Super Farming Tycoon

Chapter 140: 140

140 Why Listen to That Woman?

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Gu Qingming felt uneasy about Liu Tiancheng’s escape.

She had a feeling that she had to find Liu Tiancheng as soon as possible. Otherwise, something would happen.

Previously, Cheng Ba and the others had been lured by him and hatched a plan to kidnap her.

Previously, she was one of his targets.

Later on, his accomplices kidnapped Gao Wenwen but were captured and sent to prison.

Since Liu Tiancheng could obtain the news and escape, would he know that she and Gao Wenwen were responsible for the arrest of his accomplices?

In that case, he would definitely want to take revenge.

Thinking of this, Gu Qingming pressed her chest and said firmly, “We have to find Liu Tiancheng as soon as possible!”

The spatial fairy thought for a moment and said, “Yes, Liu Tiancheng is too evil. We have to find him as soon as possible!”

On the other side, Cheng Ba and the others were knocked down by Gu Qingming in a few moves alone and were very surprised.

He did not expect the woman they planned to kidnap to be so skilled.

Someone who was so agile must have been specially trained.

Should they be glad that this woman didn’t call the police and send them in?

However, they still felt uneasy.

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Hu Liuzi touched his head and asked, “Big Brother, what does this Gu Qingming mean? Why does she have to find Liu Tiancheng?”

Xiao Laizi also said, “Where can we find Liu Tiancheng? Not only are we looking for him, but the casino is also looking for him. Even Gu Qingming is looking for him. What exactly is this person doing?”

“Yeah, it’s very strange!” Hu Liuzi was also puzzled. “Isn’t Liu Tiancheng an ordinary businessman?”

Cheng Ba frowned and thought about it.

Then, anger appeared on his face.

He hit the wall with one fist, and a part of the white skin on the wall cracked. It could be seen that he had used a lot of strength.

He said angrily, “We’ve been tricked!”

“Yes, we’ve been tricked. We have so many men, but we can’t beat a woman. That woman must have done something!” Li San nodded in agreement.

“No, we fell for Liu Tiancheng’s trap!” Cheng Ba regained his composure and said, “The reason why he treated us well and even made us addicted to gambling was to make us execute the kidnapping of Gu Qingming.”

He thought back to those days when Liu Tiancheng treated them like brothers. He kept tempting them and telling them that if they wanted to enjoy those things, they had to have money.

But what money could hooligans like them have?

Then, he bewitched them by saying that Gu Qingming’s family had money. After kidnapping her, they could ask for 1.8 million dollars at once.

With so much money, they could naturally do whatever they wanted, including having fun at the gambling table.

In the past, they were just hooligans. At most, they would eat and drink in ordinary restaurants. However, when they were around Liu Tiancheng, they felt satisfied and wanted to continue enjoying themselves.

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However, there was no such thing as a free lunch in this world.

Cheng Ba said angrily, “Liu Tiancheng, you son of a b*tch, I’m going to be irreconcilable with you. Don’t let me find you, or I’ll definitely cut you into pieces.”

He was clearly just an ordinary hooligan from the beginning. Even if he owed a gambling debt, it was only a few hundred or a few thousand dollars.

However, Liu Tiancheng had made gambling addicts out of them. The debt was tens of thousands of dollars.

Hu Liuzi was still very puzzled. “What’s going on with Boss Liu? Why did he disappear just like that? Most importantly, the casino seems to be looking for him very anxiously.”

Xiao Laizi said, “Big Brother, could it be that this Liu Tiancheng owes the casino money and is blaming it on us? We’re just a few hooligans. We don’t usually gamble so much. How can we owe so much money?”It

It was obvious that they were the ones who went to the gambling table, but they could not control their hands and bet more and more.

Li San chimed in, “I think that’s very likely! Otherwise, why would he disappear when we owed the casino so much money? Perhaps he didn’t owe the casino money, but took our share of the money in the casino.”

“Big Brother, what should we do now?” Hu Liuzi also felt that this was possible. He said, “This Liu Tiancheng is obviously hiding from us. Where are we going to find him? And that woman, Gu Qingming, wants us to find out about Liu Tiancheng. F*ck, where are we going to get information on him?”

“Speaking of which, isn’t Gu Qingming a little evil?” Zhang Si said in confusion. “We were clearly hiding in the most remote corner to discuss something. How did she find us silently? Could it be that she has clairvoyance or hearing?”

If Gu Qingming knew what he said, she would definitely give him a thumbs up and say, “You were so close to the truth. But I’m not clairvoyant or Clairaudient. I’m just sharper than others!”

“It’s indeed quite strange.” Cheng Ba also frowned and said, “Forget it. Now that Gu Qingming didn’t call the police and gave us a chance to atone for our crimes, let’s do it.”

Xiao Laizi was puzzled.

He said, “Brother, why should we listen to Gu Qingming? She has already left. Could she find us again? She’s just an outsider and only lives in the countryside, but Pingyang County is our territory. Why are we afraid of her?”

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Cheng Ba frowned and asked in confusion, “Haven’t you guys noticed the problem yet?”

Hu Liuzi and the others looked at each other in confusion. “What problem?”

Cheng Ba said seriously, “How did she know where Liu Tiancheng took us to eat, drink, and have fun?”

Xiao Laizi said suspiciously, “Didn’t we say that and she overheard us?”

“But we said it was in the casino. Did we mention other places?” Cheng Ba said sharply.

Hu Liuzi and the other five were stunned.

Their hearts trembled!

This was indeed a very serious concern. How did Gu Qingming know?

Hu Liuzi asked, “Big Brother, how do you think she knew?”

Cheng Ba said solemnly, “I don’t know either. But according to my guess, she might have already targeted Liu Tiancheng and sent someone to keep tabs on him. Otherwise, it’s impossible to explain how this Gu Qingming found out about our whereabouts!”

Hu Liuzi and the others fell into deep thought.

Xiao Laizi was furious. He shouted, “So, were we implicated by Liu Tiancheng?”

Actually, this was not right at all. When Liu Tiancheng hired them as bodyguards to buy watermelons in the countryside, they were paid. It was a very fair deal.

Later on, the farmers in Stoneback Village did not want to sell watermelons to Liu Tiancheng. He encountered obstacles one after another and his business was robbed. They thought themselves to be very loyal and took over the responsibility of teaching Gu Qingming a lesson.

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Their initiative gave Liu Tiancheng an opportunity to seduce them.

In fact, Liu Tiancheng was a factor, but the biggest reason was that they were lazy and greedy.

“Brother, what should we do now? If we really go and look for that bastard Liu Tiancheng, where can we find him?” Hu Liuzi said anxiously. “If we could find him, we would have done so long ago. Why would we need to be so anxious here?”

“That’s right, that Liu Tiancheng is actually so good at hiding! Where are we going to find him?”

“And why is Gu Qingming suddenly looking for that bastard Liu Tiancheng?”

“No, Big Brother, why should we listen to a foreign woman? If we don’t look for her, what can she do to us?”

“That’s right, Big Brother. We are indeed looking for Liu Tiancheng, but we didn’t listen to that woman.”

Now, they could no longer afford to continue plotting to kidnap Gu Qingming.

However, they still felt very uncomfortable listening to Gu Qingming’s orders to look for Liu Tiancheng.

Why should a few grown men listen to a little girl?”

Cheng Ba frowned and fell into deep thought.

Suddenly, he gritted his teeth and said, “Whether it’s because of Gu Qingming or not, we have to find Liu Tiancheng now. Otherwise, the people in the casino won’t let us off!”

The people at the casino were all local. If they couldn’t find them, they could go to their house.

Although they were hooligans, they were not born from a rock. They were also raised by their parents and had relatives and friends. They could not put their families in danger.

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