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As the distant island erupted with a flash of light, on the deck of the cruise ship, someone cheered, “King Bojack! You just hit a villa on the island! Haha! So accurate!”

“Long live King Bojack! Long live! Long live!”

Others joined in on cheering.

These humans on the deck were all followers of Bojack, living an ignoble life under his rule.

Among them, there was once a person who was unduly trusted by Bojack for being the best at flattering.

But today that person was hung above Bojack as an example for those who dared to betray him.

Not long ago, Bojack’s subordinate Kogu discovered evidence that this person had been passing messages to the rebel army all along.

Lightly taking the sip of the wine, Bojack laughed at the person above him, “Satan, can you guess if your daughter was in that villa just now?”

Satan, with bruises all over his body, tiredly lifted his head and sneered, “Bojack, humans will never surrender to you! One day, someone will come and overthrow your brutal rule!”

“One day, when will it be? Satan, if I wasn’t waiting for Cell’s return, I would have killed all the humans long ago. In my eyes, you are all like ants, I can dispose of you all however I please.”

Suddenly, Bojack extended his ten fingers and shot out thin light beams, instantly killing those who were just shouting their Long live Bojack.

Only the person who spoke first luckily survived.

But upon seeing the tragic deaths of those around him, this person was so scared that their legs turned soft and they almost knelt on the ground.

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As for Satan, he closed his eyes again, with all hopes lost.

Ever since he infiltrated Bojack’s side, he knew that such a day would come, but he didn’t expect it to come so soon and so tragically.

Through his communicator, Bojack and his gang had locked onto the secret stronghold of the rebel army.

Is humanity really going to perish like this?

Just then, the lucky survivor suddenly exclaimed, “King Bojack, there’s a rebel army’ ship in the sea, it seems like they’re going to attack us!”

“Humans, truly an interesting species.”

Bojack stomped on the deck and waved his hand, “Hang Satan out there for them to see!”

Moments later, the humans on the ship worked together to hang Satan on an iron pole off the deck.

On the sea, a few fishing boats were carrying the remaining rebel army’s soldiers, trying to launch a final attack against Bojack.

But at that moment, someone on the leading boat suddenly exclaimed, “Captain! That’s Mr. Satan!”

Videl, sitting in the boat, immediately stood up and shouted in surprise, “Dad?”

On the cruise ship, Bojack’s ears twitched and his lips curled into an arc.

He floated up, flew to Satan’s side, and grabbed his afro-haired head, pulling his head up.

“Oh, Satan, isn’t that your daughter down there?”

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Satan, who was on the brink of death, opened his eyes and soon caught a glimpse of Videl’s figure.

“Videl? Idiot! Get out of here quickly!” Satan shouted.


“Ha ha ha! She is indeed your daughter, isn’t she?” Bojack had a cruel smile on his face as he raised his hand towards Videl and others, and a light shone from his palm.

“Satan, as a traitor, I have decided what punishment to give you! Your punishment is to watch your daughter die with your own eyes!”

“No, don’t!”

“Ha ha ha!”

Amidst the laughter, Bojack threw an energy bomb emitting death rays.


With Satan’s scream, the energy bomb flew towards Videl and the others’ boat, just about to hit it.

“Not good!”

Lazuli attempted to block the attack but was bound by the energy thread from Bido and Bujin, unable to move, and could only look on helplessly as the energy bomb approached closer and closer towards Videl and others.

Just then, two figures suddenly appeared in front of the boat, and one of them raised their hand and deflected the energy bomb thrown by Bojack.

The deflected energy bomb changed its direction and eventually landed on the sea, exploding with astonishing power.

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Bojack was stunned and didn’t expect someone to deflect his energy bomb.

In the distance, Zangya and others also turned their heads and gazed in amazement at the two sudden arrivals.

“Bojack! Your end has come!”

In the aftermath of the explosion, Trunks first gazed towards the distant, smoke-covered island, then at Satan, who was on the verge of death and finally with a face filled with resentment towards Bojack in the sky.

Because of their appearance, many more people also just lost their lives.

Among them, how many of the smiling faces were familiar to Trunks?


Trunks growled in anger and in the blink of an eye transformed into a Super Saiyan.

Golden hair fluttered in the wind, the emerald pupils devoid of any luster.

“Ha! Are you the blond-haired boy who can transform that Zangya and others mentioned, who’s been opposing us all this time? I thought you were dead!”

“Sir Bojack! Leave those two to us.”

Zangya and Kogu threw down Lazuli, who was already tied up, and flew towards Lin Chen and Trunks, blocking them.

As he witnessed that a big battle was going to begin, Lin Chen voluntarily stepped back and came to the boat where Videl was.

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“Trunks, I’ll leave everything to you, let me see the results of your training.”

“Yes, teacher!”

“Mr. Lin Chen, aren’t you going to attack?” Videl asked.

“No, Trunks alone is enough for this fight. You all leave this place,” Lin Chen replied with a smile.

Then, he grabbed hold of Videl and other’s fishing boat and used Instant Transmission to bring them to the shore.

He kept repeating this and the rest of the rebel army was also brought back to the island by Lin Chen, including Satan and the cruise ship.

Next, Lin Chen teleported and appeared next to Lazuli, using one hand to cut the threads binding her and pulling her into his embrace.

“Let Trunks handle this, let’s go!” Lin Chen declared.


Upon seeing this, Bojack finally could not help but want to stop Lin Chen who was using a move that appeared strange to him, but was stopped by Trunks first.

The fist full of anger hit Bojack’s face, sending him flying a distance.

“You brat, how could you…”

Stopping his momentum, Bojack covered his face and looked at Trunks with anger.

“Your opponent is me!” Trunks’s gaze was firmly fixed on Bojack.

“Ridiculous! Just by you? Such arrogance! Zangya, Bujin, Kogu, Bido! Take care of this brat first!” Bojack raged.

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