously stroked the Buddha beads on his left wrist. The cold feeling calmed him down a lot.

He raised the corners of his mouth as usual, squeezed his wrist, and thought about it.

“I was thinking about how to teach you sword skills.”

Painful memories came flooding back. Li Ruo Shui pursed her lips, put the basket in her hands behind her, and silently made a move to hammer him.

Not only did he pinched her till she felt like this, her joints which were being manipulated still hurt a little, and she actually thought of giving him cherries before this?! Damn it!


Li Ruo Shui responded faintly.

She felt aggrieved when she thought of having to take him swimming afterwards to gain favor later.

She wondered if there was a chance to beat him up in the future.

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“There is something wrong with the secret order. It is impossible to suddenly stop checking it within a short period of time.”

Lu Fei Yue clutched her sword and frowned as if she was thinking about the solution to this matter.

“There seems to be letters in the darkroom of the Zheng Mansion.”

Lu Zhi Yao uttered these words, not caring about the shock of the three people there.

Li Ruo Shui was the first to ask, “When did you go in there?”

“Last night, I went to get some fire grass.”

Li Ruo Shui, who had wanted to beat him up before, choked for a moment as a scene flashed through her mind.

“Could it be the herb with red stems and green leaves this morning……”

If it was true, then she could have committed a big taboo in the strategy. No wonder he was a little off today.

Lu Zhi Yao smiled and the Buddha beads on his wrist tinkled: “Yes, but you don’t seem to like it very much.”


So because of her untimely shyness, she missed a good opportunity to gain his goodwill and save herself!

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