“Anthem, you must break that seal now! We can’t win even with all the forces gathered here, it’s the only way!” (Cry)

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“N-No…………” (Anthem)

“Ca-Calm down, 《Infinite Variety (Senpen Banka)》. Marin’s Wails is not something so convenient――” (Edgar)

 Anthem Onii-sama, Priest-san, and everyone else were stopping Master~. Of course, they would stop him. I welcome strange ideas that can give us a chance to win, but this time, Master’s idea was too eccentric.

 Master~ *mumu* frowned his eyebrows when he realized that there was no one who agreed with him.
 And then he looked at Tino.

 ………… Eh! What, what is it? Master~, why are you looking at me now!?




 Tino ran through the church courtyard where many people were lying on the ground. I wanted someone to stop me, but there was no one doing it.
 Tino is a Thief who specializes in speed, and Hunters cannot take their eyes off the curse. And to begin with, the true enemy, the black monkey, has no interest in Tino.

 With surprising ease, I run in front of the black monkey, greatly leap toward the two curses that are bound in midair, and stick to Marin’s Wails, using the chains that pierced their body like a screw.

 Marin’s Wails stare in wonder at Tino’s sudden arrival. If you suddenly try to break the seal when you are sealed in one, even if you are a curse, of course, you would be surprised.
 I only have a bad feeling about this, but I’m sure Marin’s Wails is better than that monkey. I have to believe.

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 Isabella, who was preparing to launch an advanced offensive magic, screams.

“Tino! Come back to your senses!” (Isabella)

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, but Master~ told me to do it!” (Tino)

“That’s why I’m telling you to come back to your senses!!” (Isabella)

“Don’t be hasty, Tinoooooooooo!” (Armelle)

 Everyone is trying to stop Tino. When they are telling me this much, I feel like I’m doing something very stupid.

 However, nothing can be done. Tino is Master’s~ faithful servant. What Master~ says is absolute. The Divine Strategy is absolute.
 Master~ is perfect. The only problem is that he never takes into account the hardships Tino and the others have to go through――.

 Besides, it might not be wrong to put up a curse against a curse.
 Tino doesn’t know much about curses, but Master~ saying something random………… Is Impossible!

 With a little effort, the chains of the Relic come off with ease. The gloomy power felt from Marin’s Wails increases, and a strong dizziness attacks Tino.

 The black monkey, who had been attacking Master~ from every direction, stops and looks at Tino for the first time.

 Apparently, even for that monster, Marin’s Wails, the church’s worst curse, can’t be overlooked.
 It might work. Tino got fired up and pulled out all the chains that pierced through 『Marin’s Wails』 all at once.

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 The chain Relic falls to the ground with a light thud, and Tino also lands on the ground due to the momentum of pulling out the chain.

 And then――A Wail that chilled your soul resounded in the courtyard.

 I felt a chill as if someone had stroked me right under my skin. Then, the sound of metal hitting something hard can be heard from nearby.

 It’s the knight. When I looked up, the knight whom Marin’s Wails had been embracing was kneeling on the ground and slowly rising to its feet.

 The armor, which had certainly been *borobora* in tattered and crumbling a while ago, was back to look as good as new. Did it absorb the negative energy released by the black monkey?

 Marin’s Wails followed the black knight, and the black monkey glared at its resurrected kind.

 Their presence collided and mingled together, transforming the church, which originally had an air of purity, into a different world.
 Their presence is so mixed up that Tino can no longer even tell which side has the edge.

 Marin’s Wails and the black monkey glared at each other, aware of each other. Priest-san, Anthem, Ark, and Master~ are watching the situation with bated breath.

 Maybe…… They may really take each other out. Even if they don’t cancel out, they should suffer some damage.

 I put my hands together in a praying manner. There, the black monkey who had been glaring at them suddenly let out a loud roar.
 Its huge body shrinks like a deflated balloon, and in just a few seconds she transforms into the Spirit People woman we saw at the Clan House.

 Its body had become smaller, but its presence had rather increased. Perhaps the power that was overflowing from its huge body has been condensed.
 Both have a power level Tino has never seen before, but now that I compare them, it is clear that the Spirit People one has the edge. Most likely, even Marin’s Wails cannot win.

 The black knight slashes at the approaching, superior curse as if it could not withstand it. An arm sprouted from the Spirit People’s abdomen and pierced the knight.

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 Changeable at will. For a curse, for the manifestation of powerful emotions, having a form means nothing. The Spirit People approached Marin, who was wailing in a high-pitched voice――.


“…… Uuuuhm………… Master~? Somehow they look like to me that they are having a conversation?” (Tino)

“Un, un, that’s right……” (Cry)

 Or rather, if you think about it――Isn’t a Spirit People an expert in sorcery?
 Wasn’t that why you said that we are going to call a Spirit People Shaman from the outside――Well, it is true that a curse may not have that kind of knowledge, but……

 The Spirit People looks back at us. Its arm is pulled out of the black knight, and the freed black knight stands on both feet. It appears that it didn’t take any damage.
 Then Marin’s Wails stopped wailing and looked at Master~.

 The negative existences that were clashing with each other are mixing together to form one huge existence. Anthem Onii-sama says as he groans.

“………… You’re kidding.” (Anthem)

 Now everyone’s hearts were united. With how things are going, they are clearly not going to fight against each other.
 Master~ looked around for a while in silence, then said, as if in trouble.


“……………… They make up and case closed?” (Cry)

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“As if that’s possible!!” (Tino)

 Marin’s Wails, the black knight, and the cursed Spirit People all attack at once. In front of them, Anthem Onii-sama, Ark, and the others from 《Ark Brave (Seirei no Miko)》 stand in their way.


 It’s useless. We couldn’t even handle one, but three of them is too much.
 Fortunately, those things will pursue Master~. The damage should be minimal while we are on the run――In the meantime, they will form a plan!

 We can’t stay here. Even the church’s barrier didn’t help.

 Tino grabbed Master’s~ hand and quickly climbed onto the *hirahira* fluttering carpet and shouted.


“Fly, Car-kun!” (Tino)

 Car-kun hears Tino’s command and leaps up at a furious pace. Master’s~ who was on the carpet almost falls off due to the inertia, but I tightly grip his hands. Master~ while fluttering as he did before he came here, said.

“R-Right, let’s go to where Sytry is! If it is not the useless Sytry, then she should be able to do something about this situation!” (Cry)



 Master~, I-I can believe in you, right?

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