The carpet flies through the sky at high speed. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem like I could afford to get on top of it. No, it’s fine. Running away from that thing is all that matters.

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 People in the city looked up at Tino and Master~ with interest as we *burabura* dangle in the sky and fly at high speed. Tino thinks you should evacuate rather than do that.
 The hatred shown by that curse was beyond ordinary level. Even Tino, who had absorbed Mana Material, was no match for it, so ordinary citizens would have been crushed like ants. But there was nothing I could do about that. All Tino could do now was to believe that Master~ was not someone who would let that happen.

 I wonder if Master~ was relieved, he let out a big sigh and says leisurely.

“To the “Light Spirit (Korei)” Church. ASAP, okay.” (Cry)

 ………… Please do something ASAP about that thing, Master~…… Or rather, you will do something about it, right!? You can do something about it, right!? 

 In the first place, for me, I feel that even the “Light Spirit (Korei)” Church can’t handle that…… If someone could do something about it, I’m sure it would be someone Level 10.


 Today was supposed to be a date with Master~, but it turned out to be a terrible date. I miss the old days where when we went out together and were only getting kidnapped by bandits.

“We shook it off?” (Cry)

 Master asks briefly with a relaxed expression. He has a lot of room to spare even though he was *burabura* dangling in the air while flying at high speed.

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 Or rather, Master~ …… Aren’t you going to hold my hand? It’s like I am the only one putting effort into this……

 I swallowed the words that were about to come out of my mouth and checked the Clan House that was far away. Car-kun’s speed seems to be quite fast, so the only thing I can see now is the top of the Clan House…… The top――.

“………… I-It transformed. It’s coming after us Master~!?” (Tino)

“Hee!?” (Cry)

 A long-limbed, black, monkey-like thing was climbing the Clan House.
 Its total length is several tens of meters compared to the size of the top of the Clan House. Its large, bright eyes show no interest in the noisy citizens, but they are rather fixated on Master~ and Tino, who are hanging from the carpet and moving at high speed.

 No, it’s not Master~ and Tino. Tino didn’t feel any gaze.
 I’m sure the only thing it’s looking at is――Master~. Now that I think about it, even in the Clan Master’s Office, the only one that was attacked was Master~.

 Could it be that this thing is aiming at Master~……? I’m sure I would not have been attacked if I had been left there――No, no, no!

 I *bunbun* shake my head and regain my faith.
 In the first place, Master~ is being attacked because of the ring Tino gave him. Master~ said that everything was as expected, but even if it was as he expected, Tino must have been the trigger. I think I’m going to puke, Master~……

“It transformed!? Why!?” (Cry)

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“It’s… It’s just a demon’s possessing trick…… Master~.” (Tino)

“A demon!? Do demons transform when they possess something!?” (Cry)

 Certainly, Tino also transforms when Tino is possessed by the demon when wearing that mask…… No, no, no, that’s not what I am talking about.

 When I looked back, I saw the giant monkey using its arms and legs to jump across the rooftops and come toward us. It was coming toward us at high speed, using the buildings of the Imperial Capital as footholds. Maybe it wasn’t as heavy as it looks, the building on which it was stepping on has not collapsed at all.
 The screams of the citizens who noticed the nimbly moving monster came in waves. But as long as it uses the roof as its foothold, there is no danger of people being trampled. The only problem is that they are unlikely to forgive Master~ and Tino.

 There was a powerful hatred in its eyes. Its killing intent could be felt in the smoke that spewed out of that box, but now, it was as if everything that was spread over a wide area was concentrated in one place.
 I hurriedly made a request to Car-kun.

“Fly faster, Car-kun! To the “Light Spirit (Korei)” Church!” (Tino)

“Tino, Car-kun doesn’t listen to what people――” (Cry)

 Car-kun’s speed accelerated further. It was as if it had become the wind. It surely would have been a lot of fun to ride around the Imperial Capital with Master~.

 However, the monkey was moving even faster. It’s just an estimation, but the distance is getting shorter little by little.

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 Their basic performances are too different. I can only be glad that it can’t fly.

 I want to counterattack from a distance or do something to slow it down, but Tino has no means of long-range attack. I ask Master~ for help.

“It’s not good, Master~! Even if we accelerate, it will still catch up to us!” (Tino)

“I-I see…………………… B-But, it will be alright, okay.” (Cry)

 For some reason, Master~ seemed a bit disheartened, but when he looked up, he smiled in a way that made me forget about this hopeless situation, but if you put it in a bad way, made Tino feel uneasy.


“We are already at the “Light Spirit (Kourei)” Church. Everything is going according to my plan. After that…… Anthem will do something about it!” (Cry)


 Th-This is not what you call a pla――An…… Anthem Onii-sama………… Good luck.

 Just as the Master~ said, the building of the “Light Spirit (Korei)” comes into view. There is the huge gate that seems to have been built to accommodate Anthem Onii-sama, and the white walls reminiscent of a castle.
 The “Light Spirit (Korei)” Church is an expert in healing as well as in curses. From what I have heard, many of the churches have sturdy buildings. Especially large churches are said to be as secure as real castles, as they hold many dangerous curse items that people brought.

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 The priests of the “Light Spirit (Korei)” Church, who was just in front of the church, stare in wonder when they see Tino approaching with the carpet and then change their complexions when they see the monkey, which is clearly a product of a curse, following them.
 In a rush, many holy knights who reside there come out to the front. It was a quick response, but it was too unreliable in front of that curse.

 After all, even if a cannon was fired, it doesn’t seem like it would do any damage.

 And there, Anthem Onii-sama came out of the gate with his armor off. Master~ *bunbun* waved his hands in the air as he was dangling.


“Anthem, take care of the rest!” (Cry)


 For the first time, Tino saw Anthem Onii-sama’s normally calm and composed expression slightly twitch.

 The distance between life and death was approximately ten meters when the monkey took a big leap. Car-kun surges up and slides over the wall into the church courtyard.

 We passed by the 『Marin’s Wails』 I heard about that was waiting to be purified.
 Then, the black monkey swung his large arm down, easily breaking through the wall that Tino and the rest had climbed over.

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