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Lin Chen’s transformation into a Super Saiyan God, is the true Divine Realm.

This state is much stronger than that of Tarble, who gathered the power of many people on Planet Vegeta and became a Super Saiyan God.

Not only is there a 500-fold increase in Power Level, but it also has the connotation of the Divine Realm.

Lin Chen can feel that his body, mind and willpower were all qualitatively better than before.

However, in essence, this state is still the Super Saiyan God transformation.

It is still far from what Lin Chen wants.

Thinking about this, Lin Chen voluntarily canceled the Super Saiyan God state and returned to his mortal state.

Then, he activated the Legendary Super Saiyan transformation.


Trunks, who was far away, could feel Lin Chen’s aura again at this time, and this aura was far stronger than before.

“How powerful! Is this Mr. Lin Chen’s true strength?”

Trunks was wrong, Legendary Super Saiyan is not Lin Chen’s true strength.

In the next moment, Lin Chen raised his aura once again.

Legendary Super Saiyan 2 transformation, complete!

Trunks, who was far away, suddenly paused.

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Although he was far away from Lin Chen, he could still feel that overwhelming power that made him powerless and despair.

He never knew that a Super Saiyan could become this strong, Mr. Lin Chen was giving himself a lesson.

At this time, Lin Chen, who was in the Legendary Super Saiyan 2 form, also began his experiment.

The effect of the Divine Realm experience card can last for the whole day.

During this time, Lin Chen’s Divine Realm will always exist, including when he transforms.

And what Lin Chen wants to do is to try to use the Divine Realm to perform a higher level transformation in his Legendary Super Saiyan 2 form.

Not like the Super Saiyan God transformation, but a Divine Realm transformation that belongs to Lin Chen’s Legendary Super Saiyan.

The only question is, how should he begin this Divine Realm transformation?

If it was in the past, Lin Chen would have been at a loss, not knowing what to do.

But now, Lin Chen can freely use the power of the four laws, and he has just experienced the feeling of Super Saiyan God.

So he quickly found a way to achieve his goal.

“Tail! The tail of a Saiyan, it seems that this is the way I can achieve my goal!”

For the Saiyans, their tail is a very special organ on their body.

This tail is not only the source of their power, but also their weakness.

And from the knowledge he obtained from Universe 6, Lin Chen learned that a Saiyan’s tail could also be the source of their downfall.

The tail of a Saiyan is very special for them.

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And now, what Lin Chen needs to do is to infuse the divine power he currently possesses into his own tail.

Power of destruction, infuse!

Power of time, infuse!

Power of space, infuse!

Power of creation, infuse!

As all four powers were infused into his tail, Lin Chen’s aura disappeared again and his originally yellow-green hair turned black all of a sudden.

Then, Lin Chen’s eyes suddenly became blank and his hair began to extend backwards, it looked somewhat like he was about to transform into the Super Saiyan 3 form.

At this moment, Lin Chen, just by looking at his appearance, it looked somewhat like a Super Saiyan 3. But his hair was black, just like in his normal form. And his body was surrounded by a black aura. But what was different was that, although Lin Chen had a black aura swirling around him, like the previous Super Saiyan God, this aura was completely imperceptible to ordinary people and only gods could sense it.

Moments later, Lin Chen came back to his senses and stared at himself in amazement while pulling on his hair.

“My hair is still black, but I have a divine aura… No, this aura is not divine! As expected, this is a completely different transformation from the Super Saiyan God!”

“Mr. Lin Chen!” Just then, Lin Chen saw Trunks fly over from a distance at high speed. The constantly changing aura on Lin Chen’s side made Trunks curious, so he came over to check it out.

After landing, Trunks exclaimed, “Mr. Lin Chen, what’s happened to you? Why can’t I sense your aura?”

“This is a new transformation I’ve researched…”

“New transformation? What level is this? Why can’t I sense Mr. Lin Chen’s aura at all? It’s simply… simply…” Trunks stammered.

“Simply like a dead person?”

Lin Chen spoke out what Trunks couldn’t say.

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Not being able to sense his aura was right, because the current Lin Chen had stepped into the divine realm. And mortals are not able to sense his aura.

Just how powerful is this realm?

Lin Chen took a look at his own status and was suddenly shocked.

Host: Lin Chen

Power Level: 8.1 billion

Divine Realm: 3rd stage

Although he was mentally prepared, Lin Chen never expected his Power Level to reach 8.1 billion.

A full 1000-fold increase from his normal state!

Even higher than the increase of a Super Saiyan God!

Indeed, this is a new divine realm transformation that belongs to Lin Chen himself!

However, what confused Lin Chen is the newly emerged attribute of the Divine Realm.

What does this mean?

“System, what does the Divine Realm mean? Explain it.”

“Ding! Replying back to the host, stepping into the Divine Realm, power cannot be simply judged by Power Level. Power Level is simply a value calculated by humans based on indicators such as speed, attack power, defense power, etc.”

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“In addition to these indicators, the Divine Realm also possesses divine power. Divine power is distinguished by the Divine Realm and is superior to the Power Level attribute.”

“As long as the Divine Realm is higher than the opponent, even if the Power Level is lower than the opponent, you may be able to defeat the opponent.”

After listening to the system’s explanation, Lin Chen has a general understanding of the reason, but he still has a question.

“So my Divine Realm is 3rd stage, what is it roughly equivalent to?”

“Ding! Replying back to the host, the host has seen Angel Vados, she is at Divine Realm 2nd stage!”

Lin Chen’s face lit up with a smile, but he also immediately felt that it was only natural.

After all, the state he is in now, with the power of four laws combined, is higher than the realm of Angels, which is only natural.

“My current realm has integrated the power of four realms, but this power is no longer any of those four realms. This power contains pure power, and if I had to describe it, I would call it the power of pure.”

“This is the law I have grasped and what I am pursuing! Power of Pure! I will become the Saiyan God who controls the power of pure!”

“However, the aura of this form is somewhat evil! It is better to call it a demon than a God.”

“I suspected before that Legendary Super Saiyan might be some kind of demonic Saiyan, and now it seems to be true. No wonder I can’t transform into Super Saiyan God…but if I can’t become a God, becoming a Demon God is not bad either.”

“The power of a Demon God is just a tool, as long as my heart does not get corrupted, there will be no problem!”

“Speaking of which, this form is somewhat similar to the one that was nicknamed the White God in my original world, the Super Saiyan 5. But since the hair is black, I’ll call this form the Black God.”

“Black Demon God of Saiyans!”

Lin Chen suddenly punched towards the sky.

Crack, boom, boom!!

The sky above Lin Chen and Trunks was suddenly torn apart by this power. With unrivaled dominance, this force shattered the dimensional barrier of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and charged out into the outside world.

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