1179 Every Ghostly Cultivator Is A Messenger Of The Dead

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When his father saw that he had become the target of his mother’s hatred, he couldn’t bear to see him suffer, so he brought him to the War God Clan. In the end, he relied on his outstanding performance to become Zhan Jiuxiao’s disciple and was even chosen by Zhan Jiuxiao to become the son-in-law of the War God Clan.

Zhan Wuya hated his mother for being indiscriminately biased towards his brother.

But at the same time, Zhan Wuya felt guilty towards his brother.

He didn’t believe that his brother had been jinxed to death by him, but he understood that the reason his brother’s body was so weak was indeed because he had taken too much nutrition in his mother’s womb.

He felt a petite hand emerge from the ghost energy. When the hand pressed against his chest, he felt a cold and sinister aura enter his body through his skin.

Instantly, Zhan Wuya felt his entire body sweat and his scalp go numb.

“Wuya.” The little boy’s voice was soft and weak.

Blinking, Zhan Wuya couldn’t hide the pain and self-reproach in his voice as he said, “Brother, are you here to take my life?”

He thought that the little boy was here to take his life.

However, the little boy said, “Wuya, I’ve never blamed you. I implicated you. Wuya, you have to move forward bravely. Don’t be immersed in the guilt you feel towards me. My life was short, but you have to live a happy life in my place.”

In his memory, his brother had always looked at him with a smile.

But he looked a few years younger than him.

“Brother.” Zhan Wuya clenched the spear in his hand tightly. He choked on his tears as he said, “You’re right. I should walk forward bravely.” He suddenly grabbed the hand on his chest and pushed it away forcefully. Then, he choked on his tears as he said, “In order to walk forward, I have to clear all the obstacles. Brother, I’m sorry!”

After saying that, Zhan Wuya suddenly pressed the trigger and used only one shot to destroy the evil spirit.

After the evil spirit dispersed, a white sword suddenly emerged from behind the demon and went straight for Zhan Wuya’s vital point.

Sensing the abundant ghost energy contained in the sword, Zhan Wuya realized that this sword wasn’t Ye Qingyang’s weapon, but Ye Qingyang himself!

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This sword gathered all of Ye Qingyang’s energy.

In that instant, Zhan Wuya actually felt the threat of death.

Facing Ye Qingyang’s terrifying power, Zhan Wuya didn’t dare to underestimate him at all. He circulated his spiritual power to its strongest state. Then, his body fused with the spear in his hand.

Zhan Wuya’s beast form was a black sniper rifle, but he was already a Prime Master, so his beast form spear had long gained self-awareness and could freely change its combat form.

At this moment, after the spear fused with Zhan Wuya, it turned into a mecha tank.

The mecha tank raised its mechanical right arm and gave the white sword a powerful blow.


As the cannonball and the bone sword collided in the pitch-black void, the entire battlefield shook violently. Yin Rong and the others subconsciously grabbed the edge of the spectator stand below them to prevent themselves from falling to the ground. In the void, Madam Brulee and the others narrowed their eyes.

The destructive power of a Prime Master battle was quite terrifying.

Slowly, the thick fog began to dissipate.

When everyone looked at the battlefield below, they saw that the competition venue was covered in countless cracks that intertwined like spider webs.

Zhan Wuya, who was hailed as the number one genius of the War God Clan, was actually half-kneeling on the ground. He was still holding his gun in his hand, but his school uniform was covered in blood, and there was a bloody hole in his left knee.

It was a wound from being pierced by a long sword.

Blood flowed from his knee and dyed the floor beneath him red.

This was the reason why he couldn’t stand up.

Zhan Wuya was rarely ever seen in such a sorry state.

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As for Ye Qingyang?

Ye Qingyang’s long coat had been torn by Zhan Wuya’s gun. Under his tattered sleeves, his arms were badly mutilated. Blood dripped to the ground, but he didn’t seem to feel any pain.

Ye Qingyang held a sword in his hand and used it as a walking stick to support himself.

Ye Qingyang was still standing. Even though his body was trembling, he was still standing.

One side was half-kneeling while the other side was standing. The outcome of this battle was obvious to all.

When Jing Jiaren saw that Ye Qingyang actually injured Zhan Wuya to such an extent, a complicated expression appeared on her beautiful face. She couldn’t help but think of the sorry figure of a young man kneeling outside her house twenty years ago.

At that time, he was like a stray dog.

At this moment, Ye Qingyang was covered in blood and his clothes were tattered. He was still in a sorry state.

However, when Jing Jiaren looked at him, she could no longer see the dispiritedness and despair that a stray dog had.

Although he was injured, his calm and indifferent demeanor showcased his strength.

The youth from the past had truly grown up.

At this moment, Jing Jiaren suddenly noticed that a person stood up from the stands. That person flew to the stands and ran towards Zhan Wuya.

“Wuya!” Zhan Jianxue ran to Zhan Wuya’s side and bent down to hold his arm. Seeing that Zhan Wuya’s knee was bleeding, she was so anxious that her eyes turned red. “Wuya, can you still stand?”

Zhan Wuya grabbed Zhan Jianxue’s arm and said, “Help me.”

Zhan Jianxue hurriedly supported him.

Zhan Wuya put away his beast form and cupped his fists. He nodded at Ye Qingyang while trembling and said, “I lost this battle. Ye Qingyang, you passed the Challenger League.”

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Ye Qingyang nodded when he heard this and was about to turn around, but then he seemed to have thought of something and suddenly raised his head to say to Zhan Wuya, “On the Undead Continent, there are many people who are unwilling to reincarnate. The Ghost Dao I cultivate only refines the undead.”

These words sounded a little random and Zhan Jianxue didn’t understand.

However, Zhan Wuya instantly understood what Ye Qingyang meant.

“Wait a moment!” Zhan Wuya stopped Ye Qingyang.

Ye Qingyang had already turned around and was prepared to challenge the hundred itinerant cultivators who had passed the challenge.

After hearing Zhan Wuya call him, Ye Qingyang didn’t turn around to look at him, but he stopped.

Zhan Wuya’s pupils quivered slightly as he asked in a hoarse voice, “Then what I saw earlier was…”

Although he already had a guess, Zhan Wuya couldn’t believe that it was true. He needed Ye Qingyang’s affirmation.

Ye Qingyang finally turned around.

He stared at Zhan Wuya’s pale and handsome face as he said, “He was worried about you and asked me to send you a message.”

Zhan Wuya hurriedly asked, “What message?”

Ye Qingyang said, “Wuya, I’ve never blamed you, so don’t feel guilty towards me. Only if you live your life to the fullest will I reincarnate in peace.”

Zhan Wuya was stunned.

With that, Ye Qingyang turned around and staggered towards the hundred itinerant cultivators.

Everyone looked down on ghostly cultivators.

But what was a ghostly cultivator?

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The bore the obsession of the undead, refined the energy of the undead, and fulfilled the undead’s unfulfilled regrets.

Every ghostly cultivator was a messenger of the dead.

What a joke. All the cultivators in the world actually thought that ghost cultivators were evil. Little did they know that the ghosts that were refined by ghostly cultivators were dead people that they had once loved deeply and missed.

“Wuya, why are you talking to that ghostly cultivator?” Zhan Jianxue didn’t know about Zhan Wuya and his brother. When she heard Zhan Wuya and Ye Qingyang chattering, she couldn’t help but feel unhappy. In Zhan Jianxue’s eyes, Zhan Wuya was a righteous cultivator, an idol of the disciples of the War God Clan, and the person she respected the most.

But what about Ye Qingyang?

He was like a piece of white jade that had fallen into the mud. Even if his insides were white, his exterior was still dirty.

There should not have been communication between righteous cultivators and ghostly cultivators.

If Zhan Wuya spoke to Ye Qingyang, it would be lowering his status.

Zhan Wuya shook his head at Zhan Jianxue and said, “Don’t say that. He’s not a heinous person.” It was said that Ye Qingyang killed people like flies and was a fiendish cultivator through and through. However, Zhan Wuya was a person who believed in his own judgment the most. He didn’t believe in unfounded rumors.

He knew better than anyone how fake rumors were. Although the Ye Qingyang he knew killed people without batting an eye, the people Ye Qingyang killed were enemies who had wiped out his entire clan.

As for innocent people, he usually wouldn’t go too far.

Ye Qingyang wasn’t the evil demon that the rumors said he was.

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