Chapter 301 Prophecy ④

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Part 1

 Anthem Smart. Boasting an inhumanly gigantic physique, he is one of the most famous Holy Knights in the Imperial Capital.
 He excels in physical strength and healing skills, and despite his taciturn personality, he is the most well-known of all the Members of 《Strange Grief (Nageki no Borei)》.

 As far as Tino knows, among everyone in 《Strange Grief (Nageki no Borei)》, Anthem Onii-sama is the most dependable――Stable person. Compared to the other Members, his degree of harshness is low, which explains why he has the second highest Certification Level after Master~.

 But even so, I think defeating this monster alone will be no simple task.

 The carpet lowered us to the ground in the courtyard, and when I was standing on my feet, I looked back at the gate.

 The church wall had completely collapsed after being hit by the black monkey’s arm. Buildings such as churches are built with a magical treatment to make them quite sturdy, and if the opponent uses the power of darkness, it should be as strong as the outer wall, but in front of its powerful arm, the wall looked like a building block or something.
 It was just luck that the attack didn’t hit 『Marin’s Wails』 which was crucified in front of the gate. Or maybe it was just bad luck――.

 There was a flurry of light *bachibachi* popping around the huge black arm. It was the power of the barrier that repels those linked to the darkness. But the black monkey showed no pain, and before long, along with the sound of something shattering, the light stopped.

 It’s too strong. I can’t believe that the barrier of the main church of the “Light Spirit (Korei)” Church in the Imperial Capital is of no use whatsoever――.

 Debris rains down. Seeing the monstrosity, the priests of the church shout tardily.

“We-We are under attack!” (Priest)

 Seen from up close, the black monkey was too gigantic. Something that makes Anthem Onii-sama look small…… A real Monster.

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 The other priests belonging to the church are completely intimidated by its power. Tino isn’t in a position to talk for the others, but this is like losing the battle before it has even begun.

 And then, at that moment, Members of Ark Rodin’s 《Ark Brave (Seirei no Miko)》 came running out of the church building.

 Their unexpected appearance took my breath away.
 They were not dressed in civilian clothes, but in full armor and sword drawn, ready for battle. Even Tino, who is overwhelmingly in Master~ group, could not help but recognize him as a hero.

“………… What the hell? What is that ――” (Isabella)

“Hhh…… What an ominous power……” (Yu)

“To think it will break the church’s barrier so easily……” (Armelle)

 The shivering Magi Isabella, the Priestess Yu, and (According to Master) the Warrior Armelle.
 Ark, standing in front of his Party 《Ark Brave (Seirei no Miko)》, looked up at the monster and let out a small sigh.

“I heard that the “Fox (Kitsune)” might attack, but I didn’t expect a monkey. …… What the hell is going on?” (Ark)

 Ark Rodin and Anthem Smart. Two famous Level 7s in the Imperial Capital.
 It was small, but a faint glimmer of light was visible. It’s a monster who I thought couldn’t be defeated by human beings, but if it’s these two, then――.

 There, additional Hunters appear from within the church in *zorozoro* wave.

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“Geh, da heck is that!?” (Hunter 1)

“Tha…… That’s impossible!” (Hunter 2)

 There were some people I knew and some I did not. Some paled at the sheer power they felt from its huge body, while others took up arms in desperation.

 Not all of them would be considered first-class. But there were quite a lot of them.
 Including the priests and the others, there must be close to a hundred people. The opponent is powerful, but if there are this many people in addition to Ark and Anthem Onii-sama, then maybe――.

 However, I’ve heard that the purification operation was already over, so why were there so many people waiting here!?

 Master~ said behind me, who was turning my head left and right while blinking my eyes frequently.

“Oooh, oooh, they are all here.” (Cry)

 !! Don’t tell me…… This is also Master’s~ plan!?

 That’s it. It had to be. Open the box, release the curse, prepare an ambush in the church, a place favorable to us, and lead it there. Isn’t this truly a strategy from the Divine Strategist?

 So, Tino was brought here…… Because I am counted as one of the forces?

 In front of a bewildered Tino, the battle began.

 Ark Rodin puts his power into his famous Holy Sword Relic, Historia. Anthem Onii-sama brandishes his fist and rushes toward the black monkey. The Hunters all attack at once from a distance. The priests pray and pierce the black monkey with a pillar of light. The black monkey, under constant attack――Ignores all of it and charges toward Master~.

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 Neither the Hunters nor the priest was in its sights. It *hoi* jumped over Anthem Onii-sama with his long legs which were almost reaching its head and dropped its fist at Master~ who was standing behind Tino.
 It’s completely on course to involve me despite not targeting Tino at all. Just as I was about to evade in a panic, the jet-black arm swinging from directly above me was burned away by a blinding white light that almost made my consciousness fly away.

 I take a breath and noticed it. It was Ark. Ark attacked.

 The honorable Holy Sword 『Historia (Pioneer of History)』 which is said to have once penetrated even a god of another planet.
 The light emitted from Ark Rodin’s Holy Sword completely reduced the hideous black monkey’s arm to dust. As expected of a Relic that specializes in power, it has tremendous destructive power.
 And although Ark, can freely manipulate his Relic, is a Fake Ikemen and is lower than Master~, he is certainly one of the primary Hunters of this golden age of Hunters.

 With this, we can dispel that curse.
 Tino smiled slightly, but Ark muttered with a frown.

“It’s no good, it’s too hard. I can’t believe it only took one of its arms after releasing all the power left in the sword. I don’t have enough 『History』 to defeat that thing.” (Ark)

“Ark-san………… Look at the arm you blew away!” (Isabella)

 Eh? It’s not good?

 Isabella exclaimed. And I widened my eyes involuntarily.
 The arm that should have been obliterated regenerated in the blink of an eye and was fully functional. Among the Monsters, there are those with high regenerative abilities, but this is in a different class.
 What’s more, that black monkey…… Even though its arm was blown off, it didn’t pay any attention to Ark at all.

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 ………… Really, it looks like it’s not working, Master~. Apparently, this is an 『Infinite Trial』 and this was not the solution.

 At that moment, the black monkey howled. The sound blasted through the interior of the church, shaking my consciousness violently.

 There were the *dosadosa* sounds of people collapsing. When I looked around, half of the priests who surrounded me were lying down due to its roar. Some Hunters also collapsed. Tino, who thought we could win for a moment, looks like a fool.

 Anthem Onii-sama, who was once ignored, charges at the black monkey who glares at Master~.
 His glowing fist pierces deeply into its leg and peels away the darkness, but it does not seem to feel any pain, nor it is even slowing it down as it ignores it and tries to attack Master~.

 He has guts indeed, but their compatibility is too unfavorable.

“Hh………… Wh-What a powerful and sad power…… To think that other than Marin’s Wails such a curse existed――” (Priest)

 I remember him, the priest, who is Anthem Onii-sama’s benefactor, frowned at it.
 Then after hearing that voice, Master~ *pon* hit his hand as if he had come up with something.

“O-Oh yeah, then in that case, why don’t we  break 『Marin’s Wails』 seal and let them fight?” (Cry)

 Could that be…… A ridiculously risky idea?

“N-No…………” (Anthem)

 The taciturn Anthem Onii-sama expresses his opinion while frantically thrusting his fist into the black monkey. The priests and those who were still conscious and were continuing to attack forgot the fight for a moment and looked at Master~ who said something out of the blue.

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