1499 Uncle Jing Ruge

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Yu Huang stopped smiling and asked, “Don’t the Jing family have a school in the city?” Prominent families like them should have their own school. Sheng Xiao had never gone to a formal school when he was young, but he had studied in the family school established by the Sheng family.

Logically speaking, a prominent family like the Jing family should have their own school.

Jing Jiaren said, “The Jing family has their own school, but I’ve never been there.” Jing Jiaren sat upright and looked out of the car window as she said expressionlessly, “From the beginning of childhood, I received private tutor lessons. The teachers who taught me were all top experts on the Divination Continent.”

“So, you’ve never gone to a formal school to attend classes,” Yu Huang concluded.

Nodding her head, Jing Jiaren continued, “The inner academy is the first academy I went to, but the teaching method of the inner academy is no different from that of a private lecture. Strictly speaking, I have no experience of sitting in the same classroom as other people.”

“So, you don’t have classmates or friends.” Yu Huang felt a little upset and gradually understood why Jing Jiaren had developed such a cold personality.

This was because Jing Jiaren had never interacted with the outside world ever since she was young. From childhood, she was indoctrinated concept of serving the Jing family and taking the Jing family’s honor as her duty.

She enjoyed the wealth, status, and power the Jing family had brought her. She would also devote her life to this family.

She was bound to the Jing family for life.

Yu Huang was unable to evaluate whether Jing Jiaren’s lifestyle was a blessing or a tragedy. However, she would never let her children live like Jing Jiaren.

Jing Jiaren could sense Yu Huang’s sympathy, so she said, “You don’t have to pity me. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.”

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Yu Huang was about to say something when she heard Jing Jiaren say, “If you want to get something, you have to give up something. I like power, strength, and a status above that of other people. For this sake, being without friends and so-called freedom is worth it.”

When Jing Jiaren said this, her gaze and tone were very calm.

It could be seen that she really had no complaints.

She enjoyed this sort of life.

Nodding her head, Yu Huang said, “Some people are born to fight alone.”

Upon hearing this, Jing Jiaren finally smiled and said, “Yu Huang, you understand me.” She turned to look at Yu Huang’s fair and beautiful face, but she said, “But you don’t approve of me.”

Yu Huang didn’t deny it.

Yu Huang said, “I don’t approve of you, because I’m afraid of loneliness.”

Jing Jiaren nodded and said, “And I was born to be a loner.”

At this moment, the car stopped.

After the staff opened the car door for them, Jing Jiaren led Yu Huang into the restaurant. Along the way, all the staff who saw them retreated to both sides and bowed to welcome them. “Welcome, Young Master!”

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Clearly, this restaurant was the Jing family’s property.

Jing Jiaren was already used to this kind of lifestyle. She did not even look at the staff and brought Yu Huang straight to the second floor. Along the way, Yu Huang noticed that other than the staff, there wasn’t a single guest in the entire restaurant.

Jing Jiaren brought Yu Huang to a private room called Snow Wind Pavilion on the second floor.

When an old man in a black suit saw Jing Jiaren and Yu Huang, he hurriedly bowed to Jing Jiaren. “Greetings, Young Master.”

Jing Jiaren raised her chin slightly and nodded at the tightly shut door of the private room as she said, “Go and inform the Patriarch and Madam that Madam Yu Huang is already here.” As she spoke, she revealed the dignity and coldness of a powerhouse.

As Yu Huang stared at Jing Jiaren silently, she suddenly realized that Jing Jiaren was suited to such a lifestyle.

She was born with lightning snow, so why drag her into the bustling city?

The door of the private room opened automatically. Then, a loud male voice came from the room. That person laughed heartily as he said, “Haha, Yu Huang, we often hear my daughter talk about you. Today, we can finally see you in person.”

A handsome man in a black waist-length robe walked out of the private room with a beautiful woman.

The lady was wearing a long blue V-neck dress and only had an emerald necklace on her. Her black wavy hair was styled in a casual manner. As she stood beside the man quietly, she observed Yu Huang.

The moment Yu Huang saw t his beautiful woman, she knew that she was Jing Jiaren’s mother.

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They clearly did not look alike, but they had the same cold aura.

“Yu Huang, this is my father and this is my mother.” Jing Jiaren introduced her parents to Yu Huang.

Yu Huang nodded and greeted the two of them, “Greetings, Patriarch Jing and Madam Jing.” Then, Yu Huang raised her head and allowed Jing Ruge and his wife to observe her.

After Jing Ruge saw Yu Huang’s face clearly, the smile on his lips suddenly disappeared a little. “You…” Jing Ruge looked at Yu Huang’s phoenix eyes in surprise. The more he looked at her, the more surprised he became. “You guys are too similar.” Jing Ruge’s words sounded baffling, but Yu Huang understood.

It seemed that Jing Ruge also felt that her eyes looked very similar to those of the Jing family’s members.

In the next second, Yu Huang heard Jing Jiaren’s mother lament, “Husband, Jiaren told me yesterday that Yu Huang’s eyes look very like the eyes of the Jing family. At that time, I didn’t believe her. I finally believe her now that I’ve seen her with my own eyes.”

When Yu Huang heard this, she said in a neither servile nor overbearing manner, “They all say that I have a pair of phoenix eyes. It might be related to me awakening the Divine Feather Phoenix beast form. Didn’t they say that the beast form will gradually affect the Beast Tamer’s appearance?”

“That’s right,” Zhang Zhanyi said.

Jing Ruge came back to his senses and smiled awkwardly before inviting Yu Huang into the room.

After welcoming Yu Huang warmly, Jing Ruge put down the handkerchief that was used to wipe his hands and looked at Yu Huang with a hesitant gaze. Yu Huang noticed Jing Ruge’s gaze and said considerately, “Patriarch Jing, if you have something to say, just say it. There’s no one else here. There’s no need to be hesitant.”

Upon hearing this, Jing Ruge laughed. “In that case, I’ll be frank.”

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Then, Jing Ruge said, “Two years ago, you gave the ‘Divination Ultimate Art’ to the Jing Clan. This is a huge kindness. The Jing Clan will remember it forgever. However, verbal gratitude is just empty words.” Jing Ruge asked Yu Huang bluntly, “I wonder if you have any Spirit Tools, precious medicinal herbs, or anything else you want. As long as you ask, the Jing Clan will definitely think of a way to get it for you.”

Although this meal was called a thank you banquet, it was actually for the sake of returning the favor to Yu Huang.

Yu Huang understood what Jing Ruge meant and guessed the Jing family’s intention for treating her to this meal.

In fact, Yu Huang had a request.

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