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Outside the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, several hours have passed since Lin Chen and Trunks entered.

Although it’s only been a few hours, it feels like several months have passed for Bulma.

She was pacing back and forth outside, looking impatient and saying, “Sigh, I wonder what training Trunks and Lin Chen are doing in there?”

“Don’t worry, Bulma. Mr. Lin Chen’s strength is unfathomable. With him there, Trunks will be fine,” says Turtle Hermit, leaning on his cane.

Seeing that Bulma didn’t listen to him, he turned to Mr. Popo beside him and said, “Mr. Popo, how did you survive back then? I thought you were killed by Cell.”

“Popo is not that easy to kill,” replied Mr. Popo, with his hands behind his back.

“But at that time…”

Turtle Hermit was still speaking when suddenly, a loud sound came from Lookout’s direction.

Everyone turned around and saw that the Lookout, which had already been repaired by Mr. Popo appeared to have been pierced by an astonishing power, disintegrating in the process.

A pure black energy shot into the sky.

“Wow!! Mr. Popo, what is that?” Bulma ran to the two of them in panic.

Turtle Hermit jumped in shock, “What’s going on? Could it be that Bojack and his crew found us?”

Mr. Popo didn’t speak, his small eyes fixed on the black energy, watching it disappear into the horizon with a thoughtful expression.

Inside the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Trunks had fallen on the ground on his butt in fear.

“Mr. Lin Chen, what…what is that?”

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Lin Chen looked at the spatial crack overhead, “Don’t panic, it’s a spatial crack, it will be fine in a while.”

Sure enough, after a moment, the spatial crack that was created by Lin Chen’s power slowly restored to its original state.

Seeing the crack recover, Lin Chen lowered his head and smiled at Trunks, “Trunks, my form can only last for one day, come on, let’s fight!”

“Me? No way, no way!” Trunks hurriedly shook his head. “Mr. Lin Chen, you’re too odd right now, I can’t even muster up the courage to fight.”

Lin Chen immediately put on a sad face. “Trunks, Saiyans are a fighting race, and we should never lose our fighting spirit in any situation. Although you only have half the Saiyan bloodline, don’t forget this.”

“Yes, yes!” Trunks nodded.

Lin Chen immediately smiled. “Then let’s fight!”


In the blink of an eye, two days were almost up.

Even though time was almost up, Trunks and Lin Chen still haven’t shown up, causing even Turtle Hermit to become impatient.

And as they say, misfortune does not come alone. Bulma suddenly received a call from the mortal world.

“Bulma! Bulma!”

Hearing the voice coming from her hand, Bulma immediately opened a watch-like communicator on her wrist.

“Chichi? What’s wrong?”

“Bulma, it’s bad! Bojack and the others found our base! Right now, Lazuli is stalling for time to cover everyone’s retreat. You need to bring Trunks and the others down here quickly!”

“What?” Bulma exclaimed and turned to Mr. Popo.

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The latter shook his head, “Not possible, the Hyperbolic Time Chamber can only be opened from the inside after it’s closed. We can only wait.”

“Dammit!” Bulma stomped her foot in anger.

However, at that moment, Turtle Hermit suddenly threw down his cane and approached Mr. Popo.

“Mr. Popo, I remember you can teleport to any place on Earth, can you please take me to the mortal world?”

Before Popo could answer, Bulma cried out, “Master Roshi, have you lost your mind? Your era has passed, Bojack and his group are too strong for you to handle! What are you going down there for?”

Master Roshi removed his sunglasses and looked at Bulma seriously, “Bulma, what you say is true, my era is long over. Old people like me should be the ones going to the Other World.”

“But until today, I have shamefully lived on… Goku, Krillin, Yamcha, Tien Shinhan, all the young people are dead, only I am alive,”

“So this time, it’s this old man’s turn. Mr. Popo, please send me over.”

“No, it seems it’s not necessary,” Mr. Popo shook his head, then looked towards the Lookout.

Upon hearing this, Turtle Hermit and Bulma were startled and their eyes were fixed on the Lookout’s entrance, anxiously awaiting.

Click, Click, Click…

Sounds of footsteps gradually echoed…

Soon, Lin Chen and Trunks emerged from the Lookout looking disheveled.

“Trunks!” Bulma ran over in surprise, “You guys finally came out! Oh! How did your hair grow so long?”

Trunks touched his head, “Mr. Lin Chen was helping me break through my limits, we took a little more time. Mom, don’t worry, now my strength is enough to handle Cell even if he comes back.”

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Turtle Hermit, who was behind Bulma, yelled in excitement after hearing the news. He could sense that the current Trunks had undergone a complete transformation.

“Trunks, quickly go down! Bojack and his gang have found our base!”


Trunks’ expression became serious. He spread out his senses and immediately found Bojack and his gang’s aura and that they were indeed near their island.

“Teacher Lin Chen!”

Two years in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber had changed how Trunks addressed him.

Lin Chen nodded, “I’ll bring you down, we’ll use Instant Transmission to get there quickly.”

“Okay, please, teacher,” Trunks replied.

In no time, the two of them disappeared from the Lookout.


At this time, the mortal world, the rebellion army on the island.

What was once a peaceful island was now burning with flames everywhere.

Occasionally, you can see small boats escaping from the island, but these boats hadn’t gone far before they were caught up by several energy balls and disappeared into the sea.


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Lazuli shouted, trying to stop the person who just fired the energy balls, but was blocked by four figures.

“Woman, your opponent is us!”

Zangya, one of Bojack’s subordinates and also a woman, sneered at Lazuli.

The latter gritted her teeth and attacked Zangya, but quickly found herself surrounded by Bojack’s four subordinates.

In a one-on-one match, Lazuli is not afraid of any of the four of them, but facing Bojack’s four subordinates at the same time, Lazuli ultimately found it too difficult.

Just as Lazuli was fighting desperately, on the other side, the remnants of the rebellion army on the island had all gathered together. Many of them were heartbroken at the sight of the ships that were about to sink.

On those ships were old people and children who had negligible Power Level.

Their death has sparked a desire for death in many people.

“Captain Videl, please lead us into action!”

“Yes, Captain, we can’t let them die in vain! We have to take revenge!”


“Everyone! Let’s go!”

Soon, the rebel army boarded small boats and headed towards the other side of the island.

On this side of the sea, a luxury cruise ship was floating on the sea surface.

The energy balls that sank the escapees just now were fired from this cruise ship.

On the cruise ship, the current King of Earth, Bojack, was leisurely lying on a lounge chair on the deck, watching his subordinates fight Lazuli in the sky, and occasionally throwing energy balls towards the island to take away people’s lives.

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