Super Farming Tycoon

Chapter 142: 142

142 Hitting His Wife

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The next day, someone ran over to look for Grandma.

“Grandma, please save my mother. My father is about to beat my mother to death!”

An eight-year-old boy ran over crying to look for his grandmother.

When Grandma Shi heard this, she asked, “Xiaoze, don’t cry. Tell me slowly!”

Shi Xiaoze cried out, “Grandma, my dad is beating up my mom right now. Please ask Uncle and the rest to save my mom. My mom was beaten up by my dad until she was covered in blood. It’s so scary!”

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The reason why Shi Xiaoze had come to seek help from Grandma Shi was that Grandma Shi’s family held the highest prestige in Stoneback Village.

When many people in the village had conflicts they came to ask the Shi family to resolve them instead of looking for the village chief.

Grandpa Shi’s face darkened and he immediately instructed, “Lichun, bring a few of them over to take a look. Is that bastard Shi Bangqing hitting his wife?”

“Yes, Dad, let’s go now!”

Although it was Shi Bangqing’s family matter, Shi Bangqing went out to work and did not come back. As soon as he came back, he brought a woman back. Not only did he want a divorce, but he also hit his wife. This was too stupid.

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How could a man hit his wife?

Shi Lichun brought the two brothers to Shi Bangqing’s house.

Grandpa looked at Shi Xiaoze and said, “Xiaoze, your uncle and the rest have gone to save your mother. Everything will be fine now.”

Shi Xiaoze wiped off his tears and snot before burping, “Thank you, Grandpa.”

Grandma asked, “Xiaoze, what’s going on? Why did your father suddenly hit your mother?”

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Shi Xiaoze continued, “My father came back from work with a woman. The moment he came back, he wanted to divorce my mother. My mother didn’t agree. My father said that he could compensate my mother with 5,000 dollars and let her think about it. Anyway, he was definitely going to get a divorce. Unexpectedly, the next day, before my mother could say anything, my father gave her a tight slap.”

“How could your father be so muddle-headed?” Grandmother’s expression was a little ugly. “Even if you want a divorce, you can’t be such a bastard.”

“Gulp… Gulp…” Shi Xiaoze burped as he cried. “When my father hit my mother, I saw that woman covering half of her face and saying that my mother hit her, so my father was very angry.”

With Shi Xiaoze’s words, there was nothing that the shrewd Grandma Shi and Grandpa Shi did not understand.

That woman used a ruse to incite Shi Bangqing’s anger.

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“Shi Bangqing, that bastard! Let’s go and take a look!” Grandpa Shi scolded and went to Shi Bangqing’s house to take a look.

When Shi Lichun and his brothers arrived at Shi Bangqing’s house, there were already villagers pulling Shi Bangqing aside. A woman pulled Yuan Chunjiao away from the beating and scolded, “Shi Bangqing, you heartless thing. You went out to work for a few years, and Chunjiao took care of the family alone. Even if she didn’t contribute, she worked hard. But you came back with a woman and even said that you wanted a divorce. Has your conscience been eaten by a dog?”

“Shi Bangqing, you’re really capable. You worked outside for a few years and didn’t send back a single cent, but Chunjiao supported the family alone. When the old and the child were sick… when the child went to school… and the family’s living expenses… which one did you care about? Hehe, now you’re capable. Not only do you not have money, but you also want a divorce. Not only do you want a divorce, but you also hit your wife.”

Everyone criticized Shi Bangqing, making his face turn pale.

He straightened his neck and said, “She’s my wife. Isn’t it her duty to take care of her family?”

“It’s a man’s job to earn money to support his family. Have you done it?”

“My… my family’s matters are none of your business!”

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