Super Farming Tycoon

Chapter 141: 141

141 Gossip

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“Aiyo, these pumpkin seeds are really full!”

In the living room, Grandma and the others held the pumpkin seeds they had bought with a hint of surprise on their faces.

The eldest sister-in-law asked, “Grandma, should we stir-fry these pumpkin seeds or plant them? However, there are so many pumpkin seeds. We can’t plant so many.”

Eldest Aunt said, “Why don’t we raise pumpkin seedlings and sell them?”

Pumpkin seeds cost one dollar each, but one had to buy more than five or six. Pumpkin seedlings cost two dollars each.

Most farmers chose seedlings rather than plant them themselves.

The eldest sister-in-law’s eyes lit up and she said with a smile, “That’s great! One catty of seeds can produce at least a thousand seedlings. If we sell them all, we’ll earn at least a thousand dollars.”

Grandma Shi said, “These seeds were bought by Ming’er. Let’s see how she wants to arrange it.”

“Alright, we’ll ask for her opinion when Mingming will come down later!” Eldest Aunt said with a smile.

This was just a small matter.

Everyone discussed for a while before changing the topic.

The Shi family did not like to talk about others behind their backs, but it was inevitable that they would gossip.

When Gu Qingming came down from upstairs, she heard some gossip in the village.

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“Shi Bangliang’s watermelon was sold for a good price this year. Coupled with the savings he saved up in the past, he has money on hand for his son to marry a wife. He’s looking for a girl.”

“Shi Bangliang’s son is quite honest. However, didn’t his son go overseas to work? Why would he be matchmade?”

“What’s so difficult about that? It’s easy to communicate nowadays. Leave a phone number, call, send a message, or do a video chat. If they can chat, they can continue dating. If not, he can look at others.”

“Sigh, there are more men than women nowadays. It’s really difficult to get a wife. Look, it seems that there are many men who can’t get a wife when they’re old in every village.”

The influence of the era of hesitation and policies had led to the current situation in China where there were more men than women.

There was also a strange feeling. Whether it was the countryside or the city, there were more men than women! This was compounded by the fact that there were no girls who wanted to marry.

“However, didn’t I hear that Bangliang’s son has a partner? Why is Shi Bangliang still matchmaking his son?”

“I heard from Shi Bangliang that the person his son is dating doesn’t seem to be sincere about living with his son.

Every month, his son’s salary was basically spent on that woman. Every month she bought new clothes, jewelry, and bags. Moreover, the couple’s daily expenses were paid for by his son.

“Therefore, Shi Bangliang doesn’t like that girl at all. That girl’s intention for getting a boyfriend is to pay for her expenses. Xiaohua can’t save much money at all in a year. All that money is spent on that girl.”

Eldest Aunt said, “Most importantly, that girl is not local at all. If she runs away one day, where can we find her? Therefore, Shi Bangliang thinks that Xiaohua’s partner is not reliable at all.”

“Xiaohua spent all his money on that girl. Don’t you think there’s anything wrong with it?” Second Aunt asked curiously. “If the girl really wants to live with him, then the money she spends will be her future money. Won’t her heart ache? In the future, when they get married, there will be many things to spend money on.”

“Therefore, Shi Bangliang said that the girl was not very reliable. However, his son was stubborn and thought that as a boyfriend, it was only right for him to spend money on his girlfriend. He felt that his girlfriend loved to look beautiful and that spending some money was no big deal. In the future, after they got married, she would definitely change.

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No matter how much Shi Bangliang persuaded him, Xiaohua refused to break up with that girl. Shi Bangliang had no choice but to think of a way to make his son fall in love with someone else. Therefore, he kept looking for girls to go on blind dates with his son.”

“But… but this can’t go on.” Grandma Shi frowned. “This will make the relationship between father and son very strained.”

“Indeed. When Xiaohua found out about his father’s plan, he was exceptionally angry. Then, he called the list of girls Shi Bangliang found and called them one by one. He told them bluntly that he already had a girlfriend. Shi Bangliang was so angry that he wanted to fly over and beat him up!”

“That’s easy. Let Xiaohua tell his girlfriend that they just have to get married,” Gu Qingming said. “That girl doesn’t like Xiaohua, so she definitely won’t agree to get married.”

With Gu Qingming’s interruption, Third Aunt asked curiously, “Mingming, how did you know that girl doesn’t like Little Hua?”

Gu Qingming said, “This is very simple. Those who love you will plan carefully for you. Those who don’t love you will think that it’s too little even if you hold a mountain of gold in front of her. Xiaohua has spent all his money on that girl. She can’t save money all year round, but she’s not in a hurry. She clearly does not have the intention of marrying.”

When getting married in the countryside, one needed betrothal gifts, and three gold coins. These were all money.

A villager’s life savings might only be enough to get a wife. There were even families that borrowed money to marry a wife.

“If that girl really wanted to marry Xiaohua, she would definitely persuade Xiaohua to prepare a betrothal gift and not spend his money.”

“That’s true. Shi Bangliang also tried to persuade his son, but Xiaohua just wouldn’t listen.”

“Xiaohua has been obedient and sensible since he was young. Why did he make a mistake in getting a partner?”

“He’s also stubborn. He likes that girl, so he’s determined to give all his money to that girl.”

“Grandma, tell Uncle Shi Bangliang not to fight his son head-on,” Gu Qingming said.

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Grandma Shi thought for a moment and asked, “Ming’er, do you have any ideas?”

Actually, they did not want to interfere in other people’s business.

All would be well and good if it was resolved well. If it wasn’t done well well, they would be considered busybodies and be despised and blamed.

However, the matter of Shi Xiaohua’s girlfriend was indeed a little worrying.

Other people wouldn’t spend so much money on a relationship.

When he fell in love, he spent all his salary from working in the factory for a year and only held her hand. They had been dating for two years, but they had never mentioned marriage. There was clearly something wrong with this.

Gu Qingming smiled and said, “Didn’t I say it already? Let Xiaohua mention marriage to that girl directly. Let Uncle Bangliang not be so unyielding for the time being. He should only say that he is agreeing to their marriage and said that the betrothal gifts and other marriage matters would follow the customs of the girl.

As long as Uncle Bangliang can do it, Shi Xiaohua naturally won’t be forceful with his father. If that girl agrees, they’ll get married. She won’t be wronged. If she doesn’t agree, it’ll be considered an opportunity to let Shi Xiaohua see her character clearly. Then, Shi Xiaohua will naturally agree to look at other girls.”

Grandmother frowned. “But… will this work?”

Grandpa Shi thought for a moment and said, “I think it’s alright. If that girl agrees, Bangliang can be considered to have gotten a daughter-in-law. If she doesn’t agree, then just treat it as the money that Shi Xiaohua spent in the past two years going down the drain.”

“No, Grandpa, we can still get this money back.” Gu Qingming smiled and said, “This depends on whether Shi Xiaohua wants to save face.”

“His two-year salary should be at least 30,000 dollars. With so much money, and that girl is unwilling to marry him, of course, we have to ask her to return it,” Second Aunt said. “How can there be such a cheap thing in this world? He spent money, but she’s unwilling to marry. Shi Xiaohua isn’t raising a mistress!”

“Then I’ll mention this to Shi Bangliang. As for whether he listens or not, let them be.” Eldest Uncle also joined in.

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“Shi Bangqing seems to have returned this morning. I heard that he brought a woman back.”

“What? Who is that woman? Could she be his lover outside?” Second Aunt asked in confusion.

“I heard that she’s his lover. Not long ago, her husband died, and she hooked up with Shi Bangqing.”

“Ha, what about his wife, Chunjiao? When he worked outside, Chunjiao took care of the old and the young at home.”

“Shi Bangqing came back this time to divorce Chunjiao. He gave Chunjiao 5,000 dollars as compensation.”

Another scumbag!

Gu Qingming complained in her heart.

“5,000 dollars? Does Shi Bangqing have a conscience? She gave birth to his children and took care of his family for so many years. He hasn’t been back for many years, but the moment he came back, he wanted a divorce! Now, he’s only giving 5,000 dollars to send Chunjiao away. That’s too much. What did Chunjiao say?”

“Chunjiao said that it’s fine if he wants a divorce. But he has to give her 50,000 dollars as compensation. 5,000 dollars won’t do.”

“50,000 is still too little. It should be at least 100,000!”

Gu Qingming was speechless.


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