Super Card System

Chapter 429

Chapter 429: Straw Hat Pirates

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“The Straw Hat brat is actually the younger brother of Fire Fist Ace!”

Smoker was taken aback by this information. He couldn’t believe that the Straw Hat kid, whom he had just encountered, was related to one of the most notorious pirates in the New World.

Fire Fist Ace, the pirate worth 550 million bellies, the second captain of the Whitebeard Pirates, was a household name in the world of piracy. How could someone like him have a younger brother like the Straw Hat kid?

But Smoker, despite his reputation as a problem child in the Marines, was unwavering in his belief in justice. Even though he now knew of Luffy’s relation to Ace, he couldn’t let that stop him from bringing the pirate to justice.

With a fierce determination, Smoker unsheathed his Jitte and directly lunged towards Ace’s abdomen while shouting, “Get out of the way!”

The front of Smoker’s weapon was embedded with Seastone, he knows that Ace is a Logia fruit user, so he didn’t think about fighting him head-on at all, and planned to take advantage of the seastone to deal with him first.

But Ace was quick to react, dodging Smoker’s attack with ease. He may not have known about the seastone, but he was not about to let Smoker land a hit on him. In a swift motion, he kicked his leg towards his opponent.

The two clashed in an intense battle. Tashigi saw the two of them fighting and held her blade and rushed up to help.

Kuina was also Smoker’s subordinate, so she can’t just stand by and watch, so she also moved torward Ace.

Of course, Kuina’s attack on Ace was definitely a feint. Although she did not know Ace, she knew that he was with Ian, and that he must be Ian’s companion. Therefore, she was not willing to put in her full effort.

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Seeing the three of them surround Ace, Luffy suddenly shouted: “That’s not fair!”

So he also swung his arm, wanting to join the battle and help Ace.

However, just as he was about to rush forward, Ian reached behind him and grabbed Luffy’s neck.

Being the rubber man, Luffy’s neck was bent at an unnatural angle by Ian’s sudden grip, his tongue lolling out.

“Cough!!” Ian shook him off and threw Luffy on the ground. Luffy held his neck and coughed twice, then he glared up at Ian in furious disbelief: “Who the hell are you? Looking for a fight?”

Ian gave him a white look, turned to Ace and said: “Ace, I’ll leave them to you, be careful not to hurt them!”

“Don’t worry Ian!” Ace, dodging the attacks of Smoker and his companions, nodded as he held his cowboy hat: “I remember this smoke guy, I saw him in Loguetown, I won’t hurt him!”

“Okay! Then I’ll take this kid away!” Ian pointed to Luffy on the ground.

Ace did not reply, he directly put a fire wall in place, blocking Smoker and his companions, while Ian grabbed Luffy’s collar, and dragged him away.

Kuina was with Smoker, Ian naturally does not want to intervene, but with Luffy around, it was inevitable that a fight will break out between the two sides, so Ian intended to take this brat away.

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But the problem now is that Luffy doesn’t know him. Luffy heard Ian talking to Ace, but he didn’t understand the relationship between them. When being dragged away by Ian, Luffy got angry and started throwing punches towards Ian’s face.

Luffy at his current stage was too weak for Ian. Ian kept dodging with ease, which made Luffy furious, so he shouted, “Don’t move!”

Then, Ian reached out and pulled Luffy’s head wearing his Straw Hat: “Don’t miss!”

After struggling for a while, Ian got mad so he hardened his hand with Haki and pressed on Luffy’s head.

“Uht! Uht! Uht!… it hurts!” Luffy screamed immediately, covering his head with both hands, wondering why Ian could hurt him.

As Ian saw that the guy was truly in pain, he twisted him and walked away, with Doroni, Matthew, Reiju, and Robin following closely behind.

“Bastard! Ian! Where are you taking that guy!” Smoker, seeing this scene through the firewall, said some anger and disappointment.

His mission had been to capture Straw Hat Luffy, and he wouldn’t have followed him into the Grand Line otherwise. Now, seeing the opportunity to capture the Straw Hat alone and separated from his crew, Smoker couldn’t help but feel that Ian and Ace’s interference had thrown a wrench in his plans.

Ian also heard Smoker’s shout, but he didn’t pay attention to him, taking Luffy all the way, swiftly disappearing from view as they vanished down the street.

He knew that Luffy couldn’t be captured here, for not only was he Ace’s brother, but also Dragon’s son. Ian couldn’t let Luffy slip through his grasp, not when Dragon was his superior.

As they turned a corner, Luffy regained consciousness. He struggled in Ian’s grasp, his voice filled with confusion as he shouted, “Hey! Who are you? Where are you taking me?”

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Ian was just about to speak and answer him, but as he accidentally looked to the right, he suddenly stopped.

Because on the street to the right, Ian saw several people… They were the members of the Straw Hat Pirates who had just finished shopping and put on desert clothes.

Seeing that Luffy was grabbed by the collar with one hand, while Luffy was not able to resist at all, Sanji and Zoro were both dumbfounded. After seeing Ian’s appearance clearly, Sanji dropped the cigarette in his mouth!


Sanji pointed at Ian, trembling in horror.

Zoro also looked at Ian in disbelief. He never thought he would see his big brother in this place and that his captain would be caught by him!

“Ah! It’s Zoro!” Luffy, seeing Zoro and Sanji at this moment, happily waved and shouted to them, “Zoro, Sanji! Hurry up and free me, I’ve been caught by this weirdo!”

Ian had been overjoyed at the prospect of reuniting with his long-lost brother, Zoro, but before he could utter a word, Luffy had dubbed him a weirdo. Ian’s countenance grew dark and with a swift motion, he delivered a powerful punch to Luffy’s head.

“Bra… brother Ian!”

At this time, Chopper also recognized Ian and immediately put down what he was holding. He ran up and threw himself at Ian’s thigh.

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Although he had only just met with Ian recently, when he saw Ian again, Chopper started crying a lot. He lifted his head and said: “Ian big brother, I… I have also become a pirate! I also have companions, I have become a brave man!”

“Haha!” Ian couldn’t help but laugh when he saw Chopper’s appearance, and patted his head, “Good job, Chopper, didn’t I tell you that you would find your companions?”

“Mmm!” Chopper tightly hugged Ian’s thigh and wouldn’t let go.

Ian could only let Chopper hang like this, and gestured to them, saying, “This is not a place to talk, where is your ship? Navigator Miss!”

Navigator Miss, of course, refers to Nami, who is behind them in a beautiful western dancer’s outfit.

At this time, Nami finally recognized who that guy was and couldn’t help but be surprised, covering her mouth.

It was not Nami’s fault that she failed to recognize Ian upon their reunion. After all, it had been over two years since their last encounter and Ian had undergone a significant transformation, primarily in terms of his demeanor. Nami, however, was not to be blamed for her confusion.

As Ian scanned the crowd, he couldn’t help but notice a beautiful young woman and a curly-haired old man. The woman, like Nami, was dressed as a western dancer, her striking blue tresses tied in a ponytail cascading down her back. Ian recognized her as none other than the princess of Alabasta, Vivi.

Despite Crocodile’s absence from Baroque Works, the organization continued to function seamlessly. In fact, Ian’s and Crocodile’s participation in the Alabasta war had only served to deepen the royal family’s suspicions about the latter. Princess Vivi, who had infiltrated the organization as an undercover agent prior to the events, was now reunited with Luffy and his crew.

However, there was one key difference in this encounter. Igaram had not met his demise as he had in the original timeline, due to the fact that Ian had abducted Robin before he could be eliminated. It was a surprise to see him standing alongside Princess Vivi.

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