Super Card System

Chapter 430

Chapter 430: Reminiscing

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As Ian gaped at Princess Vivi and Igaram, Nami finally snapped out of her daze, pointing left and telling Ian with urgency, “Our ship is at the harbor over there!”

Ian nodded, dragging Luffy along with him.

“How the hell did he end up here?” Zoro watched Ian’s back, gritted his teeth, and had no choice but to follow.

Sanji followed close behind Zoro, with a large bag hanging from his back. As he ran, he curiously asked Zoro, “Hey, green-haired moron, you seem to know him too?”

But before Zoro could answer, a voice filled with excitement rang out from behind them.

“Sanji!? You are still alive!”

Sanji spun around and upon seeing Reiju with her round eyebrows, he collapsed on the spot…

“Rei…Rei…Reiju!?! Sister!?!”

He had been wondering about the two beautiful women following Ian, but never in his wildest dreams did he expect it to be his own sister!

Sanji’s heart was pounding with fear, it was as if the entire Grand Line was churning with his terror.

With a puff! Zoro, who was running ahead, let out a snort of laughter upon hearing Sanji’s reaction.

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Everyone followed Ian and ran towards the port, and Ian, who was running in front, was dragging Luffy with one hand and Chopper had been hanging from his thigh, making it a sight that was hard to miss.

Princess Vivi and Igaram ran in the back and asked Usopp: “Who are these people? Are they friends or foes?”

Usopp had never seen Ian before, so he was uncertain. On one hand, they could be friends, but why did Luffy look like he had been kidnapped by the leading man? On the other hand, why did Zoro, Sanji, Nami, and others follow the guy?

At this time, Princess Vivi had not yet seen Robin’s true appearance, if she had, she would definitely recognized Robin’s true identity as Miss All Sunday…

With these questions in mind, the group soon arrived at the harbor. Ian finally saw the Straw Hat Pirates’ ship, the Going Merry, the cute little sheep figurehead…

After throwing Luffy on the ship, Ian jumped on board and finally let out a long sigh, patting Chopper’s head and letting him come down.

In a moment, everyone followed one by one and boarded the ship, after Ian sat on the deck, Zoro also sat quietly across from him.

Sanji, Nami, Usopp, Princess Vivi, and Igaram all stood behind Zoro, while Reiju, Robin, and Doroni, as well as Matthieu, stood behind Ian, the two groups were clearly separated, as if they were negotiating.

It was then that Luffy finally caught his breath and, with a bewildered look, asked Ian, “Who are you?”

Ian smiled and pointed to Zoro, telling them: “Ask him!”

Thus, Luffy and Usopp, along with the rest of the crew, gazed intently at Zoro.

With a look of reluctance, Zoro answered, “He is my senior disciple, his name is Ian, and he is a member of the Shichibukai!”

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Upon hearing Zoro’s answer, the Straw Hat pirate crew reacted differently, making the moment quite entertaining.

Sanji already knew of Ian’s identity, as Redfoot Zephyr had mentioned it after Ian left the Baratie restaurant, so he wasn’t too surprised.

The same went for Chopper. He had always admired Ian and, although he didn’t know what the Seven Warlords were, his big, cute eyes still shone with stars as he looked at Ian.

For those who knew what the Seven Warlords were, it was a different story.

“Shi… Shichibukai!!?” Usopp was so frightened that white foam formed around his mouth and fell flat on the deck.

Princess Vivi and Igaram panicked at the same time and retreated a step, covering their mouths in shock. At that moment, they finally saw Robin, who wore a cowboy hat, standing behind Ian.

When they realized that this woman was Miss All Sunday, Princess Vivi and Igaram couldn’t help but draw their weapons. Thankfully, Nami pressed down on their hands, stopping them.

Only Luffy was unfamiliar with the concept of the Shichibukai. When he heard from Zoro that Ian was his disciple, he cocked his head and asked with a question mark, “What is a senior disciple?”

“Fool!” Nami hammered Luffy’s head and shouted: “He is Zoro’s big brother!”

Luffy smashed a fist in the palm of his hand, and looked like he had a flash of enlightenment… this action was really similar to his grandfather Garp.

Feeling speechless at Luffy’s stupidity, Nami simply ignored him, walked up to Ian, and stared at him with a condescending expression.

“Hey, Nami! I’m sorry about your town…”

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Nami just stared at Ian so bitterly, and Ian knew why she had such an expression. Although Arlong’s release had nothing to do with Ian, he still felt like he was the cause of a lot of pain to Nami. So Ian felt awkward when he saw Nami up close.

However, what Ian didn’t think was that after Nami stared at him for a while, she suddenly sighed softly and said: “Forget it, I can’t blame you! If I had followed you earlier, maybe many things would have ended differently…”

Although Nami looked like a fierce queen in the Straw Hat pirate group, she was really a reasonable and kind-hearted girl. She knew that Arlong’s secret release was actually a pot of the marines and the World Government, and had nothing to do with Ian. On the contrary, Ian did catch Arlong at the time, and Nami was grateful for that alone.

So, Nami walked up and hugged Ian’s neck with both hands, giving him another kiss on the cheek, and said, “Brother Ian, it’s good to see you again. I can finally thank you in person…”

As she did more than two years ago, Nami once again expressed her thanks to Ian in her way, which must have been inherited from her mother. The difference now is that Nami was more mature and womanly than she was back then, making this move even more effective on men.

Ian was somewhat stunned after being kissed by her, but then someone exploded.

“Ahh! Nami-swan’s kiss!” Sanji, seeing this scene, burst into flames with jealousy and shouted at Ian, “I haven’t even gotten a kiss from Nami-swan, why have you!?”

The outbreak of Sanji was like gaining 200% fighting power, that he wanted to rush up and fight Ian, but was held back by Usopp who had come to his senses: “No, Sanji! You’ll get us all killed!”

“Hahahaha!” Luffy applauded heartlessly and laughed without a care in the world.

Headache! This was the only adjective Ian could think of at the moment. He felt that things were getting out of control, and he had forgotten what he wanted to say due to the chaos caused by Sanji.

So, Ian couldn’t help but turn around and tell Matthew: “Matthew, shake hands with this guy!”

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“Oh…” Matthieu slowly replied, walked to Sanji, and extended his hand.

Sanji was stunned and asked, “Who are you? What do you want from me?”

“He is my crew’s cook!” Ian smiled and said, “His food is delicious, you should get to know him!”

“Really?!” Hearing that the other party was also a chef, Sanji suddenly became excited and shook his hand, “Let’s have a culinary showdown…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Sanji suddenly felt a strong drowsiness and passed out on the spot.

With the noisy guy gone, the scene immediately became much quieter, and it was only at this moment that Ian seized the opportunity and asked Zoro: “How does it feel to set sail?”

“It was fine at first, but after seeing you, it isn’t good anymore!” Zoro said gloomily, “Why are you here?”

“I came here for a reason, I have something to do!” Ian pointed to Luffy next to him and said, “Smoker and Kuina wanted to catch him, so I took him away from them!”

“Kuina!?” Zoro was a little surprised to hear that Kuina is also around.

Luffy smiled foolishly and said, “Yes, that smoker guy who we met in Loguetown also came to Alabasta!”

Zoro ignored Luffy and asked Ian with some doubts: “Have you met Kuina?”

“Of course!” Ian nodded: “I heard about you going to sea from her. Maybe Kuina won’t catch you, but it’s better for you to avoid her.”

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