Taoist Master and the Cat

Taoist Master and the Cat is a popular light novel written by Anonymous. The story is translated to English and covers Drama, Fantasy, Romance, School Life genres. lnreader.org releases the latest English translated chapters of Taoist Master and the Cat and can be read for free.



Xie Jingyuan, the master taoist of Qingxu Temple, was reborn into modern times together with the cat demon Su Miaomiao.

Su Miaomiao: That classmate’s dried fish seems delicious.

Xie Jingyuan: I’ll buy one for you, don’t steal it.

Su Miaomiao: It’s raining, Taoist Priest, come here and pick me up.

Xie Jingyuan: I’m busy.

Su Miaomiao: It’s okay, a male classmate is willing to drop me at the dormitory.

Xie Jingyuan: … Send me the location. ·