Chapter 45: Business Talks with Roland Chamber of Commerce

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Anna smiled and said, “Baron, you don’t want me to buy crops, do you? We’re not interested.”

Anna said indifferently. Although she felt that the town had developed well and its scenery was also very good, it did not mean that this town had something that could arouse her interest.

She did not think that a little Baron would be able to produce anything that would surprise her.

Even though this Baron seemed to have some sort of magical ability to tame magical beasts, she had seen too many nobles who could do this. There was nothing special about them.

Speaking of which, Alan was probably the first noble she met who tamed a magical beast with the status of a Baron.

“Haha, it seems that Miss Anna doesn’t like my things anymore?”

Alan’s expression remained calm and indifferent. He was not angered by the other party’s contempt at all.

“I’m sorry, Lord Baron. I really don’t have time to waste with you. The scenery here is pretty good. I think I’ll come back if I have time in the future.”

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Anna seemed to be a little impatient. She turned around and wanted to return to the carriage to leave.

In any case, Earl Albert had only requested her to come here, which she had already done and now she could leave.


Alan called out in a calm tone.

Suddenly, Sparrow smiled, took out a bottle of rose perfume, and poured it on the ground.

Immediately afterward, a rich and charming fragrance spread in all directions and reached the tip of Miss Anna’s nose in an instant.

The expression of this woman, who was originally very aloof and indifferent, became stunned for a moment, and then she was shocked.

“This is?! ”

Anna immediately turned around and walked towards Alan. She went to Alan’s side and looked at the crystal bottle in Sparrow’s hand, feeling a little excited.

“Perfume, something specially developed for women. Only a little spray of perfume is enough to stay scented all day long.”

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Alan calmly spoke: “This is rose perfume, which is our product. How about it, Miss Anna? What do you think of this business?”

Anna took a deep breath. Her nose still smelled the fragrance of roses.

“It’s indeed a good business. What do you want to discuss?”

Anna immediately asked.

“This is not the place to talk. Why don’t all of you go to my castle?”

Alan said with a smile.


Anna led the six knights to Alan’s castle.

At this moment, she was observing Alan.

As soon as perfume appeared, she knew that it was definitely a good thing, with unlimited potential.

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But at the same time, she also knew that good things often come at a huge price

She was trying to observe Alan so that she could understand him, and use this to get more benefits for herself when she talked about business.

Alan, on the other hand, did not care. He just thought that he had underestimated the value of perfume since it could cause such a big change in Anna’s attitude.

Soon, Alan brought Anna and her men to his castle.

“Please sit down.”

Alan had someone prepare the seats. Anna sat down and immediately said, “Mr. Alan, let’s get straight to the topic. How much does this perfume cost per bottle?”

“Five gold coins per bottle.”

Alan had already thought about the price. The perfume was originally aimed at the high-end market and it was used to scam noble women’s money. Of course, its price was going to be expensive.

Anna slightly nodded at the price.

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“Since Mr. Alan took out such a valuable item, he must be hoping to cooperate with us.”

Anna said with a smile. Her calm and capable character was fully revealed at this moment.

A trace of confidence flashed in her eyes. “Lord Alan, you should know that our Roland Chamber of Commerce is very strong. Our business is spread across four kingdoms, nineteen principalities, and our shops are even located in the empire in the center of the continent.”

“You will definitely not be disappointed if you cooperate with us.”

“Our channels and the markets we control are absolutely unimaginable. You will definitely make a fortune if you allow us to sell your perfume.”

Alan smiled, but he didn’t answer. Instead, he asked: “Miss Anna, I know that your chamber of commerce has enough strength. Otherwise, I wouldn’t wait until you came to Rose Town to take out the perfume.”

“Why don’t we openly and directly talk about how to cooperate? I’ll be responsible for the supply, you’ll be responsible for the sales, and the profits will be split between you and me at a seven-three ratio. I’m seven, you are three. In addition, these perfumes must first be sold in the territory of the Earl of Thorn Flower. I want the Earl’s entire territory to know the name of Rose Town.”

Alan didn’t talk too much. Anna had said so much just to improve the status of her chamber of commerce in this transaction so that she could gain more profits.

“Lord Baron, isn’t the profit ratio of three-seven too little? Not everyone has the same channels as us and pardon me for being rude, but how much perfume do you think you can produce with your current situation?”

“How about you give us the formula and production method? We can mass-produce it and all you have to do is sit back and reap the gold coins. Moreover, we will provide you with 30% or even 40% of the net profit. What do you think?”

Anna revealed a charming smile as she spoke calmly and confidently.

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