Edward let himself feel the domain that surrounded him.

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His eyes were shut tight, but his mind was open—expanding far beyond his body, spreading to things around him.

To things seen and unseen.

Edward found something as soon as he chose this path… he found sight!

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‘I-I can see!’

A third eye had formed! Not a visible one, of course—no, not at all. It was the eye of the mind. Edward, despite shutting off his vision, found himself able to see everything. It was just as before—no, even far better!

This was his mind’s eye, and with it…

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“I see them well.”

… He could finally see the Mind Blades.

They were as real to him as anything. They littered the sky in their hundreds—each having enough power to grievously injure him. With their multitudes, and in his exhausted state, Edward found himself incapable of avoiding them all.

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He lacked enough power to defend himself as well. The situation seemed helplessly impossible, even for him.

But, what was this peace that enveloped him? Now that he had let go of his blade, what was this tranquillity that stirred his soul? Could he explain it? It felt like a pebble had fallen into a pool of water, creating a beautiful ripple that surged through him.

Suddenly, his mind became much clearer and his vision sharper. At that moment, and in that instant, he had an epiphany. At that point…

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… Edward Karl Leon knew exactly what to do.


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