Stop It! It’s Not Me That’s Strong… It’s the Sword…!

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    A demon sword possessed my body. To cover this up, I pretended to be an evil condemner, but I was entrusted with the disposal of SSSSSS Rank Criminals and Monsters...!~ Make It Stop! I'm Not Strong... It's Just My Sword! Maken ni karada o ubawa reta ore. Yamete kure, tsuyoi no wa ore janakute ken'na nda……! やめてくれ、強いのは俺じゃなくて剣なんだ……! 魔剣に身体を奪われた俺。正気のフリして『悪を赦さぬ断罪者』を名乗ったら、SSSSSSランク犯罪者や魔物の始末を任されまくってしまう……!
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    Web Novel / Japanese
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Stop It! It’s Not Me That’s Strong… It’s the Sword…! is a popular light novel written by Umaji Manji . The story is translated to English and covers Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, Shounen genres. releases the latest English translated chapters of Stop It! It’s Not Me That’s Strong… It’s the Sword…! and can be read for free.



Unbeknownst to him, Kurou’s body was taken over by a magic sword – The Demon Blade, and he was treated as a hero!?

Every time the magic sword gets hungry, it forcibly possesses his body and goes on rampage. Luckily, the magic sword proritizes criminals and monsters, but even so, if those couldn’t satisfy his hunger, then it might set its sight on others

To cover up this curse, he called himself the『Evil Condemner』and ended up killing criminals and monsters endlessly. As a result, people around him began to misunderstand him, who was possessed by the magic sword, as a tremendously powerful person, and began to make outrageous requests?

“Stop making unreasonable requests! I’m just an ordinary person possessed by a demon sword!”