Cheng Nian felt that he had installed a surveillance camera above her bed, so she returned quickly.

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【How do you know I didn’t sleep】

After a while the phone vibrated.

【Because I can’t sleep either. 】

Cheng Nian laughed idiotically and returned.

【Are you still doing questions】

【Well, go to sleep, the first physics class is tomorrow morning, listen carefully. 】

【Good night~】

【Good night. 】

Putting the phone on the bed, Cheng Nian fell asleep with a sweet smile.

She didn’t know if the reality is too beautiful, she has not dreamed of her previous life for a long time, and in her dream, she returned to that snowy night again in a haze.

“Cheng Nian, don’t try to escape from me.”

“Cheng Nian, Cheng Nian? Wake up.”

During the struggle, Mi Le’s voice rang in her ears, Cheng Nian struggled to open her eyes, and her vision was hazy.

It was still winter, and her body was drenched with sweat.

Cheng Nian took a few deep breaths with lingering fear, and asked, “What time is it?”

Mi Le was wrapped in a quilt, “It’s almost time for trumpet to sound, are you okay?”

Cheng Nian put an arm on her forehead and said weakly, “No, I seem to be having a nightmare.”

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Mi Le’s eyes were sleepy, “It’s not scary to have a nightmare, just wake up.”

As she said that, she yawned, “It’s too cold, lie down for a while, and get up after the trumpet is blown.”

Cheng Nian responded, but her heart couldn’t be at ease.

Her brows were slightly frowned, and there was no blood on her face. Her eyes stared blankly at the upper bed board, as if she wanted to see a hole in it.

What is a dream, past or present?

Thinking of this, Cheng Nian pinched her hard on her face.

The real and intense pain woke her up completely, and she kept complaining about how she had struck so hard.

After giving herself a break like this, Cheng Nian couldn’t fall asleep at all.

She put on her clothes and went to the balcony, took a few breaths of the cold winter morning air, and gradually freed herself from the creepy dream.

After washing up and coming to the playground, a pale golden light slowly rippled from the sky, and everything became golden.

Cheng Nian stood facing the sun, absently memorizing the knowledge in the booklet.

Within two minutes, Li Shubai also arrived at the assembly point.

He didn’t speak to Cheng Nian, but stood beside her silently.

Cheng Nian was preoccupied, until Li Shubai gently touched her with his shoulder, and she realized that there was someone more beside her.

“You’ve been looking at these chemical formulas for five minutes.”

Cheng Nian smiled awkwardly, “Ah? Really?”

Li Shubai closed her notebook, and asked softly, “What are some important inferences of Avogadro’s law?”

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Cheng Nian opened her mouth and stammered, “Under the same temperature and pressure… I hate laws.”

Li Shubai reprimanded in a doting tone: “Be more focused.”

Cheng Nian turned her face to the side and took a quick look at Li Shubai.

The young man with his head bowed and smiling looks like a flying Apsara* engraved on a mural, which fascinates people. The golden light outlines warm lines around him, and his vigorous youthful breath bursts out, rushing straight at her. Her heart has no resistance to beauty.

[Buddhist art. The apsaras are described to be beautiful, youthful and elegant, and are said to be able to change their shape at will.]

Cheng Nian immediately threw last night’s dream to Java, thinking about it.

Now he is standing beside her, gentle and handsome, bright and considerate, and he is determined not to turn into the terrifying appearance in her dream.

Thinking of this, she felt inexplicably relieved, and the haze in front of her eyes was swept away in an instant. The incomprehensible formulas in the books also seemed to become simpler, and entered her memory like copying and pasting.

At this moment, Li Shubai is like a magnetic field to Cheng Nian, the pointer in her heart will completely lose its function as soon as she touches him, completely pointing to the options of “do anything for him” or “be deceived by his beauty”.

All rationality and so on were thrown out the window and the mind was full of stupid thoughts.

Even if she knew that Li Shubai was poison, she was still willing to drink poison to quench her thirst, and she was willing to take it.

Cheng Nian felt that she was hopeless.

But facing Li Shubai, she didn’t want to be saved.

What’s the big deal? It’s just like Su Huiyu said, if it doesn’t work out, they can just break up.

With this in mind, Cheng Nian was completely freed from the strong sense of guilt.

Looking at the golden sun in the distance, she took a deep breath, and it was only at this moment that she really felt reborn.

After eating and returning to the classroom, Li Shubai was already writing questions in his seat.

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Cheng Nian walked over and sat down, jumping around like a little squirrel.

Just as she was about to chat with Li Shubai, the other party threw over a test paper, which was full of questions about Avogadro’s law.

“I wrote this set of questions during class.”

Cheng Nian was taken aback, her mouth pouted slightly, a little unhappy, and muttered, “No way.”

Is this how the class leader’s girlfriend is treated?

Using his position to photocopy more papers, so that she has more exercises to write.

It’s really “considerate”.

Why didn’t she write this in the love notice, then she wouldn’t fall in love with him even if she was killed.

Li Shubai turned his face sideways, “What’s wrong?”

Seeing Li Shubai’s innocent face, Cheng Nian choked back her words, took the test paper over, looked at it, and said sullenly, “It’s okay.”

Sensing Cheng Nian’s strange mood, Li Shubai nudged her lightly with his elbow, and said softly, “Don’t you know that it can’t affect your studies?”

Cheng Nian pursed her lips, and replied with a long sigh: “Got it, class leader—”

Because of this, Li Shubai’s ears turned a nice pink color. Cheng Nian thought it was funny, and she kept calling him the class leader ever since.

“Class leader, I can’t do this question.”

“Class leader, my pencil won’t work anymore.”

“Class leader, your childhood sweetheart is at the door.”


Li Shubai looked out the window and saw Tang Yanran standing there.

Feeling that she seemed to have something to tell him, Li Shubai glanced at Cheng Nian and asked, “Can I go out for a while?”

Cheng Nian liked his self-consciousness as a boyfriend very much, waved her big hand and said with a smile: “Go, come back and tell me what she told you.”

Li Shubai responded.

As soon as he opened the door and walked out, Mi Le came over, staring straight at the two people talking in the corridor, and said angrily, “Why is this girl looking for Li Shubai again?”

Cheng Nian said indifferently, “I don’t know.”

Mi Le sighed, “You are really crazy.”

Cheng Nian laughed, “What can I do? the two of them grew up together, so I can’t stop them from saying a few words. You came just in time, Li Shubai printed two papers for me, and I’ll give you one.”

Mi Le took it over and took a look, holding it in her hands like a treasure, and said to her enviously: “The class leader is so kind to you, he organized it in such detail.”

Cheng Nian wanted to roll her eyes, she didn’t need such kindness.

She’d rather have a kiss or hug.

The time between classes was limited, so Li Shubai and Tang Yanran came in after talking for five minutes.

Sitting down, Cheng Nian asked lazily, “Why is she here?”

Li Shubai flipped through the things on the table, “Come to me for study materials, where did the two extra papers go in the morning?”

Cheng Nian tilted her head, “I gave it to Mi Le.”

“Then I’ll print two copies for her later.”

Cheng Nian narrowed her eyes slightly, and said with a light smile, “You are so kind to her.”

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